Chapter 201.6: —Side Dragon King— How to Change a Lake


Late at night.

「It’s warm tonight so wearing light clothes like this is paradise~ It’s the perfect temperature right Aneue-sama?」
「……I’m, hot though….」

Hesty had been drawn into Anne’s cottage.

She was now being hugged deep in Anne’s hot chest.

「It ended up, like this, in the end huh…」
「Isn’t it fine~? We can enjoy talking late into the night~」
「……my head is, too heavy, to have fun.」

Plus the chair Anne was sitting on was strangely unstable. It was quite unpleasant. Hesty’s face soured further when…

「Maa, calm down Hesty and Anne. Here, I brought you some water.」

Manaril arrived with cups full of water.

Manaril and Anne had decided to share this room beforehand and she had showed care in various ways.

「n, you saved me Manaril. Also……thank you for taking care, of that sleepyhead, over there.」

Hesty said to Manaril as she looked at the sofa off to the side.

「Uh-uh, I’m not even close to being full~…….munya…….」

There was a mostly naked Ramiyuros lying on it.

As she slept, she had twisted and turned, removing most of her sleepwear.

「…….I didn’t think she would fall asleep on the beach after dinner. Sleeping from sunset til sunrise.」
「Ahaha. Well Ramiyuros’s body is very large after all, she uses a lot of energy. To some degree it’s unavoidable……though I do think she’s oversleeping.」
「n, well, since our goal here, is to relax, and survey a bit, I’ll let her be.」

She was a pain when it was time to set off, but for now her behavior wasn’t much of an issue. It’d be great if she stayed quiet like this.

Hesty thought when…

「Ah, speaking of survey Aneue-sama. I used some time in the evening to take a look at the dungeon and the lake.」
「How was, it?」

The dungeon had already stopped functioning, but caution should be used when dungeons were around.

…….Anne wasn’t the best at sensing, but she could sense magic items and physical objects well enough.

At times like this she was helpful, Hesty thought as Anne gave her report.

「It seems to be stopped properly. I didn’t see any monsters getting born.」
「That’s good…….I had just felt, a strange reaction from, the bottom of the, lake. I guess it wasn’t something, bad.」
「Ahh, I suppose so. I also used my senses on the lake now that Katarakta left….I felt a little strange power as well.」

Manaril said as she gazed out the window.

Apparently they had both felt something similar.

「However, even if it was a wild animal or monster, it was afraid of Daichi-san’s power and was hiding.」
「Right. Since Katarakta disappeared there, might be some creatures that, would go on the rampage, but they’re behaving themselves now.」

Compared to when they had arrived, Daichi’s influence was clearly felt in making this area safer.

It was something Hesty could feel even with her skin.

「We can look at the Dungeon, more tomorrow, but, it should be fine. It doesn’t feel as threatening as Katarakta.」
「That’s right. Our objective this time is a vacation. Let’s act with that as the core.」
「…..n. Having fun, is important.」
「Absolutely! So Aneue-sama! Let’s continue to have fu——」

Anne said excitedly as she approached to hug her but…

「It’s banned for tonight.」

Hesty slipped through her arms and dodged.

Then she rapidly distanced herself.

「Ah, th-that can’t be~」
「It’s already night. Calming down and enjoying ourselves is best. If you, keep doing that it’ll end up, being stifling.」
「That’s right. Then let’s drink some cold alcohol.」
「n, please.」
「Uu…I want to see the drunk Aneue-sama so I’ll hold back……..」

And so the Dragon Kings spent a peaceful evening.



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