Chapter 204: Equipment Creation


We decided to explore the area around the lake in the afternoon.

Dianeia had some things prepared so I planned to walk around to work up my appetite for lunch.

「Ok then……I guess for now I should just do some remodeling.」

It wasn’t only the fishing rod I’d used yesterday that could do with some doing.

After arriving I could see that there were some lacking areas in my Golem Furniture as well.

For example, the golem bed was cool and comfortable.

However, it was unable to deal with the heat from the sandy beach making it slowly heat up to where it was stuffy and stifling. For that reason…

「….first off I’ll make a tree sheet to block the heat from the sand and…」

I modified the covering on the golem again.

……..golem furniture is so easy remodel and improve.

I thought as I continued my work.

「As usual, you’re really particular, about your golems.」

Hesty said as she arrived.

「Oh Hesty? You went back to sleep?」
「n, I slept, plenty.」

After she’d eaten breakfast she stilled looked really tired so she went back to bed. It looks like she got enough sleep this time. Her eyes are wide open.

Hesty was looking with her clear gaze at the golems.

「They’ve progressed. They seem, different from before.」
「Haha, well I always put way too much effort into the after details.」

I never thought that I’d put so much effort into these things that I had only been planning on using for this trip.

However, now I knew how easy-to-use they were so it progressed to this point.

Rather than minute details I was worrying more about functionality.

「By the way, did you have something you needed to do on the beach Hesty?」
「n~, not on the beach, I have business in the, lake. There’s a building in the lake, that I was thinking of, going to.」
「Eh~ there’s even buildings?」

That’s the first I’d heard of it.

I had thought the surrounding area was wide, but truly this was going above and beyond.

「n, well, it’s not well known. If you can breathe underwater, then you can go there easily. There are plenty of, fish too, it’s a beautiful place.」

Hesty said lightly.

That’s right, she is normally able to breathe underwater.

「You want to come? It’s fairly close by.」
「I wonder…….」

I’d basically learned the technique for breathing underwater so I could go if I wanted to.

Plus today I wanted to explore the lake’s environs…

「Yeah sure. I’ll come with you.」
「n, got it……so what are, you making?」
「Umm, I’m making an emergency air supply golem.」

As I had been talking to Hesty I was creating a heavy tree golem filled with air.

Since I knew the technique to breathe underwater, I don’t think it’s necessary but….

……..well we’re still underwater after all.

Just in case I wanted to bring an oxygen tank.

Plus when we had gone swimming near the house I realized something.

「Swimming using the underwater breathing technique is easy…..but trying to rise to the surface is a pain.」

That’s why I was making this air golem.

Having air underwater has various uses.

……..if I changed how heavy the wood used for it was I could float right to the surface.

As I thought I continued to compress air inside the golem like it was a pressurized tank.

Before long I had around ten.

「Somehow…….you made something amazing, so quickly.」
「Well material-wise and construction-wise it’s a normal golem.」

All I used was wood and the surrounding air.

The air was more compressed, but it wasn’t different from how I’d made things up til now. It was unexpectedly easy.

「n, well, I don’t think it’s something you can make, just because you have, the materials. Normally, pressurizing and sealing, air inside, something is difficult…right?」

Hesty said scratching her cheek.

Either way, I’d made myself an emergency golem.

「All that’s left is 『Coating』……..ok」

Now my preparations for underwater were complete.

「OK then, let’s go Hesty.」
「n……I guess. Then, let’s go.」

Hesty said and grabbed my hand.

Then we began to enter the lake.



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