Chapter 203: Heat of the Morning


After breakfast I was lazing about on the bed set up on the sandy beach when a lightly dressed Dianeia appeared.

「Good morning Daichi-dono. Did you sleep well?」
「Oh, Dianeia? Thanks for asking, I slept fine…..and what’s the Knight Captain doing here in that boiling hot outfit?」

Dianeia wasn’t the only one who walked over, there was also a middle-aged man in metal armor.

Acknowledging my words he bowed properly with a stern look on his face.

「It has been a while Daichi-sama.」
「Yeah sure has. Since the festival I think?」
「Yes, thank you for your care at that time. Thanks to that juice we were able strengthen our bodies.」
「I’m glad. But, what’s up? Why are you here in that outfit?」

He was wearing thick metal armor from head to toe.

It obviously wasn’t suited to the beach as I saw beams of sunlight reflecting off of it.

「Are you Dianeia’s bodyguard or something?」
「Ah, no, I thought I would greet Dianeia-sama and Daichi-sama properly today. Because of that I ended up coming in this outfit.」
「Yes, from today onward we, the Prussian Knights, will be holding our training camp nearby. This kind of place is useful for training as well.」

The Knight Captain said as he moved his feet on the sandy beach.

Certainly if you were to run on the beach with such poor footing you would use up a lot of endurance.

「Fumu, by nearby do you mean in those cottages over there?」
「No, we have our own special area for training. There is a small island across the lake that we use.」

Knight Captain pointed as he spoke.

However, I wasn’t able to see anything but the lake’s surface.

I don’t think he was lying, it was probably there.

……….but seriously…how big was this lake?

It was so big I couldn’t see the opposite bank.

I was quite surprised.

「Most of the knights are there already and we won’t be too noisy. In fact if you need anything please contact us at any time.」
「Ok, got it. —just…aren’t you hot dressed like that?」

I understood they were trying to train their stamina.

The Knight Captain’s armor was being baked by the sun’s rays as I could see a heat haze around him.

It was hot enough that any sweat that fell on it sizzled and evaporated.

「You won’t be baked alive right?」
「Haha, I’m used to this degree. I have defense magic on the inside as well, it may be fairly hot, but this is another type of training. Plus…..this kind of heat can’t compare to a good talk with you Daichi-dono!」
「………Ah, ok.」

The Knight Captain smiled while wiping away his sweat.

Somehow……being compared to baking alive in the hot sun…I’m a little troubled by his reaction.

「Well then I’ll be going. Please enjoy your vacation everyone.」
「Umu, see you later Knight Captain.」

He said and departed.

Fully armored and moving surprisingly fast across the sand he disappeared from sight.

「Sorry for making you have such a sweltering encounter so early in the morning Daichi-dono. But the Knight Captain said he wanted to give his greetings no matter what.」
「No, I don’t especially mind.」

He told me I can call whenever I need them after all.

More than that I was more bothered by the lake.

……The knights should have quite a few people so the island shouldn’t be too small……..

There were a lot of places I didn’t know about on this lake.

As I thought about that I got excited.

Learning new things like that is pretty fun.

「Dianeia, could you guide me around the lake and its facilities when you have time?」
「Eh…..Y-yes of course! I’d love to!」
「Ok thank you.」

I’ve gotten more interested in the surrounding area and its facilities so let’s look around.

It looks like our second day here would be quite fun as well.



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