Chapter 26: Unaware Savior


When we finished cleaning up the ashes around the house.


Hesty sighed as we were taking a break while sitting on a log.

「What’s amazing?」
「This land is, amazing. I was, surprised, that after working, for half a day, my magic would be recovered, that much, just by eating an apple.」

Now that I think about it, Hesty’s hair, skin, and clothes were pretty torn up a while ago, but before I noticed it they had cleaned up.

「N, it’s the power of the magic spot. Just by staying here, magic will restore.」
「It has that kind of effect?」
「It recovers, because it spreads through the entire body, so the whole body is recovered……It is, stronger than any magic spot, that I know of.」

Hesty excitedly says. I don’t know about any others so I can’t really tell. I’m considerably worn out and feeling pretty hungry.

Just being here doesn’t make me feel as if I’m recovering.

「…..for you, you were already in a different league when, it comes to magic power, so it can’t be helped.」
「It feels like you’re forsaking me Hesty」
「It’s true. We aren’t comparable. You can’t be compared with anything, except a higher existence. Therefore, that’s, inevitable.」

She said with certainty.
I can’t tell if she’s praising me or just shocked…

「Well whatever. Should I just have an apple to calm my stomach?」

And as I went into the apple orchard to grab a fresh apple….
「Sorry, may I please have a moment of your time?」

Dianeia arrived and asked while wearing an awfully neat dress.

Today Dianeia was wearing a dress that made her seem more like a princess than a witch.

「Hm? Oh, what’s up Dianeia? What are you doing here wearing those clothes? You seem awfully motivated or something…」
「Motiva…..It was meant to be formal, but it’s fine. I have something I need to talk to you about, could you listen?」
「What is it? I’m already tired today so I’d like it if you were brief.」

I got helped by the golems and my new lodger to clean up my house’s surroundings.
I’m not sleepy, but I am hungry.

「…….you did have a pretty flashy battle after all.」

After seeing the appearance of my home, Dianeia lowered her eyes to the ground.

「I’m sorry. I was inconsiderate. Today you had such a battle. I should have come to visit after you had more time to rest.」

Well, I’m not tired because of the battle though.
Still, it’s pretty much the same so I might as well go with the flow.

「But I have one request, Earth Vein Man. It’s fine if it’s after you’ve rested. But could you please come to my city tonight? I would like to give you a public commendation.」

Dianeia bowed her head and asked.
But, what do you mean public commendation?

「What am I getting commended for? I don’t remember doing anything that is worthy of praise from you guys?」
「……you are a Hero. Because you have saved, both me and the royal capital Prussia from that giant white dragon king.」

I don’t remember saving them at all.
What kind of logic made it like this?

「Since the dragon you fought was so big, we could see it all the way from town. Viewing it from our side you are a Hero who defended us from a giant dragon. Our Savior. At the very least we, the ones who govern the city, think so.」

Ahh, so that’s how they see it?

That situation was just to protect my house from being on the brink of destruction.
I only fought for myself.

「But in the end we were saved as well. That is the truth, we would like to express our gratitude by any means. At the very least, that’s what we in the government think.」

I got this far with my “come what may” style of doing things, but what should I do in this situation?

Honestly I don’t really want to go into town.
It’s already pretty late and there are still things that need doing around here.
I’m hungry too, furthermore,

「When you say commendation…what will I actually be receiving?」

I don’t know what merit there is to accepting this reward.

「Ehh Uhhhhhhmmm… will get special privilege in town. If you ever wander through town you will be treated with great hospitality…」

That, I don’t really need that.
I don’t usually go out.

「Anything else?」
「U, y-yes……basically you will gain honor and reputation in this country and its surroundings. People will be more accommodating and things will be cheaper and easier.」

Accommodating huh?
This is a difficult decision to make as I don’t really leave my house that much.

「It’s no good tomorrow?」
「Uu…..I’m very sorry, but I’d like it to be today if at all possible. I’d like you to come since the magic overflowing from your body has settled.」

Huh, I used quite a bit of magic but it’s still overflowing?

「Even now there’s a lot. Concentrated magic is overflowing from you but it’s less than usual. If you were to come and you were releasing as much magic power as you usually do, the inside of the castle might turn into a Carnival of people wetting themselves…..」
「That’s unpleasant for me too. How should I put it, I will definitely be the first one to leak…..」

What is this?
Is it possible that if I go out full of energy I cause an outbreak of people wetting themselves?
How ridiculously troublesome.

…….well, normally I don’t leave my house so it’s fine.

「and so that means that this is our chance. It’s fine even if it’s a short time, so would you please come to my city? I’m begging you……」

Dianeia said and bowed her head towards me.

Well, lemme see. There doesn’t seem to be any disadvantage to getting privilege and honor in the town.

At first we had some trouble, but now there isn’t any hostility between us.
If it only takes a short time then it might be good to head over.

「Will this commendation really end quickly?」
「Y-Yes! Because I practice transfer magic we can move immediately! All you do is talk to some of the upper echelon of the town and the important people and it’ll soon be over! Once you’d like to leave you can return immediately!」

She invited me so desperately and passionately, but it seems like it will only take a short amount of time.

「Fumu fumu…..that transfer magic is the thing I saw that allows you to travel in an instant?」
「Y-yes. It’s one of my specialties. I can make two round trips easily.」

I see. Then there’s no travel time to worry about.

And when I want to return then I can just leave, huh…

I got it, with these conditions then it might not be too bad to make an appearance.
There’s still some time till dinner too.

「Alright. From now until dinner I’ll go on a day trip.」
「Th-thank you! I owe you…..!」

Dianeia gripped her hands as if in prayer and bowed towards me.
I don’t know why you’re so grateful, but let’s just leave that aside for the time being.

…..well it’s not a bad thing to go see the town at least once.

As I was thinking,


Someone appeared and grabbed at my waist.

「Can I, come too?」

It was Hesty who had put her white clothes on after the battle.

「to the town? Do you need something?」
「I hid, some wand materials, in the town. I want, to get those.」

Ahh so it’s to get some materials for wands.
Then this is perfect.

「Dianeia, can I take her too?」

I placed my hand onto Hesty’s head as I asked. Dianeia nodded slowly while looking surprised.

「I-I don’t really mind but…..w-who is that girl? It’s not as much as you, but I feel quite a bit of magic power. Is she your child brought from a different marriage?」

She doesn’t look to be the same race as me so she came up with that reason.

「She’s not. But, she is a lodger.」
「I-I see. A lodger! …….there’s plenty of space in your house for a housemate.」

Dianeia looked back and forth between Hesty and my house, that should be understandable.
Actually, why is she looking so much at my house?
Does it really look so strange when it’s burnt?

「Ah, no don’t mind me. I was just thinking about how spacious it must be.」
「Ahh, is that so?」
「W-well then, I’m ready to do the transfer magic, are you ready?」

Ready? Oh wait!

I need to call out to Sakura.

「Sakura, I’ll be going out for a bit, so please take care of dinner!」
「Yes, certainly!」

When I call out to the house, Sakura’s gentle voice answers me.
Alright! Now I’m all set.

「Alright, it’s fine now Dianeia.」
「T-then begin transfer. Shorten and erase the distance of the land—-Instant Transfer!」

As she chanted the spell she held onto me and Hesty, and just like that we moved.

In this way I was escorted to town for the first time by the witch princess.



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