Chapter 252: Cooperation Going Smoothly


As I equipped the helmet of my wood armor…

「This foolhardiness…Pay for it with your life!!」

The Eight Headed Dragon roared as it pointed its heads towards me and shot lightning.

No, more precisely it shot at me and at Nagini who was close by.

「How dangerous…!!」

I stepped forward and used my wood armor arm as a shield to block the attack.

A crackling sparking sound echoed out as it struck my armor. I felt an impact, but that was the extent of it.

As we had been learning defensive magic a few days ago I had decided to experiment with adding it to my armor and it seems as though it had gone well. Upon seeing me unharmed the Founding Dragon made and unpleasant face.

「Hmm, magic to block my lightning huh? ….how rare to see from a human but…I wonder how long you can keep it up with that baggage behind you.」

One head spoke as the rest of them smirked broadly with smiles that showed their fangs. Then they each opened their jaws wide as lightning and fire gathered in their mouths.

Each of the fireballs became huge and I could see that it planned to fire an attack that could hit everyone in a wide range. However…

「I never intended to fight while covering them…! Nagini this is gonna get a bit rocky!」

Behind me Nagini and her sister were lifted up by growing trees and moved quickly backwards towards Dianeia and Hesty.

「Everyone I explained what to do but…」
「Umu, we know what to do Daichi-dono!」
「We’ll take care of Nagini. Leave it to us.」

They confirmed.

That’s right. I wasn’t alone, I had friends who could protect them. For that reason I moved Nagini towards them.
When the trees finished delivering Nagini Hesty spoke up…

「Nagini. Just like that, come over here.」
「Yesssu! Hesty-san」
「Nagini-dono! Our magic preparations are ready. Once it activates don’t resist and accept it.」
「Thank you very much ssu Dianeia-san.」

As they spoke one of the Founding Dragon’s heads glanced over at me.

「….so you’re preparing to teleport them.」
「….quick on the uptake aren’t you?」

It seems it’d realized just from the feeling of the magic itself.

「【Transfer Seal】!」

Instantly one of the heads shot a gray colored magic into the sky. The gray light exploded in the air and created a large dome around the area. With just that…

「….We can’t teleport….? It’s been sealed…!?」
「n, we’ve been stopped, with magic.」
「Those are mine…! I won’t be letting them go.」

As it spoke the rest of its heads turned to glare.

Its huge body turned to stare after Hesty and Nagini.

「I won’t let little bastards like you get away with my body!!」

Zuzuzu, a thunderous growling erupted from the Founding Dragon.

Every time it moved a pitch black magical energy exploded from its body. Upon seeing it Dianeia broke out in a cold sweat as words spilled from her mouth.

「That’s the Founding Dragon….Looking at it properly…it’s far too ominous.」
「n. From time immemorial, I had heard, it was a gentle king but….the magic power it gives off, is anything but gentle….this dark magic…gives me a bad feeling.」
「Maybe it’s malice or a deep-rooted delusion? It feels different than being possessed…it’s more like it changed or degenerated. I feel even more ridiculous magic from it than I did from Katarakta.」

Manaril grumbled as she rubbed her chin.

For it to have such extreme and crazy thoughts…maybe it had lived too long and gone crazy Hesty thought, but more than that it would be best to quickly…

「Return my body to me…!! 【Dragon Killing Flame Cannon】」

Its killing intent and magic arrived.

The magic concentrated in front of its mouth and fired a thick powerful heat beam.

「….【Water Dragon Barrier】!!」

The instant Manaril recognized what was happening she summoned a water barrier.

The barrier was filled with magic and resisted heat so it should have had the ability to block such spells but…

「【Thunderous Roar】」

Another one of the Founding Dragon’s heads shot out a lightning spell to pierce the barrier.

「When you think its using fire it uses lightning…what will each of the heads do…what kind of dragon is this…..」
「B-be careful ssu. The Founding Dragon has the powers of the past Kings within its body ssu…!! Each of the different heads can use the past Kings’ magic ssu…!!」

Nagini squeezed out her warning as they supported her.

「n, having the power of eight Dragon Kings, is quite, difficult…..【White Flame Beheading】…!!」

Hesty chanted and fired a blazing white flame blade towards its neck. But…

「Useless….【Water Current Barrier】!!」

One head summoned a wall of water.

The flame blade struck this wall and instantly became one size smaller.

But even so, the blade passed through and sliced a layer of skin off its neck. However, this wound was small and healed quickly.

「… weakened my breath. Plus, it regenerated….」

Hesty grumbled and knit her brow.

The ability to regenerate was very convenient.

Furthermore, many dragons had such power but…

「This time it’s annoying.」
「We’re not specialized in heating power after all.」

Manaril muttered while maintaining her defensive wall.

This was the course of action she decided on. Dianeia and Anne would attack and she would focus on healing those who got injured.

With this they should be able to drag out the fight. Or so she thought when…

「Ahh, so irritating…..I’ll just burn everything from here til the human country.」

It seemed the Founding Dragon had grown impatient.

It began gathering and focusing more magic than ever in its mouth.

「Ah-ahhh….that energy build-up is insane ssu!」

It was no wonder Nagini began panicking a little.

「Aneue-sama. This…this is bad.」
「n, I think its barely decayed. Just a single head, yet so strong….」

Anne and Hesty came to the same conclusion and nodded.

If they were to compete head on they wouldn’t escape this. They thought but…

「W-why are you all so calm about this ssu? Even Dianeia-san…..」

Nagini broke out in a cold sweat when she saw their reactions. But the reason for that was simple.

「n, well we’re used to it.」
「Ahh, I guess you’re right Hesty-dono. After all we’re usually faced with someone even more out of the norm…and he’s on our side so….」

The moment they said that.

「That’s no good. You can’t be looking away from me during a fight.」

Daichi swung his wooden armor fist and slammed the head that was charging magic away.

「I’m your opponent.」



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