Chapter 228: The Thing that Pulls the Earth


The Knights were moving around and shouting at their boardinghouse.

「The tenth wave is coming!」

The giant aquatic creatures leapt towards the Knights who had positioned themselves with their shields and swords.

「Do whatever you can to stop them before they reach town!」

The giant creature leapt towards their shield line and they were able to down it with their weapons…however,

「Damn it! We’ve got a man down! Hurry with the recovery magic!」

Thanks to each and every one of the creatures having a huge body, there were plenty of knights who got hit.

「The nets! What happened to the ones in the nets……!!」
「It’s no good sir! They’re all broken!」

A large area had been covered by nets, but the creatures’ sharp scales and fangs had torn them asunder.

The knights had endured several attacks and were being defeated one by one.

「This ain’t good. At this rate they’ll get past us…….」

They were hitting their limits.

It wasn’t just fish that attacked…there were octopi, squid, and crabs that were able to move themselves across the land to attack.

They had reached the limit of what they could cope with.

「Damn it…this is impossible…….」
「There’s too many of them.」

Some knights couldn’t help but murmur. At that moment…

「——ahh, there really are a lot.」

A wooden giant appeared in front of them.
I was wearing Vajra as I stood on the sandy beach.

Behind me were several wood golems that were cleaning up the crabs and octopi that tried to get away.

「You guys and Dianeia work with the golems to deal with the crabs and such that are trying to run. I’ll go take care of the shellfish ringleader.」
「G-got it. Leave it to us.」

I had delegated the creatures that emerged onto the beach to Dianeia and the rest so I turned to face the lake.

I lightly stretched my right arm that had Vajra mounted on it and…

「W-wait Daichi-san! What are you planning to do from here!? Are you planning to split the lake or something?」

I heard Manaril cry out in a panic from behind me.

「Huh? Split the lake…..I couldn’t do that.」
「N-no, I don’t think it’s impossible using that magic stone pounder attached to your arm.」

Is that really so?

Well, even if I could I won’t. It’d cause too much collateral damage.

「B-but if that’s so what are you planning to do to the shellfish from here? Just with your Vajra? If you switch to your firing mode you might reach it…..」
「Manaril you have some dangerous thoughts…but I suppose you’re half right.」
「—Sakura I’ll be turning just my left arm into firing mode so I’ll leave the fine tuning to you.」
「Roger that Master.」

I began changing my Vajra left arm into it’s firing configuration.

Though I say that it was just changing some internal structures and opening a hole in the front. It was pretty easy.

A short while later the transformation was complete.

「All that’s left is the ammunition……tackle box golem come over here.」

I called the golem I used as a tackle box over.

I took out a long line and a giant net.

「D-Daichi-san what is that huge net!? I feel some kind of incredible power from it…did you make this?」
「Yeah. It’s a casting net I made from Ramiyuros scales.」

If you spread it out the net would be dozens of meters in size.

Along the edges were thickly braided Ramiyuros rope.

The mesh of the net was quite rough and normal fish would be able to escape, but it was perfect for this situation.

Furthermore instead of weights attached to the ends of it, I had created compressed golems to replace that.

They were small but heavy enough for my purposes. I loaded the net inside the launcher on my arm.

「Nice, firing preparations complete…..Sakura do you know where the shellfish is?」
「Yes, I can sense it clearly. Eighty meters offshore there is a huge shellfish buried in the mud.」
「If it’s only 80 meters then it’s perfectly within range.」

I aimed my left arm in the direction Sakura indicated. Then…

「Yes… at any time Master.」
「Okay…….Dragon King Net, Launch!」

And just like that I let the net fly.

The net burst out of the launcher and spread out into the air.

「Golems! Pierce!」

I spoke the magic key I set and the compressed golems attached to the net suddenly returned to full size.

Then they fiercely flew downwards before stabbing towards the bottom of the lake.

「….Master, the net golem has reached the bottom of the lake! It’s firmly rooted itself!」

Only a few seconds had passed and the net had reached the lake bottom.

「Mm, seems like it did a good job of suppressing the aquatic creatures too.」

There had still been plenty of creatures making a ruckus on the surface of the water…but after I fired the net they had been dragged to the bottom of the lake and suppressed. You could no longer see them on the lake surface.

「Okay good, all that’s left is setting the rope attached to the net properly and…」

I attached the rope to a magic stone reel I had crafted.

The rope was very sturdy so it probably wouldn’t snap.

…..instead of a casting net it was more like a dragnet.

The large heavy golems were holding the net and the things inside it down.

But either way it didn’t matter.

「I was really hoping to spend my last days here in peace and comfort. So I’ll have to drag all of you guys who tried to disturb my rest to the surface….!」

Then I began using the reeling system to pull in the net.

I just had to let it pull in automatically.

I shouldn’t need to do it myself.

「This is the power of Vajra Vacation Version…!」

And so the beach was covered in the ferocious aquatic animals I pulled up.
Dianeia rubbed at her eyes in disbelief.

The rampaging creatures that had been sending knights flying just now were suddenly all caught in a gigantic net and were helplessly flopping on the sand.

No matter how they struggled they couldn’t escape from the net.

No matter how they tried to swim away they were caught and dragged in.

Automatically, mechanically, and without mercy the giant creatures were beached.

「Knight Captain. I knew…that there was a such thing as fishing with magic but……this is absurd.」
「Y-yes….it’s more like the net is a predator.」

The two whispered to each other as the net continued to drag the creatures to land.

Daichi continued his large scale fishing until he finally dragged the troublesome shellfish to the surface.



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