Chapter 28: Going Straight Home


Well in conclusion, the rewards I got this time were,

-10,000 silver coins
-An excellent location in town
-Right to enter and leave town as I please
-Right to use public facilities as I please

Etc. etc. it’s all stuff that would enrich my experience in town.

But still, there was no downside so I accepted it.
I’ll probably hardly use any of it so I don’t really need it though.

「Now the commendation has finished Daichi-dono. From now on it’ll be more like a party I think, would you come with me?」

As Dianeia said that, it started getting noisy outside of the room.

「Hurry show us the face of our Savior!」
「I only saw him for a moment but I’ve never seen such a wonderful man….!」
「Please speak! Even if it’s only a few words tell us the tale!」

I heard those kinds of shouts from the other side of the door.

I can tell just from the sounds of the voices, there’s obviously a large crowd.
The crowd’s state was pretty crazy from what I saw before.


To be honest, I don’t really like these kinds of frantic drinking-parties.

Even the year end party was a source of stress.
I’d prefer to enjoy alcohol and side-dishes while chatting comfortably with people I know. Therefore,

「I’m not really good with this kind of thing, I’m leaving.」
「Wh-what!? Y-you’re not joining in for the castle’s party?」
「There’s some pretty luxurious cooking lined up you know!?」

Dianeia and the knight captain spoke up in surprise…but I’m not really interested.

「Yep, everyone can go ahead and enjoy all the luxurious food they want. I want to go home. Anyhow…….it’s time for dinner.」

Indeed, Sakura would be finishing her dinner preparations soon.
When I get back I’ll be able to eat a nice warm home-cooked meal.

「U-uumu, I did promise after all. If you want to return, then we’ll do so…..mumumu」

Dianeia seemed somehow regretful.
What? I wonder if Dianeia wanted to join in the party too?

「In that case, don’t worry about me. I’ll walk home.」

Fortunately, if I enter the forest I’ll be able to see my house. That’s how tall it’s become.
That’s why I don’t have any worries. I can get home on foot.

「N-no that’s not what I wanted……I wa—–」
「——I’m back」

As Dianeia was hesitating to speak for some reason, Hesty came back in through the window.
She was holding some kind of small leather sack in her hand.

「Is your business finished?」
「Yep, it’s, alright.」

Seems like she safely finished gathering her materials.

「This is perfect. Let’s return together. Dianeia wanted to participate in the party so I was thinking of walking home, is that alright with you?」

Hesty nodded then looked up into my face.

「It’s fine. However…….in that case, I can transform, and you can ride on my back, if you like?」
「Oh? Can we do that?」
「We can. Mostly, my magic, has recovered. I think, it should be, much faster than walking.」
「Alright. Well then let’s go home. I’m counting on you.」

Hesty nodded once more and threw herself out the window.

——and at that moment her body transformed.

It was the body of a beautiful white dragon.
But the size was….pretty small.
It was only about two meters large.

「Isn’t it kinda small?」

It’s like a tenth of the size she was this morning.
It had a much more intimidating air before, why did it become so adorable?

「Because my magic, hasn’t completely recovered yet, I compressed my body, size.」
「Huh, you can change your size?」
「There are dragon kings that can’t. In my case, I use various techniques, so I’m special.」

Hesty’s body is pretty convenient.
Even so, she’s still big enough that I can ride her by myself.

「Well then, I’m getting on.」
「Slowly, ok?」

As she said, I slowly got onto her back, but it was quite stable.
If I gripped onto the scales growing on her back, then I shouldn’t fall.

「Oh amazing. I got on and you can still fly in the sky.」
「I’m, a dragon. It’s natural.」

She said it’s natural, but Hesty puffed out her chest in pride.
It looks like she was happy about the praise. She was so cute that I started petting her and she seemed to get even happier.

「Well then……I’ve got my ride home, so I’ll be going.」

I called out to Dianeia and the knight.
But inside the room Dianeia and the knight captain had fallen to the floor and couldn’t stand due to fear.

「Th-that form! I-it can’t be….!?」
「T-the wh-white dragon king is obeying you….!??」

Ah. Crap.
I didn’t tell them about Hesty.

…….ah well, whatever.

There’s no real harm so I don’t think that there should be any problems.

「Ok then, once more for real. I’m going straight home.」
「P-please wait Daichi-dono! I’ve only given you the official thanks! I haven’t yet expressed my gratitude…..!」
「Hold on to that for when I save you purposefully. For now——see you later Dianeia」

With my farewells said, I flew off with Hesty.
To return to my beloved home.

A white dragon flew through the skies of the royal capital.

Even in the darkness of night that color stood out.

Someone momentarily looked into the sky and saw it.
They saw a white dragon cutting through the night sky.

A certain person saw it with eyes clouded by alcohol.
The figure of a white dragon flying over the castle and towards the forest.

A rumor spread throughout the Witch’s Country Prussia and all the surrounding countries. The rumor was that there was a white dragon’s nest inside the royal capital.



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