Chapter 27: His name is…


When I opened my eyes I was looking down from the second floor of a spacious room.

Under the luxuriously decorated banisters there were people wearing various types of clothing.
That’s not all.

「The guest of honor has arrived!」
「It’s the savior!」
「The hero of our land has arrived!」

Somehow it seems like I’m really welcome.
The lower floor was in an uproar.

「What are these people?」
「They are the influential people in town, the high rank adventurers.」

Huh those kind of people gathered here? But well,

「Savior-sama! Thank you! Thank you!」
「Booze! Bring the alcohol! We need to entertain our savior!」

There are also people with tears streaming down their faces and people worshipping me though?
How did this turn into a huge ruckus like a giant festival?
Yep, I feel like I’ve been set up.

「I told you so right? That you had saved the city?」
「Though it doesn’t feel like I did…」
「That white dragon king and the other dragons were only a few Kilometers from this capital. There were many who were prepared to die. The majority of the people here saw the dragon king burn the forest to ashes. It was pandemonium.」

Is that so? It was that kind of situation? However,

「N? What?」

……..the reason that everyone fell into chaos is right next to me at this very moment.

It’s probably better not to mention this…I don’t have any reason to either.
As I was thinking that Hesty moved towards a window on the other side of the group of people.
There was no one around it and it looked to be a window of a back room.

「Well then, I, will be going out the window.」
「Ah, that’s right. Are you going to get the wand/staff materials?」
(TN: I can’t tell if it’s staff or wand…it looks like a staff in the cover art but how do you leave a full length staff hanging on your waist? Tsue can mean wand, staff, or cane T_T)
「N, I’ll be back, in a few minutes」
「Alright, then I’ll see you in a bit.」
「Ok, I’m off」

Hesty said and jumped out of the second floor window.

「……is it alright to let that girl go out alone? Though the capital may have good public order, it’ll be night soon.」
「Yeah, it should be fine.」

She’s the dragon king who made this town fall into panic after all.
Actually I think I’d be more worried about this city if something were to happen.

「Is that so? If you say it’s alright then I don’t mind….anyways come over here.」

Dianeia invited me into the back room.
It was the deserted back room that Hesty had just left through.

「Hm? Is this where I’m getting the commendation?」
「Ahh, at first I was thinking of doing it on the first floor but……the people are a lot more excited than I thought. To avoid mayhem, the magic knight captain and I will act as representatives and present you with the commendation. I think…」

Dianeia said and snapped her fingers.

Then from the first floor a middle aged man in silver armor came up, entered, and closed the door to the room.

The man looked at me and extended his hand for a handshake.

「Nice to meet you, Mr. Earth Vein Man. I am the Magic Knight Captain Okuto. I am honored to meet you our hero. I look forward to working with you from now on.」
「Ou, nice to meet ya.」

I grasped his hand. As I did so his arm started shaking.
His face turned as white as paper and,


He started gasping.

Honestly this was really gross.
So I immediately let go of his hand and took two steps back. Then it seemed like he’d been released from his strange state and he started to breathe in and out heavily.

「Oi, Dianeia. Is this gross behavior some kind of ceremony?」
「Ah, ahh, I’m sorry! Because he touched you directly he was exposed to your magic power and it seems like his body was affected!」

Oioi, I just shook his hand.
Gimme a break!

「U-umu, I’m sorry. As expected your magic power is tremendous. It’s like this even if it’s been dissipated like today.」

I looked and saw the knight captain’s face covered in sweat.
Somehow it feels like I’m being treated like a wild predator.

「I also got too used to you and forgot about how it felt the first time.—–are you okay knight captain?」
「Wa-yes, I’m very sorry Princess. I am still the captain. Until the end of the Award Ceremony I will continue to stand here!」

Okuto said as he snapped to attention. He seemed like he was on the brink of collapse just a short while ago but he has some great fighting spirit.

「Umu…..well then I’d like to begin the commendation ceremony…Earth Vein Man. However, I humbly wish for one thing. Could you please tell me your name?」
「Eh? Why?」

It doesn’t really bother me that much to be called ‘Earth Vein Man’.
Why do I have to suddenly tell you my name? I’d like to know the reason.

「……I would personally like to know your name. You have saved me twice so I’d like to know more about you.」

Dianeia was faintly blushing as she said that.

I really don’t feel like I’ve saved anyone.
But since I’m being asked like that, then I’ll answer.

「My name is 『Daichi』」 (TN: his name can mean The world or Earth or Sage)
「Daichi…….Daichi huh? It sounds good. It is truly a fitting name for the master of the Earth Vein.」

It feels like it’s been quite a while since I’ve named myself.
Though it doesn’t feel bad to be praised.

「Umu, well then Daichi-dono. Now we will begin the commendation and blessing ceremony.」

And so my commendation began.



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