Chapter 20: Accumulated Knowledge, and Power That Exceeds Knowledge Part 2


Hesty seems to have noticed it as well. When we looked over there we saw,

「A Magic Crystal Golem…..」

There was a monster walking on two legs.

It was a human-like body that was made up of a lot of pure white stones gathered together.
At the top and center there is a place that looks like a face. It has glittering white crystals that look like eyes.

「This is the automatic creature? A golem?」
「It seems like the magic power drew it here. The automatic golem looks for strong magic and it moves about in order to get it.」

It was the first time I saw this type of monster, but Hesty gave an explanation so it was easy to understand.

「Magic Crystals are very solid. Therefore, in hardness it’s on the same level as a dragon’s skin. But it moves slowly.」
「I see. Then for now, let’s use a golem to defeat it.」

If it’s the wood golem’s punch, then it should work on this guy too.

「Nnn~ Basically, because it can reform as long as there is stone and earth nearby just knocking it down isn’t advisable. Unproductive.」
「You mean it’s immortal?」
「Nearly… Golems are usually like that.」

I understand now. That’s certainly troublesome.

「That’s why if you send it flying far away, you can use bait to send it in a different direction. If you do that then you can draw its attention away from you. —-For instance, you can use that scale as a decoy.」

Oh yeah, now that I think about it I was thinking about looking for some strong materials. In that case this is convenient.
Anyways there isn’t much use for this thing.

「Well then, I’ll give it this.」

I throw the drill I made from the dragon’s scale at it
I was thinking about finishing the golem off while it was distracted.
But the moment after I throw it,


And with the sound of stones breaking, the drill pierced straight through the golem.


And that wasn’t all. The hole in the golem exploded open and partially destroyed it. Then just like that it started collapsing.


Instead of a decoy it feels like I threw a bomb.
When I looked at Hesty for an explanation, she was once again stumbling around in surprise.

「……………..that arrowhead had magic power added to it. That’s why it had that kind of power.」
「I see. But you said arrowhead?」

It was just a twisted up scale though…
Nicely said it was something that was shaped like a drill.

「That was terrific power. It would be able to pierce through any dragon of the same level. That golem too, since it’s been blown away so thoroughly, I don’t think I’ll be able to regenerate anywhere close to here.」
「O-oh, well that’s good I guess.」

I’d better be careful when I throw things.

*Grr* Hesty’s stomach growled.
It’s seems like we got carried away and talked for quite some time.

「You’re hungry huh.」

When I look at the sky, it’s already evening. Hesty and I were both hungry. Therefore,

「Here, apple. Have it as a snack before dinner.」

When I plucked the apple and handed it to her, she started to eat.
When I saw her, *Moshamosha*, eating that apple, for some reason she seemed like a cute little animal eating its food.

And when she finished eating the apple

「——-I, spent too much time here.」

Saying so she stood up.

「Oh, you’re going back?」
「Un, soon, it’ll be nighttime.」 (TN: The extra commas are not mistakes, she just has weird pauses in her speech.)

I see. The sun is setting and it’s getting darker.
I wonder if she has enough time to get home safely.

「Umm, can I come here again?—–just for a bit, I too, have some time, left over.」
「Yep, whenever you want come on over. Well then, See ya!」
「Un, see you later」

And like that the first day of Hesty-sensei’s lessons ended.



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