Chapter 205: Natural Aquarium


Accompanied by my golem I entered the water and gazed at the view that was completely different from up above.

「This is…pretty interesting.」

Seeing the masses of fish and underwater plants floating around freely was cool.

It doesn’t have to be said, but the lake near my house only had Katarakta living in it, so there was no opportunity to see things like this.

「n, I’m glad you, like it. But, is your breathing, alright?」

Though we were underwater, Hesty’s voice was perfectly audible.

Even though it was just with coating, we were able to breathe and speak…truly magic can do anything.

「I’m fine. In fact it’s just the view stunned me so much that I forgot to breathe.」
「I see. Actually, there are quite a few, of the fish you, caught down here.」
「Yeah, certainly. They’re shimmering gold and silver. Very easy to see.」

Just as Dianeia said, they were swimming near the bottom of the lake, however thanks to their color they stood out.

They stood out so much…wouldn’t predators go after them?

「Well they are, strong after all. Normal fish would be, eaten instead, and even if they were swallowed down, they could bite through the predator’s stomach.」
「Thinking about it like that…I really fished up some dangerous fish.」

Though they did taste delicious…I was planning to fish some more to eat.

However, I once again realized what strange fish they were.

「Actually, since it’s so deep the sunlight should have a hard time reaching down here…why is it so bright?」

While being guided by Hesty we were mostly heading straight to the bottom of the lake. It was just that the surroundings didn’t seem to be getting any darker.

No matter how clean or transparent the water was…wouldn’t the sunlight weaken this deep down?

「The bottom of the lake has many, glowing magic stones. Some fragments are even mixed in with the lake water, so the brightness, shouldn’t change, much.」
「Ahh, so the light around here is from magic stones?」
「n, that’s what it is. —also, we’re almost there.」

Hesty said and pointed.

There was a stone hemisphere type thing.

「What kind of building is this?」
「Underwater Temple…..It’s basically, a place for, Manaril to nap, I guess. The entrance is, over there, come here.」

Hesty guided me to the side of the hemisphere building and there was a golden door.

We opened it and looked inside to see a normal looking room.

What’s more, there wasn’t any water inside of it.

The door was open yet the water didn’t flow in.

「Um….? This place has air?」
「Yes. It has waterproof and, air production functions. Come, inside.」

I followed her inside.

However, the golems couldn’t come in, so they were on standby outside.

The inside certainly had air so I could breathe normally.

However, what surprised me more was…

「The ceiling is transparent here?」

It was like we were in a glass aquarium. We could look all around the lake from here.

「What kind of building is this?」
「n, this is a dome, made from air. The outside, looks like stone, but it’s just camouflage. It’s made with magic. The air is purified underground so it, is a stable, supply.」
「You know a lot.」
「n, Manaril, Ramiyuros, and I made it together. The original objective, was keeping watch, over Katarakta. That’s why, we made it see-through. Now it’s become, an unnecessary, facility thanks to you.」

Is that so?

「Huh? Then why are we here?」
「n, we left something here. It was left here, to deal with Katarakta. Leaving it here isn’t good. So I’ve come, to get it.」

Hesty said as she grabbed a bag from within the room.

She truly was a diligent girl.

…….but this was the first I’d heard of them making buildings.

「Even though it’s an Observation Facility, it’s really amazing.」
「It took us a few years to perfect…but you’d probably be, able to do it in, a few hours. It’s not that amazing.」
「Well, I’d like you to teach me how to make this kind of thing later…I think it’s good.」

I simply lay down on the floor and relaxed while staring at the ceiling.

I observed the elegantly swimming fish in the waters above.

「Ahh, just looking is enjoyable.」
「n…..for it to make you happy like this, I’m, glad.」

Hesty said while smiling and sat next to me.

「…….plus this is the first time, someone else has come here, so it’s kind of fun for me as well.」
「I see. Then let’s enjoy our time here.」
「n, let’s.」

Hesty lay down next to me comfortably.

And so, I felt her body heat while we viewed the beautiful scenery underwater.



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