Chapter 202: Waking Up on the Second Day


With the light of the rising sun I woke up on my bed in the cottage.

「Ah, good morning Master. Did you sleep well?」
「Yup, full of energy.」

Last night I’d gone to sleep fairly late since I had gone night fishing but I had slept very well. Thanks to that I was fully recovered.

With the comfy warming rays of the sun hitting me, I could feel that today I’d be able to move around well.

As I thought that I started to rise when I realized that there was an alabaster white body lying next to my pillow.

「n…….good morning.」
「…..Hesty? Why are you sleeping next to me Hesty?」

Hesty was lying there.

She was right next to my pillow rolled up into a little ball.

「I’ve been, sleeping here for, a while. Sorry for taking up, your space.」
「No, I don’t really mind since the bed is wide. It didn’t bother me at all.」

At the very least since I had lay down in bed I hadn’t seen her.

Then up till now I hadn’t noticed. Since when was she here?

「n…….I ran away from Anne, after she got drunk, and returned here. I was sleepy, so I curled up here.」
「I see. In that case it can’t be helped.」

If Anne, who was already bad enough when sober, got drunk…I can only imagine how terrifying it would be if you were attacked when tired.

Even now Hesty was looking tired.

「Thank you. I didn’t think it would end up like this though……」
「Well it was a tough time. You don’t have a hangover?」
「I’m, fine. I held back, a bit……..kua」

Hesty said yawning and scratching her unkempt hair.

It looks like she was still sleepy.

「You want to sleep a bit more?」
「n, I’m fine. My mind’s just a bit groggy. If you give me some time, I’ll be alright.」

Hesty said and got down from the bed.

She was a bit unsteady but if she says she’s alright then I’ll believe her.

I thought as I myself got up from bed.

「Master, Hesty-chan breakfast is ready~」

Sakura called out as she placed food on the table.

The delicious smell of freshly baked bread floated through the room.

「Oh, thank you. You made it fresh today as well?」
「Yes, the cottage has a small kitchen as well. Dianeia has stocked it with ingredients as well. I made use of those.」

The table was lined with delicious breakfast foods.

「Ok then, we’ll eat something to wake up.」
「n, I will, have some too.」
「Please do. I prepared a lot so please eat as much as you want.」

It was as delicious as always, but it tasted a bit different than usual.

………it might’ve been the atmosphere though.

It might be because the ingredients and facilities were different…I guess that’s obvious.

「Yeah, delicious. As expected of Sakura.」
「Ehehe…….thank you very much Master.」

The food that Sakura makes is delectable.

I’d been doing activities and late night fishing so we were quite hungry. We ate and ate.

「n, it’s really, delicious…….」

Hesty was acting as usual and eating the baked bread like a squirrel.

Though she might be a bit tired at least she was eating.

「——oh, this grilled fish is the Silver Guard I fished up yesterday?」
「Yes, I could cook this thanks to Master.」

Last night I let my line drift but unexpectedly caught quite a few fish.

I wasn’t even using a lure or bait.

……I didn’t really understand why I was able to catch so much…I need to investigate a bit later.

As those thoughts drifted in my mind I had come back with the fish inside my golem fish tank, but I never expected them to already be transformed into such a delicious breakfast.

「This fish seems, to have quite a bit of power. Even after being cooked, it still has some left. Just by eating it, I’m recovering a bit.」
「Eh~ is that so?」

Maybe its ability to replenish energy affected its deliciousness.

If that’s so it’s quite interesting.

By the end of my meal I drank the tea that Sakura handed me and relaxed.

「Ok then, what shall we do today? Let’s think of a tentative plan.」

Let’s decide our objective for the day.



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