Chapter 229: Result of the Big Catch


「… is an incredible spectacle Daichi-dono……」

After finishing his dragnet fishing the beach near the Knight’s Training Camp was covered in fish.

I removed my wood armor as Dianeia pulled an interesting expression.

「Well most of this was automated.」

After this I had to deal with the things I had caught in my net.

For now I needed to go through and store the stuff like squid that would go bad easily.

Once I did that I could use the power of my water golems to cool it down and help preserve them.

However, my ability to maintain their freshness had a limit…

「…..while it’s nice that I was able to catch so much, it’s going to be a huge bother to cook all this.」

Even if it was for the sake of subjugating these troublesome creatures, I had way too much.

There were over a hundred giant aquatic animals lying on the beach.

… I couldn’t return them to the lake because they would go wild.

That’s why it seemed like making food out of them was the easiest option. I’d have to prep each one and cook them, but even that would be a hassle.

I was wondering how I should deal with all this when I realized.

「Oh. Dianeia, how do you feel about using these fish in a barbecue party to get rid of them?」

It was perfect since there were plenty of people here.

「H-Hm? I take it to mean that you intend to have us use all these fish you caught as the ingredients for the barbecue Daichi-dono?」
「Well yeah, our group can’t finish all this no matter how much we eat right? That’s why I was thinking of sharing it with everyone here.」

There were plenty of knights around us and I assumed there was also a number of adventurers who had come over to help.

Everyone together should number over a hundred so it was perfect. Everyone would be able to get at least one.

「I-I suppose so……it might be difficult for everyone to eat even one of these huge fish but…….the knights should be able to manage it. I think this number of people can do it…….what do you think Knight Captain?」

Dianeia called out to the nearby Knight Captain.

After hearing what I was proposing he responded earnestly.

「Yes, there shouldn’t be any problems. In fact thanks to how much we had to move our bodies today we need to eat plenty of food to recover our energy. It’d be greatly helpful if you would do this since it would save us the cost of food. Thank you very much Daichi-sama.」
「No don’t worry about it. It’s simply providing some of the goods we won’t be able to use. I’m just wondering….if we have enough iron plates to cook them?」

If not then it wouldn’t matter how many people we had. The Knight Captain glanced back at the training camp location and nodded.

「That shouldn’t be an issue. We have plenty of large iron plates. They’re large enough to fit an entire giant fish so there’s no problem!」
「Well that’s a relief.」
「Yes, usually we carry them while running to train our bodies, but they can be used for cooking as well! I’ll ask the cooking unit to clean them up properly!!」

I see. Then leaving aside their usual use, we had the equipment we needed.

「Okay there shouldn’t be any more issues then.」

With the huge iron plates we could do some assembly-line cooking.

We just need to cook them and plate them.

「Alright, then let’s start gathering for real…….Golems! Pick up the speed~」

After solving our cooking problem I immediately had the golems pick up the pace.

Suddenly all the golems that had been following me peacefully other than the cooling ones had a glow in their eyes.


As they moved to follow my orders the approached the fish, laid them on their sides, and grabbed the center of their foreheads.

—Snap Crackle Pop—

Loud sounds echoed out as it seemed that after the fish increased in size their bone structure became thicker as well. But even so the golems’ physical power allowed them to easily deal with the fish.

However, there was just a little problem…

「…..uwaaa, this is pretty grotesque.」

The golems were now covered in blood and fish bits after they dealt with them.

「Woah seriously…..? The scales that broke my sword ended up getting torn off with just their arm strength….!」
「Th-that power is ridiculous. They dealt with these creatures so easily….are these really golems? Aren’t they monsters instead!?」
「As expected of Boss Daichi’s soldiers…….」

The knights paled as they watched.

「D-Daichi-dono….th-this is even a bit frightening for me.」

Dianeia was drawing back as well.

….certainly this wasn’t a pleasant view. It felt like a splatter film.

But you couldn’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs.

「Well what are you guys doing just staring? I’ve prepared them and drained the blood so get started with the cooking.」
「Y-yeah got it! Now’s not the time to just sit around watching! Men of the Knight Order I know you’re tired but give it one more go! Get the preparations in order so you can eat some delicious food!」
「R-roger that Princess!」

And so near the end of our vacation we began a last minute grand feast.



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