Chapter 201: Quiet Time of Last Night


After finishing our dinner, I put on my jacket and went out onto the pier to relax.

The sun was already setting, dying the lake a brilliant orange.

I was dangling a string over the edge as I sat there. Then,

「Good job today Master」
「n, Sakura huh?」

Sakura called out from behind me.

Maybe because it was near nighttime, Sakura had changed from her swimsuit to a cardigan.

「I didn’t really do much. Really you did a great job cooking Sakura.」
「Fufu, thank you for saying so. Are you fishing for tomorrow’s breakfast Master?」
「No, I’m simply enjoying myself. That was the intent from start to finish.」

I’d finished testing how my newly made rod and line worked, all that was left was to let the line out.

It wasn’t as though I had anything planned, so once I found something else I wanted to do, I would.

That was what I thought as I fished.

「That’s why I’m not particularly aiming for fish in particular…I’m just ‘Fishing’ and enjoying the experience. Letting my line hang in the water while taking in the view feels great.」

The lake’s surface was dyed in orange light as it glittered and moved calmly. It was an incredibly calming view.

「Truly, the sunset is beautiful.」
「Yeah, it’s a completely different feeling from seeing it in the forest. Though that is pretty in its own way.」

Napping while bathing in the rays of light that streamed in through the window was great too.

「Normally this would be just before our dinnertime, things got changed up thanks to us being outdoors. It’s a bit strange.」
「That’s right. For me, I’m just happy being around Master like this.」

Sakura said with a smile as she sat next to me.

「It will be night soon, Master are you warm enough?」
「I’m fine.」

This area’s climate was quite warm.

Staying near the water made it pleasantly cool without being too humid.

It was a climate where you wouldn’t catch a cold even without wearing a shirt.

I was wearing my jacket so I wasn’t cold at all.

「Then shall we stay like this for a while?」
「Yeah, I’d like to fish for a while. I’d also like to use the lights near the cottage to do some night fishing.」

Thanks to the outdoor lights we would be able to see where we were walking even when the sun completely set.

It made this place perfect for night fishing.

「I see…night fishing hmm? Then shall I bring you a midnight snack?」
「Thanks, I’ll leave it to you.」
「Then…..until then I’ll relax near you Master.」

Sakura said and snuggled close to me.

「Just watching isn’t that fun you know?」
「No no, peacefully staying together is the best reward.」
「If you’re ok with that Sakura, then I am too. It looks like there’s a drinking party around Dianeia’s room so you can head over if you feel like it.」
「Yes, if I feel like it.」

She said with a grin. It didn’t look like she had any intent of going.

I was thinking about going to show my face for a bit later. Maybe it was similar.

「Well, for now let’s just laze about.」
「Yes, let’s.」

And so, I continued fishing as Sakura snuggled with me as we began the first night of our trip.



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