Chapter 21: Breaking the Mold of What I Was Taught


Hesty came today as well just as she had asked.
Therefore, I’ll be learning some more today.

Today Hesty didn’t have a map, but instead a pure white wand.
It was tapered to a fine point and looked like a letter opener.



She presented the glossy and beautiful wand to me.
Just by touching it, I can feel that it’s quite tough.
It is decorated with a red jewel-like stone and it seems considerably expensive.

「Ummm….are you giving me this?」
「Nn, it’s a dragon king bone wand. It’s a magic catalyst.」
「Magic catalyst huh. But the way I was taught it’s not particularly necessary, is it useful for something?」

Judging from what Sakura told me, I can activate magic just by using my imagination, I don’t really know much about the use of magic catalysts.

「N~, then it’s fine to use it as equipment. You can hit stuff with it.」
「Oi, don’t immediately give up and start talking about physical stuff so quickly.」
「I’m joking. There’s a use for it.」

Though her expression doesn’t change too much, Hesty lets out a laugh unintentionally.
Hesty doesn’t seem to be the joking type, but it seems like she’s still got a playful side.

But still, I’m glad.
I was at a loss when she suddenly said that ‘you can just hit your opponent with this dragon bone’

「N, I won’t say stuff like that anymore for now. From now on we’re moving on to magic……you imagine it, and use magic like that. That was the feeling I got from the golem, you used last time.」

Oh right, I haven’t made any golems in front of her. To be able to see through it….as expected of a little girl traveler. She’s got a sharp eye.

「Imagination magic, is very convenient, and has a lot of flexibility. —–but it has, bad fuel consumption, it’s exhausting. You’ve experienced, it?」
「Ahh…..certainly. I get sleepy quite a lot.」

When I continually use magic from noon till night I usually fall asleep before 12.
I fall asleep as if I’ve passed out and it feels good.
Even if it seems like I’ve gotten used to it, when I first started using it, I was going to bed very early and waking up really late every day.

「Un….. even while using imagination magic, you last for over half the day, that’s quite, abnormal. Even so, becoming sleepy is inconvenient. That’s why, I recommend making, a Magic Key….or Spell Key as it’s called.」
「Spell Key?」
「It’s something like, words you say, when using magic. If you use it, it’ll work like magical wiring, in your head, and reduce your mental burden.」

I look as Hesty points at an empty space.
I see some falling leaves then,


She mutters a single word. And the falling leaves begin to burn.

「Ooh, awesome!」
「There’s, more. —-Explode」

This time the falling leaves make a *Pon* sound and turn into little explosions.

「Just like this, if you set a word and what you want to happen, beforehand, it’s very easy to use.—-for magic power, usage, using a catalyst, is much better than just imagination magic.」

Oh I get it now.
It’s something like making a short-cut key in your head right?

Without having to imagine it each time, you can match a phenomenon with words.
Okay then, let’s give it a try.

「Hesty is there a trick to this?」
「Trick? N…’s easy. Just apply a word you know to a phenomenon you know.」
「I see.」
「Then…, have, this on your body. Just with that it should be usable.」
「Oh, thank you.」

I accepted the wand from Hesty and began my personal challenge.

「Well then,—-Wood Golem!」

Without me having to imagine the golem’s shape like always, the image of the golem suddenly popped into my mind and combined with my words.

「—–Oh, I did it.」

The apple tree had changed into a golem right before my eyes.

「Amazing. You did it on the first try.」

*Clap Clap* Hesty gave me a round of applause.
I’m kinda happy about this. But, at the same time…

「I’m a little unsatisfied….I wonder if I could make this even simpler.」

This is practically the same as always, just a little faster.
That’s why, I felt like I could do more with it.
For example—–

「Wood Golem X5」

An image of 5 completed golems combined with my words.

「Ohh… I thought I could do it!」

The wood golems were created.
And there were even 5 all at once.

And I’m not even tired!
I’m not tired and I’m not hungry.
This is amazing!

「The magic consumption with this magic key is great!」

I happily turned to look at Hesty. Once again she looked troubled like she did the other day.

「Huh? Did you get another headache?」
「Nn…….that’s the first time, I’ve seen someone use it like that.」
「Eh? Since you can use it like this, I think it’s pretty handy.」

According to Hesty’s explanation I thought that the Image Shortcut had a great effect that decreases the amount of work you need to do.

But Hesty was shaking her head no.

「Usually when you do too many settings, you run out of magic power. That’s why normally, you minimize the number, and use magic keys with lower effectiveness.」
「It was something like that? But Hesty did various things too?」

Like explosion and burning and stuff.

「I…am…this one…is used to it. It’s because, I use other techniques in addition to it.」

Unlike her appearance, Hesty seems to be highly skilled.
I better not make light of this High-spec little girl.

「…..but still, this is really amazing. I can make all the golems I want all at once!!」

As long as I think of the finished product in my mind, I can create it just by saying a word.
I wonder if it’s alright that it’s this simple?
It’s so easy that it’s surprising.

「Thank you so much Hesty. This is really easy to use.」
「Un, I’m glad. Even if the catalyst breaks, as long as you have a piece, you can use it.」
「Ah, by the way, is it really ok for you to give me this bone wand?」

I might not know about the prices in this world, but I do know that a dragon’s bone is expensive.
I wonder if it’s really alright for me to accept this?

「N, it’s fine. This one, no longer needs it.」

I wonder if it’s because her travels have finished?
But if you’re giving it to me, then my principles say I should accept.

「If there comes a time when you’d like it back then just tell me ok?」
「Nn, if the time comes, I’ll tell you. That’s why, until then, keep it. Practice a lot.—-that bone is really tough, even if you use it for a hundred years, it won’t break.」
「Oh, ok. I’ll practice a lot with it.」

I was pretty excited, so just like that I continued to try out my new method of using magic until nighttime.



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