Chapter 22: White Flame Dragon King–Hesty Radona Part 2


That day I woke up in the morning.

「N~, it’s been a while since I got up early」

Thanks to the magic key technique that I learned from Hesty, I seem to be less tired.
From now on, if I want to wake up earlier, I’ll use the magic key.

「Fufu, you’re up earlier than usual, but good morning Master. Your breakfast is ready.」

As expected of Sakura.
No matter what time I wake up, she gets up first and prepares my food.

I think that she might be working a little too hard, and that it’d be fine if she takes it easier but,

『Are you planning on taking away the sole enjoyment from me who barely even sleeps!?』

She said teary-eyed, so there was nothing to be done.
That being the case, she woke up earlier than me today as well, and prepared my breakfast.

「As always, Sakura’s food is delicious.」
「Thank you very much.」

I leisurely ate my breakfast of piping hot rice, miso soup, and grilled meat.

「Recently you’ve been getting along with Hesty, so I polished my appeal so I wouldn’t lose.」

Those words made me choke a bit.

「Eh? Umm, Sakura? You’re not angry right?」
「No~ it’s fine. I’m not mad, I’m not burning with jealousy. That’s because you always come back to me (this house). I just feel a sense of rivalry.」

She’s laughing, but her eyes are kind of scary.
I don’t really have anything to be guilty about, I’m just getting along with Hesty.

In essence it’s just me being taught.

「Ahh, that’s right, that’s the thing for the magic technique you were taught yesterday right?」
「Yep, it’s the magic key」

Sakura’s method is superior in usage, and Hesty’s is better with energy consumption. That’s why when I have the time to do as I please I will use Sakura, and when I want to save time I will use the magic key.

「I feel nothing but gratitude towards Hesty. She even gave me this wand.」

and I placed the wand that I had been keeping on my waist onto the table.

「Though I saw it last night, this wand has quite a lot of magic within it….However, if Master were to use it with all your power then I think it would break.」

According to Hesty this wand is quite solid, but since Sakura said so, that’s probably the case.
I have to think before I use it apparently.

「But I wonder if Hesty made this wand? It’s quite intricate.」
「It might be because of the raw materials. That little woman is truly mysterious…」

Every day she came to the apple orchard before I noticed her, and each night she disappeared into the western forest.

「If her residence is close-by then I could go over and visit. But I don’t really know where it is.」

Saying that, I look out the window.
From the living room I can see a rock face in the forest to the west.
As I learned when I was attacked before, that is apparently the place where the dragons live,

「I should take a walk and look around sometime. There might be a village.」

As I murmured that, suddenly a shadow fell across the rock face.

「Huh? What’s that?」

In the sky to the west, there was a large body floating above the rock face.
It was a huge white dragon.
It’s probably the biggest I’ve ever seen as of now. And actually it seems to be heading over here.

It’s obviously looking at me.

「Sakura, there’s a strange dragon.」
「Yes? What’s wrong Master?」
「I said there’s a strange dragon over there and it’s heading this way.」
「Oh, it’s quite a large dragon…」

Is it about 30 meters in length?
It seems to be flying over from the large rock face.

Behind that huge dragon there is a multitude of dragons following it.

「What’s with that group? Is it some kind of great migration? Or is my house their goal?」
「I don’t know. Its eyes don’t seem hostile; they might just be going out into the forest like usual.」

I see. At any rate, if they’re migrating then I’d like for them to hurry up and pass by.
The wind from their wings flapping is quite unpleasant. It’s enough to make my house sway.

「The closer they get, the stronger the wind will be. Should we go below for a while?」
「Let’s do that.」

And so Sakura and I were about to descend to the ground.
At that moment.



From my house’s surroundings a blanket of flame came flying down from the west.

The house…wasn’t burnt.
But because some of the flames flew into the house, some of the golems inside were dispatched.

The flames were shot from high above so the apple orchard wasn’t burnt.
But further into the forest some of the trees were burnt to ashes.

—-Ahh, I see.

「Sakura, it’s seems like it’s the usual.」

It doesn’t seem like we were burnt because we were in the way.

At any rate, it took up a position near the top of my house.
It beat the air with its large wings and caused a strong wind to dance about.
My house and my apple orchard started to sway more strongly.

Further proof was given when,

『I have come to fight. The one who lives on this land come and fight with me. If not I will use my white flame to burn this place.』

The dragon’s spoke such words.
I understand the gist of what’s going on.
Though I was a little curious about its appearance and was a little expectant,

「….you’re also here to threaten the land where I live in peace.」

Well then, let’s fight.
If I don’t fight I won’t be able to protect my own home.

The enemy is 30 meters long. It’s much larger than a wood golem.
It’s extremely large but,

「I will beat down anyone who threatens my home!」

As I get angrier I gather my magic and touch both Sakura and my wand.
I will use both synchronization and my magic key. I will show the fruits of all my training up till now.

「Let’s go Sakura.」
「Yes Master. Anytime you’re ready」
「Wood Armor. Mode 《Vajra Samurai》!!」

Then —–a wooden giant slowly rose.


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