Chapter 200: Being Big is Good


Evening, we’d moved from the lake to the kitchen to have a slightly early dinner.

The reason we wanted to eat early was to have the newly caught prey be as fresh as possible. More than that…

「This thing really is huge.」
「For sure.」

The prey was too big.

The grilling plate was mostly an octopus plate now.

「Well we can use the golems to cut it up and get rid of it.」
「Yeah we can leave the hard labor to them!」

The golems were using their power to cut the octopus up into small edible pieces. The food preparation was done mostly by them.

The put a little salt on and covered them with wheat flower. It was turned into a takoyaki kind of thing….but it was more like octopus skewers.

「Diachi-san this is really delicious~!」
「n, it tastes really, good.」

Well, it looks like it was popular with the Dragon Kings.

Athena was also chewing on it. It looked like it was popular with humans as well. There shouldn’t be an issue with the taste.

「Master~ I made another~ It’s octopus marinade.」
「Oh, thank you Sakura」

Sakura and I continued to make different types of octopus dishes as we ate. However, it was delicious even if we ate it raw like sushi.

As we bit into it there was a delicious type of umami that emerged.

「Since it’s so big, I thought there might be a lack of flavor…..but this is better than I imagined.」

I murmured…

「J-just so you know, Sanzu Octopus is a high class ingredient. The flavor is guaranteed delicious.」

Dianeia said as she approached.

「Is that so? …..actually you haven’t been eating very much…are you ok?」

She’d been cooking all the time and not really eating. I was wondering why when Dianeia scratched her cheek bashfully.

「So you noticed? I’m a bit embarrassed……but I have a bit of trauma. No matter if it’s a high class ingredient my hands can’t help but stop when I try to eat.」
「Oioi, are you really okay?」
「Umu, if I take some time I think I’ll be able to eat…….however this Sanzu Octopus should originally be around 30 centimeters…I was really surprised.」

Really?? The originally 30 centimeter octopus turned into a (TN: the author seems confused as to how big the octopus is) 5 meter giant.

「Katarakta leaving had that much of an effect?」
「Hmmm, I don’t know. I wouldn’t know much about this kind of thing.」

Manaril walked over from a pan covered in octopus mushiyaki.

「If it’s about this lake I can answer.」
「So you heard?」
「Well yes. I have good ears after all. Anyways, the reason this octopus grew so huge is the large amount of magic power flowing into this lake. That’s why Katarakta leaving had this kind of effect.」
「Are there any other factors?」

Manaril nodded and looked at the lake.

「This lake is connected to an underground water vein…….of course Daichi-san’s water vein is flowing a little bit to here as well.」
「Ah….is that so? Then that’s why the water is filled with magic power.」
「It’s half a guess though. I think that this delicious huge creature is amazing you know?」

She said and bit into the steamed octopus.

With how easily she bit through it, it must be quite tender.

「n~ delicious.」
「Certainly I think that such a delicious thing getting bigger is great.」
「Yes, on that we can agree………ok, we have a lot so I’ll eat too!」

Our talk just now seemed to have reduced her traumatic feelings towards the octopus.

Dianeia grabbed several octopus dishes from the grill iron.

We’d caught various things and ended up in some trouble, but everything turned out alright.

And so our dinnertime passed in the twinkle of an eye.




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