Chapter 201.5: —Side Dianeia— Royal Girl Only Meeting



Inside the cottage that Dianeia had chosen, Athena’s lively voice echoed through the room they’d decided to share.

「Getting the chance to stay over like this is really exciting! Especially since it’s been a while since I got to be with Onee-sama like this!」
「Umu, I really don’t know how many years it’s been. It’s been quite some time since we slept in the same place like this.」
「That’s for sure.」

Dianeia sat on the couch as she watched Athena bounce up and down on the bed.

Then she grabbed the bottle of alcohol from the table and poured herself a glass.

「Ah, Onee-sama you’re drinking? How rare. You always say you can’t drink since you have work to do….」
「Well, we’re in this kind of place after all. I decided to enjoy myself a little.」

The knights and witch corps had been telling her to rest all the time after all.

That’s why she decided she’d let her hair down while she was here.

……..after all, she finally came to a place like this with Daichi-dono.

She’d receive divine punishment if she didn’t take the chance to have a good time.

「n~, I think it’d be fine even if you rested more when you’re in the castle though?」
「No no, what are you talking about? When I’m in the castle I sleep properly! I properly get my rest.」
「Hmm, I can’t tell if I should follow after you in your passion towards work or if I should take it as a cautionary lesson…’s a bit difficult.」
「Haha, you don’t need to follow my example. After all, the First Capital and Prussia have different conditions.」

She said speaking about her own world view when…

「Fuu, I’ve taken my shower Dianeia.」

Karen emerged from the shower room inside the cottage.

She had changed from her swimsuit to thin sleepwear.

「The water in this cottage feels nice and cool. Thank you for allowing me to use it.」
「I’m glad you enjoyed Karen-dono. Are you okay with the bed size?」
「Yes, thank you for that as well.」

This cottage would be where Athena, Karen, and herself would be staying.

There were enough cottages that everyone could be alone, but that in itself would be a waste.

So it turned into them staying together.

………it was more fun to speak with more people after all.

Dianeia thought as she tilted her glass and tasted her alcohol.

「……that reminds me, are you alright not staying in the same room as Daichi?」
「Uwa! Onee-sama are you ok!?」

Karen suddenly spoke those words and the alcohol spurted out of her mouth.

「Cough……wh-what are you saying all of sudden!?」
「Well, weren’t you planning to stay in the same place as Daichi? Weren’t you writing out plans in your office last week.」
「Wh-when did you see that……actually that was just a delusion, just think of it as a fictional plan!」
「Is that so?」
「T-that’s so.」

It was really just a whim. Just a pretend plan.

………well, she had thought of trying to make it a reality though…….

But, it was only that far.

To think it would be seen.

「What a shame. If you were going to do it, then we could use the opportunity to come along for the ride.」

Athena agreed with Karen’s words.

「That sounds like fun~. But, Daichi-oniisan seems like one to move about freely, so I don’t think we’d be able to be around him that much.」

Athena said as she gazed out the window.

There you could see Daichi carrying his fishing rod and walking.

「I thought that Princess Athena has quite a bit of endurance, but Daichi as always has some strange endurance. Catching such big things from morning to night but still has the energy to go around.」
「Haha, that’s right……oh, speaking of which, the knights will arrive tomorrow. Apparently it’s a training camp to improve endurance. Since this area’s pretty well known, some adventurers volunteered as well.」
「Eh~ really? Looks like it’ll get lively.」
「Well, the training place is pretty distant from here, I think the only one who’ll approach would be the Knight Captain.」
「I suppose so. But it’s certain that the number of people will increase…..that aside, let’s have fun tomorrow too Onee-sama, Karen!」

Athena cheered with a bright smile.

「Yes, however today hasn’t ended yet. Let’s enjoy ourselves to the very end Princess Athena, Dianeia.」
「Yeah, we’ll keep going till it’s time to sleep.」

And so the three of them continued to enjoy themselves into the evening.



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