Chapter 2: The Cute House Spirit and Magic


After sweeping away the witches and dragon with shouting,

「Master, Master………..」

I was jolted as I heard a voice while I was wrapped up in my futon.

「Lunch is ready, Master」

I opened my eyes, and there was a girl in cute Japanese clothes.
Or should I say, she was giving me a lap-pillow.


It was really soft and really warm.

「This is already the third time……」
「Fufu, Oh master you……」

But, wait?
Why is this girl here?

「……Did I……forget to lock the door?」
「No, it’s tightly and properly locked. In the first place I wouldn’t let anyone else inside except for Master.」

I see. If that’s the case,

「……..why is this girl in my house? Who are you?」
「Ah………I sincerely apologize for the lack of introductions. This humble servant is named Sakura. I am Master’s property and the spirit of this house that you are living in」

Ohoh, a House Spirit has appeared huh?
I see, as expected of another world.

The house is being personified by this cute lady.

「I’m also very surprised, once we came to this world my existence strengthened greatly. I was born decades ago and now I can finally meet master face to face. I, Sakura, as Master’s property, feel very happy.」

Sakura blushed and bobbed her head down, bowing while pressing her hands to the floor.
On her head were hair ornaments modeled like cherry blossoms.
「Sakura……..cherry blossoms huh…」

Now that I think about it, the central pillar of this house is made from a cherry blossom tree.
I wonder if that’s where the name came from.

「I’m deeply moved! To receive recognition from my master and for him to remember!!」

Saying that Sakura blushed with happiness.
I remembered because my grandfather always talked about it non-stop.
Like 「—–It’s really rare for such a wonderful, sturdy, and old cherry tree to be the central pillar ya’ know?」

「Thank you very much, and it’s already done but, I took it upon myself to use the food within the refrigerator to make you a meal. You must be hungry after moving to a new world, so please, eat your fill.」
「Ohh, thank you」

Then, as I ate the lunch that Sakura made, I asked her a few things.

「Hey, Sakura. I know that this is another world and all but, why were both I and the house summoned?」

The witches said something or other about magic though.

「That is because Master’s property, namely me or in other words this house, is a magic spot that had gathered a large amount of magic.」
「Haaa, a magic spot huh?」

Indeed, it seems this world is one with magic.
Oh yeah, those witch girls said something about an Earth Vein or something?

「Those girls’ understanding was too superficial and they were confused, but more accurately this would be called a Dragon Vein. Well, more simply it’s a place where a lot of magic power gathers.」

I got it.
I don’t understand the specifics, but it’s a place that is filled with and gathers power.

「No, it’s not just the place. It’s the same with Master, the magic power has gathered within you as well.」
「…..Master…is it possible that you didn’t notice? There is a lot of power saved up and packed within your body.」
Saved up? Packed? Wait a sec, I don’t get it.

What I have built up, is chronic fatigue from being a corporate slave, I might have about 20 years of sexual frustration built up maybe? Well, dirty jokes aside, in all honesty I can’t feel anything special built up in my body.

「No, that’s not what I meant. Master has been living within the Dragon Vein’s energy since you were born, in other words you are completely filled to the brim with magic power.」
「Now that you say that, my yell had incredible power when it came out」

Maybe that’s the reason.

「Yes! However, that’s only a bit of your power. It’s just a small bit of it but……seeing is believing. I think that if you use it then you’ll be able to get a real feel for it.」
「Ok, is that so? Then, I’ll give it a try and see」

Sakura is giggling and smiling.
I’ve decided to figure out a way to use magic along with this girl.



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