Chapter 23: Huge White Dragon VS. Giant Vajra Part 1


This incident was even visible from the Witch’s country, Prussia.

「There’s a message from the Distant Observation Squad! In the west of the Dark Forest there is a large group of Dragons!」

As Dianeia looked out the window of her office, she heard shouting from below.
The messenger entered while running.

Placing the map on the desk, a number of amplification magic charms were prepared.

「The wolf people are fleeing! Hurry call for aid and prepare for evacuation!」
「Evacuate? Where do you suggest we go?! That white flame dragon has appeared!」
「It’s no good…..this capital is already finished!!」

Before long there wasn’t just reports streaming in, but screams of despair mixed in as well.


Dianeia thundered, and the office fell silent.

「Calm down and report. Messenger, how many dragons are there?」
「A-at least fifty. They are all flying in the skies above the dark forest along with the Dragon King! In addition one part of the forest has already been reduced to ashes!」

Fumu, Dianeia looked out the window.
Certainly she could see it. The giant white dragon.

「Huh, so that’s the Dragon King? I heard that it was dormant, but for it to appear so close by…」
「Dianeia-sama, that’s…..」
「Ahh, please issue the evacuation order Knight Captain. Please evacuate as many people as you can….has a request for reinforcements been made to the fortified city?」
「Yes, but the aid will take at the very least a day to arrive.」

Fumu, Dianeia nodded and checked the equipment around her hips.

There she had a powerful magic catalyst.
It was the high dragon knife that she had set aside to sell.
And lying across her desk was her broom shaped staff. Then she said,

「I will…….go and fight」
「I may be useless but I can at least do this much…」

Everyone in the office gasped at her words.

To go against the dragons by herself…it was clear what the outcome would be. No matter how great of a mage Dianeia was,

「Princess, if I may be so bold…..」
「Ahh, I know Knight Captain. It’s not possible for me to win and it’d just be throwing my life away…but if I use all my power then I can at least hold it back for a while.」

Even though she appears like that, she is a high ranking mage.
I’ll show you I can do at least this much, Dianeia whispered.

「At times like this I’m thankful that I’m the second princess. Instead of being forced to run away, I can fight instead.」

Her legs are shaking. Tension has already made her body stiffen.
But even so, she hasn’t lost her will to fight.

「I’m off guys. I’ll leave everything else to you. Please continue to observe properly till the end.」
「It’s alright. I will use my life to buy time for the citizens! That is a Princess’s…no….my duty.」

Speaking thusly, Dianeia used transfer magic.

It is a magic that can ignore distance and move instantly to a location.
Resolving herself to die, she transferred herself to the western dark forest.


And the moment she transferred, she saw it.
The incredible sight of the man with vast magical power fighting the Dragon King with a wooden giant.




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