Chapter 230: Under the Nighttime Fireworks


The open air kitchen we had set up in front of the cottage was livelier than ever.

The sky lit up with magic fireworks that the witches shot up as the Knights below continued to cook and eat seafood one after the next.

Sakura and I sat on a bench a short distance away as we watched the bustling party.

「How lively…」

We had already eaten and drank our fill so we were now in spectator mode.

The cottage and eating area were some distance apart so it wasn’t oo noisy. We were able to relax in peace.

「Our time here will end tomorrow.」
「You’re right….well, Dianeia-san did say we could come back any time we wanted.」

I was grateful for the offer but this was more of a once a year kind of vacation. I probably wouldn’t be coming back soon.

Despite feeling a bit lonely that I would be leaving this beautiful place, my happiness about returning to my own home was growing stronger.

So I would probably enjoy the comforts of home for a while once I got back.

「I’ll be under your care once more when we get back Sakura.」
「Yes I’ll put my heart and soul into it!」
「Thanks. Oh, also I wanted to thank you for all your efforts this week. Your cooking and cleaning and everything else. I’m thankful.」

Ever since we came here I had been cared for by Sakura just like back home.

She always prepared a meal for me when I went fishing and prepared everything that I caught.

Even when swimming and performing maintenance on the parasol golem….it feels like she did even more than when we were back home.

I felt I had to thank her properly, but Sakura simply shook her head with a smile.

「No no, I’m just happy I could make your life easier Master. Plus I enjoyed my time swimming and cooking for you.」
「I’m grateful that you’d say that but…..I don’t like simply receiving your favor without giving anything back. I brought you this.」

I said and pulled out a small box from my jacket.

The box opened to reveal a cherry blossom colored magic crystal (from a magic mussel) set inside a ring.

「U-ummm th-this is……?」
「You’ve worked hard Sakura so I wanted to get you a present.」
「What is th-this ring? It has the magic crystal that you got attached to it……」
「Well I saw Anne selling such accessories when we were in town. I finally obtained something that’s like a pearl too. I asked her how she made her jewelry and tried making my own.」


The other day I had finished making the nets faster than I thought.

Since my hands were free and I was searching for a new project, I thought of making something in appreciation of Sakura’s hard work.

She seemed a bit jealous after finding out that I had given Hesty and Dianeia something…

I felt that it was not right of me to not gift her something. She had cared for me the most.

The result of these thoughts was this present.

This magic crystal had other uses, but I didn’t consider anything else.

It looked like a gorgeous pearl so I decided to make a ring with it.

「I practiced till I got it right so the size and shape should be fairly correct.」

I had created many things since I arrived in this world, but I lacked experience in crafting delicate objects.

Thanks to that this ring took much more time than anything else I’d made.

I think I did a thorough job and thought the result wasn’t bad.

「Well, my aesthetic sense is a bit off. If you have any preferences I can change it for you Sakura. If you don’t like it you can just close the box and give it back.」

I said lightly and placed the box and ring into Sakura’s hand. She seemed startled as she quickly shook her head.

「O-of course I’ll put it on! There’s no way I wouldn’t love it….!」
「I see…I’m glad……..ummm Sakura?」

Sakura set the ring aside and grasped my hand tightly before bringing it close to her chest and hugging it tightly.

「I’m happy…….so very happy!」

Her face was full of joy with a smile that made it look like she was on the verge of tears.

「…..Seeing how happy this made you made the effort worth it.」
「Yes. I’m really…..thank you. You’re my….you’re my only Master….! I’ll treasure this….from the bottom of my heart.」
「I’m happy you like it.」

Amidst the light of the fireworks Sakura and I exchanged words.

And so we slowly enjoyed the last vestiges of our vacation.



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