Chapter 23: Huge White Dragon VS. Giant Vajra Part 2


I settled the wood armor 《Vajra》 around myself and looked up to the sky.

There was the white dragon with flames flashing in its mouth.
It’s huge. It’s about as big as my house.

I used around 100 apple trees to create my armor. 《Vajra》 may be big, but it’s only 7 meters tall at best.
In size the other side has the advantage.
In height and positioning the other side also has the advantage. However,

「Master! The house is being protected by my magic. So please fight as much as you please!」

Inside of the wood golem, Sakura was lying across me.
We are constantly synchronized.

Ah, I can continuously feel the current status of my peaceful home.

「….this place is my home. This is the place where I can live happily.」


「There’s absolutely no reason I should lose!!」
『Take this!!』

The flame breath came.
The flame was fast as light and burned intensely.

「……what the hell are you doing to my home!」

A hectare of forest was already burnt to ashes behind my house. But,

「Any further and my house will start to burn.—–GOLEMS!!」

The tens of golems stored within my house shot out from the windows and spread themselves into a dome-like shield.

Since they were originally made of living wood, they have quite a bit of moisture stored within them, but they’re steaming. Normally they’d burn. But somehow they’ve stopped just before turning to charcoal.

It’s still possible to use them as a defensive wall.

『There’s still more!!』

The dragon beat its wings at the wall of golems and blew them away.
It wasn’t just flames. The wind from those huge wings had more than enough power.

In the air it is superior. A formidable foe.

「This is literally my Home Field!!」

I have the Home Field advantage. There’s nothing here that I cannot use as I please.

Right now there are over 100 apple trees within my garden.
I can make use of each and every one of them.

「—–Grow and Capture!」

That instant, 100 apple trees all began to grow and shoot into the sky.


The white dragon began to bend its body, but it was too slow.
Now that I have the magic key, I can use magic with immediate effects.


I had used this type of spell many times before, so using the wand as the catalyst I invoked it.
The trees transformed into Golems, and each of them extended their arms to capture the dragon.


The white dragon started to roll its body in an attempt to drive away the branches.

If it was one or two, then it’s likely that it’d be able to get rid of them.
But it’s impossible to escape from all 100.

Already its feet, tail, and body have been bound.


In return, the wand that I have equipped on my hip starts to creak.
Even so I’m not letting it go!


The white dragon spat out a blaze and burned off the golems’ arms.
The broken bits from the golems are like volcanic rocks falling from the sky.

But the armor’s defenses are perfect.
Among the falling debris I began running without paying them any mind and started to head towards the base of the trees which were growing into the sky.

「This is the end!」

Then I gathered all the apple trees and gripped them tightly.
A great weight settled upon the armor’s arm but,

「This is nothing….」

Because of the enhanced muscle power given by the armor, carrying these trees is too easy.

Indeed, 《Vajra》 mode has two traits.

It is wooden armor made from compressing 100 trees together.
The first is its overwhelming heaviness.
It’s so heavy that it sinks into the ground as it walks.

And the other is, the magic power gathered from combining all 100 trees together.
This allows it to show overwhelming power.

Weight x Power. That is,



I gripped the trees and put them over my shoulder,


I mightily pulled the trees as if I was doing a one-armed shoulder throw.
That power was completely transferred to the white dragon and,


The white dragon crashed down into the forest.
The Dragon King’s back slammed into the ground.
It seems like its entire body received a shock because it coughed up blood. Then,


Once it fell, it stopped moving.
Because I was synchronized with Sakura, I understood.
The magic within the dragon had settled completely.
The battle was over.

「…..Be obedient and stay down! You annoying dragon!」
「Master’s gallant figure is the coolest!」

Without releasing my wood armor, I received Sakura’s praise and walked to the dragon’s side. I wanted to confirm my victory.
Dianeia had started to cry without even noticing it.

「H-huh….? Why…..?」

This happened right in front of my eyes.
The King amongst dragons.
An existence that humans cannot win against.

The truth before her eyes caused her to be overwhelmed with emotions.

「—–Earth Vein Man. I……admire your strength…」

Dianeia is just a single witch.
To become strong she trained assiduously, and became an Archmage.
In order to become stronger and enrich her country, she had summoned this magic spot, the earth vein.

But only half that wish was granted, and she did not get any stronger.
That’s why, even just a little, she was frustrated.

…..if he wasn’t here, wouldn’t I have been able to become stronger?

I don’t know what that man went through to obtain that power.
Could it possibly be that it was as simple as him just living there doing nothing?

That’s why she was envious, and thought of how it would be if she were in such a position.

But now it’s different.
When she saw his strength, when she saw his power, her heart started to burn.
In the middle of her body there was a heart-wrenching burning sensation.

That will shook her heart and mind.
Because he has something he wants to protect he fought against the Dragon King without budging an inch.
The spirit, heart, and strength to bring the King of the Skies crashing to the ground.

She thought…..he’s amazing.



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