Chapter 25: The First Tenant (Dragon)


While we were cleaning up the area around my house, Hesty pulled at my waist.

「The wand, it’s broken.」

Just as she said, when I looked at my waist the pretty white wand was broken in half.

「Uwa, seriously? I did hear it creaking and cracking when I summoned the 100 golems though…」
「As expected it couldn’t endure Master’s magic…..」

I see, it turned out just like Sakura had said.
But still…no matter if Hesty was the cause of this, I feel kind of guilty that I’d already broken something that I’d been given just yesterday.
That’s why I was about to apologize, but when I looked at Hesty she had her mouth hanging open in disbelief.

「Unbelievable…..I, put considerable effort into it when I made it. It shouldn’t even crack if it was hit by a steel sword….」
「Ah, as I thought Hesty made this wand.」
「Yes. I, can effectively be considered as a, wand craftsman. I have a license」

There’s a such thing as a license?

「When I was travelling, I did that for a living. I am registered and licensed, for many other things. As a mage I also have a reasonable position.」
「Huh… really do have quite a bit of life experience.」

I wonder how long of a journey she went on? It was probably quite long.
Since she’s the Dragon King, I’m sure that she’s not as young as she looks.

「Nevertheless……this was a wand made by using my, the dragon king’s, tail bone. Because of that it is extremely strong…..or it should’ve been, I never imagined it’d end up like this.」

Rather than sad, Hesty had a curious expression on her face.
This wand seemed to have taken an abnormal amount of power.

「But what should I do? Without this I can’t use the magic key right?」
「N…..without a catalyst, it’s pretty much impossible.」

As I thought. That means the new technique that I learned has become useless.
The magic key is convenient so I wanted to use it in my everyday life though.

This is a problem.
As I was thinking Hesty tilted her head and peered at my face.

「If you don’t have this key, you’ll be troubled?」
「I’ll be considerably troubled…」
「Then I’ll fix it.」

Hesty removed the wand from my waist.
And after confirming the condition of the broken wand, she nodded.

「N, if I have a day, I can fix it. For materials, I still have some from my tail.」
「Ohh seriously? You’re a life saver.」

I was thinking about trying to repair it with my own magic, but if the original manufacturer offers to fix it, then that’s even better.

「…..when there’s trouble you said that we should help each other…I’ll help you.」
「Haha that’s right huh? Thank you so much. Without Hesty I can’t fix it after all…」

After all putting aside the fact that I don’t know how to make a wand….I don’t even know where to get the right dragon king bones or whatever.

「But if it’s just the bones, then you can get it even without me. There are still, six other Dragon Kings.」

Huh, there are still six of them? That’s quite a few.
Well, even so,

「The only dragon king that I know is Hesty, and the only wand maker that I know is Hesty. That’s why I was thinking that I’m glad to know Hesty.」

Hesty seemed a little embarrassed as she turned her head away and nodded.
Sweet little lady. I say ‘little’ but I don’t even know how old she really is.

「In any case, helping each other like this is a great thing. Hesty remember to come to me if you have any problems alright?」

As I said that Hesty nodded then looked off into the sky.

「What’s wrong?」
「——then, there is one thing troubling me, right now.」
「Right now? What?」

「I….don’t have anywhere to live…」

I can’t believe what I’m hearing all of a sudden.

「You don’t have any place to live?」
「N, it disappeared.」
「Ummmmm…? Haven’t you been living in the dragons’ valley up till now?」

From what she said a while ago it was pretty clear that she had a home there but…

「I, lost. I have lost my place as the dragon king that the other dragons will obey. I can no longer return to the valley where they live.」
「There’s such a thing in the valley of dragons?」
「Un, most likely the, majority of the dragons, are treating me as if I am dead already.」

The dragons’ survival of the fittest doctrine is surprisingly cruel.

「My clothes, are in a different location so it’s fine. But if I can’t find a place to stay tonight, I will have to, sleep outside. But, it’s dangerous, so I can’t actually sleep.」
「Huh, You’re such a big dragon so I didn’t think sleeping outside would be dangerous for you Hesty.」
「N…if I sleep outside, I’ll be on alert, I might inadvertently, turn into a dragon and let out my breath. That makes it, dangerous for the surroundings.」
「Oh, that’s what you mean by dangerous?」

Certainly if a dragon king was sleeping outside there shouldn’t be any danger because of her strength.

「If you have a bed to sleep in then you won’t turn into a dragon?」
「Nn…..if I have a sense of security then it’s fine. If I’m on guard while, I sleep, then it’s easy to change into a dragon. So, if you know of a place, I can stay or live, I’d like you to introduce it to me. I’ll do something, about the money.」

I see.
She needs a proper place to stay huh?
But I don’t know of any towns or inns…

I don’t know about any accommodations or what you need to buy a house.
I should ask the witch princess about that when I get the chance…but right now she needs a roof over her head.

「……oh….oh wait…」

I just had a great idea.

「Sakura I need to talk to you for a moment…..」
「You need to talk to me about letting Hesty-chan live here?」
「Uh yeah, you really understand me well.」

I had just thought of it now and was going to consult Sakura.

「It’s because Master is kind. This is within my assumptions.」
「Then, I’ll ask again, but is it okay for her to live here?」
「I am Master’s property, so feel free to do as you please Master.」

「Ahh, no, I meant that the magic is really thick around here right? So I wanted to know if it was okay for her to live here…」

Hearing that, Sakura narrowed her eyes for a moment in thought, then she nodded.

「I see……. Most likely this amount of magic power will not cause Hesty-chan any real harm, I think it should be fine……but the main living floor may be a different story.」
「Oh. Is that so?」

Then it’s decided.

「That being the case. Stay here Hesty.」
「Is that alright…..?」
「Yep. The owner and the house itself said it should be fine, so it’s alright.」

We have quite a few vacant rooms and empty cabins.
I was troubled over what I was going to use them for so this seems perfect.

「N——then, please, take, care, of me.」
「Yep, glad to have you Hesty.」

And like that I got a new person as a housemate…no, I mean I got a new dragon as a housemate.



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