Chapter 22: White Flame Dragon King–Hesty Radona Part 1


I continued practicing with the Magic Key until the sun set, but Hesty was still keeping me company.
But, as expected, I started to worry for her since it was getting dark.

「It’s gotten dark out, is it alright that you haven’t gone back Hesty?」
「N, this is the last thing, then I’ll go.」

Ok good.
If she continued to keep me company, then I wouldn’t feel right allowing a young woman like her to walk home alone.
I finish up my practice and take a bite out of an apple. Like this I’ll be able to hold out till dinner.

「Hesty, would you like an apple too?」
「I don’t, need, anymore, today.」

Up till now she’s had 2 apples already. She might be full.

「Well, I shall be leaving」

Hesty said that, stood up, and turned her back towards me.

「Ok, see ya!」

And just like that, she disappeared into the forest.

There is a valley where a large amount of magic flows like water.
It is surrounded on both sides by rocky mountains where man has yet to tread.

The only ones who live there are dragons. Therefore, it came to be known as the Valley of the Dragons.

There Hesty was in a place where she could look down upon the entire valley.
A 2 meter long rainbow scaled dragon was sitting by her side.

「Dragon King-sama」
「n, what?」
「Soon we’ll reach the limit to how much we can suppress them. I think it’s only a matter of time before a stupid dragon rushes out.」
「If they saw, they’d understand.」

Hesty was gazing at the dragons within the valley.
Half of the dragons seemed to be agitated and were breathing heavily from their nostrils.
The words they were speaking were audible.

「Still? We still can’t go!?」
「Wait a little longer! Soon Dragon King-sama’s battle preparations will be finished. That’s when!」
「Uuu uuu…..hurry, let’s hurry up and fight!」

It can’t be helped that they’re so war-like. That’s just the dragons’ nature.
It’s the law of the jungle. They will completely submit to those who defeat them absolutely….but can’t bear the feeling of being looked down on by someone or something that has not defeated them.

It can’t be helped that they want me to fight that Dragon Vein House Man.
Hesty understands that well.

「I’m already finished, telling him things. It was fun, but, it’s the end.」
「Is that so?…..well then, when shall we move out?」
「Tomorrow morning. I will go to battle with the rising of the sun. Have everyone, prepare themselves, as they wait.」

When the High Dragon heard Hesty’s words, it flew to the center of the valley.

「Listen! White Flame Dragon King, Hesty Radona-sama begins her fight at dawn on the morrow! Everyone prepare yourselves as you wait!」

It made her words known to the public.

After a moment, all the dragons flew into a great commotion.

「UOOOO, Finally!!」
「Our enemy is that little human!」
「King! Our side is larger! That’s why our side is stronger!!」
「Alright! Tomorrow let’s all go out to see Dragon King-sama’s fight!!」


Hesty sighed as she heard the voices coming from below.

「…..sometimes I wonder, why I started ruling over these idiots, I’ve got some doubts…」
「Well, certainly, how should I say…they’re a simple minded bunch…」

The high dragon returned to her side and bowed.
This high dragon has lived for several decades.
In other words, with this much life experience, if it didn’t have any ability to think carefully then it would be absurd.

「Well, it’s fine. This one is the Dragon King who gathered this group once. So, for once, I might as well help them.」
「Excuse me for saying so, but you are quite warm and kind Dragon King-sama.」

This will certainly be the last job of my time as Dragon King and my life.

Dragons live by the law of ‘survival of the fittest’.
If I were to win, then they would continue to live under me as always.
If they were to see me lose pathetically, these dragons would submit themselves to him.

That’s fine. It’s good either way.

「Well then, Dragon King-sama. Please ready yourself.」

Hesty removed the clothes from her body.
As she took off her pure white clothing, she revealed pure white skin.
Her beautiful body reflected the moonlight then,


Hesty began to empower herself.
Magic spread throughout her entire body, remaking it.
Slowly turning into a huge white dragon.

「I haven’t, let my magic flow through my body, for quite a while now.」
「Yes, we have been waiting for you, Dragon King-sama.」

And so she continued to change.

「I haven’t ever really given it my all. Getting the chance to do so….I’m looking forward to it a bit.」

A thin smile floated across her face as she returned to her original dragon form.




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