Chapter 253: The Other Result of Training


Thanks to my attack the Founding Dragon’s heads all turned towards me. Its mouths were filled with magic power…

「You bastard…!」
「Ahh, finally you look at me. I’ll have to ask you not to shoot that dangerous stuff at me though…」

The magic came flying towards me but I used my wood clad arm to send them flying away before clothes-lining its neck.


One of the Founding Dragon’s heads went flying off into the sky. However,


As if a spring welling from the ground, the Founding Dragon grew another head from the neck stump.

「One more!」

As it regenerated I moved in from the side and punched out with force.

This time the head didn’t go flying, but instead the Dragon’s entire body flew into the air. Even so…

「It doesn’t work…!」

Even as it was still in the sky the wounds it had gotten regenerated. Just as they had before.

「So…it looks like there isn’t a real limit to what it can regenerate…」
「N-no matter how you send its heads flying it can regenerate ssu…! If you don’t defeat the central heart of it you can’t kill it ssu…!」

That’s right. If I don’t take down the core this battle won’t end.

That much I know.

「But Nagini-dono…even if we want to aim for the body its huge heads are in the way…!」
「n, really. The Founding Dragon’s heads, are all charging energy, and whenever we attack they block, them. If we want to stop, the core, then we have to seal off, its breath.」

Dianeia and Hesty discussed as they fired magic off.

Because of the multiple heads the attacks never ceased. Which meant…

「….we should just blow all of its heads off at once?」
「T-theoretically that’s what we should do ssu…but I don’t think it’s that easy to do ssu…」

Hesty jumped in to continue Nagini’s words.

「n, in order to do such a thing, we need to use far more magic than the, Founding Dragon.」
「I see. Sounds like a pain but…..」

After sending its heads flying several times I had figured out how much power I needed. So…

「My Body…My Dream…Don’t get in my way…!!」

As the eight headed dragon charged towards us I readied myself and my power.

「It doesn’t seem impossible. I’ll give it a shot.」
「Y-you’re really saying that ssu!?」

At my words Nagini’s eyes bulged.

But the others just nodded as if they understood.

It seems they’d leave this to me.

「I’ll make sure we’re protected! Don’t worry about us and go at it Daichi-dono!」
「Alright then, I’ll turn it up a bit.」

All that was left was to do as I had declared.

I focused on the Founding Dragon that I had sent flying a bit earlier, readied the mallets in my fists, and deployed the anchors in my legs deep into the ground.

With this, no matter how much power I used there shouldn’t be an issue. As I thought that the mallets began spinning and glowed with white and black lights.

「A human with that much power…!? But I won’t let you…!」

It seemed the Founding Dragon had felt me gathering power because it charged towards me faster, but…


Its legs got tangled by trees I grew as it passed by.

Several of them were torn from the ground, but the Founding Dragon’s charge was halted.

「Master, I have stopped its movements.」

It had been Sakura’s magic. She smiled happily at me as she was in the armor with me.

「Charging is complete as well. Go ahead and give it to him.」
「Ahh, thank you Sakura.」

—it was thanks to her that I was able to focus on using these two new tools I had crafted.

I knew the power when I used even one of them. Now that I had doubled up I could only wonder at the power.

As I thought that I pulled back my fists.

I pulled back and the mallets spun even faster as the light concentrated to a blinding degree.

「Just stopping my feet won’t stop me! My ideal body is sitting over there!」

The Founding Dragon faced all its heads forward as incredible light gathered.

「Don’t get in my waaaaaay!!! 『War Roar of the Eight Dragons』….!!!!」

Then a concentrated blast of breath shot out from the eight heads.

Fire and lightning were concentrated so thickly that it was almost blinding as it flew towards me at incredible speed.

But…that was…no problem.

My preparations were already complete.

「Be destroyed along with your corrupt thoughts Founding Dragon. —『Vajra Re. Mode』— Twin Vajra Maximum!!!」

My fists exploded forward along with my words.

The air compressed and exploded in front of my fists as two rays shot out.

They slammed into the breath that was heading towards me.

The blindingly bright breath struggled for a moment before…

「Wh….what….IS THIS POWER!!!!???」

My attack burst straight through.


In a moment the Founding Dragon’s body was enveloped.

And an instant later…….all that was left was the empty plains with two lines on the ground extending towards the horizon.



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