Chapter 207: Liquor Coupon


Under Ash’s guidance we had moved quite some distance away from the private beach to a wooded area.

「Oh welcome back Leader. I thought I felt a gigantic magic power approaching, as I thought…you were with Boss Daichi.」

There I saw the Shining Head Group sitting in a circle outside of a huge tent.

「Yo, it’s a been a while guys. Actually I should still have my coating on…you can still tell?」
「Hyahha~ Boss’s coating is super strong after all. People that are used to combat like us can still tell.」

Ash said walking closer to the tent.

「Are you guys staying here?」

I asked and the Shining Heads nodded.

「Yeah, we brought plenty of food and drink from the Fort City and set up camp here. Princess said we could use the beach, but this kind of area is much more our style.」
「Hyahha~ The Fort City has more food than you might think you know? However there aren’t as many skilled cooks so Prussia is one step ahead. Oh, Boss this is the Fort City’s specialty liquor.」

Ash went in and brought out a wooden box from inside the tent.

Inside of it were plenty of bottles all lined up.

「Eh? An entire box for me?」
「I don’t mind at all. We still have quite a lot of alcohol.」

Ash said and pulled back the tent flap to show the mountain of wooden boxes inside.

Truly a lot of alcohol.

In that case I’ll take it with gratitude.

……..but taking without giving anything back…

But I didn’t have anything to give in return. I was struggling to think of something when…

「Hyahha~ Boss I’m feeling a bit different magic power from that golem. Could it be some kind of special equipment?」

Ash said while looking at the golem behind me.

「I don’t get it…a different type of magic power?」

I said confused as I looked at the golem myself.

「Ah, could this be why?」

I inspected further and saw a 70 cm fish attached to the back of the golem.

It was a silver colored metallic fish…….a Silver Guard.

It seemed to be stuck to the golem.

「That’s right, Dianeia did tell me they lived around there.」

It probably attacked the golem when we went down there.

………the golem was set to independent movement so I didn’t realize it.

I pulled the fish off of the golem and showed it to Ash.

「Is this the different magic power you were talking about?」
「Ussu—oh Boss. Is that a Silver Guard!?」
「Oh so you know it?」
「Hya-hyahha, of course. It’s a really high-class fish after all. It barely ever shows up on the market!」

Since they know then this makes things easier.

「Then I’ll give you this delicious fish in return for the alcohol.」

It was quite large so everyone should be able to get a piece.

「Eh……? But for a fish this large you might be able to get 100,000 gold…plus it’s not an easily caught fish!?」
「Ohh really? But I just ate some yesterday so I don’t mind.」
「Y-yesterday too…? A-as always Boss doesn’t do things by halves. Then we’ll accept it gratefully!」

Ash said and went to grab the fish.

I remembered my experiences yesterday.

「Oh, by the way the outsides are hard like metal but you can cook them normally.」

The moment I said that Ash froze.

「Hyahha~… I do have the strength to cut through metal but…not delicately enough to cook. Can any of you guys?」

The rest of the Shining Heads shook their heads.

It looks like they didn’t have anyone amongst them that could cook this fish.

「Umm, how did you prepare this fish Boss?」
「We did a normal fish fillet.」
「Y-you did that with a metal-like fish?」
「Yeah. Well since I’m here I’ll help you out.」

I myself knew the strength of the fish’s scales.

「U-ussu. Sorry to trouble you.」
「Don’t worry about it. You gave me something nice so I’m repaying you.」

And so I helped out the Shining Heads and got some alcohol.

Since there was plenty I should share it with everyone else.



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