Chapter 29: As Expected, My Home is the Best


When we arrived home, the sun had completely set.

The moonlight was shining on the apple orchard as I got off of Hesty’s back, and just like that she returned to her human appearance.

Hesty was really very fast. In only a few minutes we’d returned home from the castle.

「Thanks Hesty. That helped.」

When I looked at Hesty to thank her, she answered with a listless nod and a weak voice.
And then she started to rub her eyes.

「Huh? What’s wrong Hesty?」
「I’ve been awake since, the battle this morning, I used up too much, magic, I’m tired…….sleepy……」
「Oh seriously?」

It seems that Hesty is the type that recovers with sleep.
She was wavering as she stood there looking sleepy.

「I used up, what I recovered, and my physical strength, is almost at the, limit…..」

I wonder if it’s because she’s been moving around since dawn?
I wonder if her stamina is like her appearance?

「……..your stamina, is monstrous, that’s all…….you used even more magic than me, and just with the magic spot, you seem to be recovered, your body, is weird…….」

I didn’t expect to be treated as if I was abnormal by a dragon.

Even I get tired when it’s time to rest and I do get physically worn out too.

「…..I, want, to sleep. Can I, borrow, an empty room?」
「I don’t mind, but are you okay with not eating anything?」

Ahh, her eyes are already half shut.
She’s no longer in a state where she can eat anything.

Well then….which room can I have her use?
Though the tower that is my home is right before my eyes,

………the vacant rooms don’t have any furniture, they’re completely empty…

Moreover, I don’t know the conditions of the rooms since Hesty breathed fire on them.

「Somewhere easy to use….」

As I was thinking, Hesty pointed towards the apple orchard.
There was a small cabin.
It was a short distance away, a moderately small one story home.

「I want to rent that cabin……can I?」
「That’s fine, but it’s pretty small you know? It doesn’t have any furniture either ok?」

Inside the small cabin was an electric light, wooden floor, and a wood shelf.
Since it appeared I’ve only looked inside once and have not used it as of now.

I wonder if it’s alright?

「…’s fine. As long as it keeps out, the wind and rain, I will, be satisfied.」

Hesty seems to only be requesting the minimum functionality.

「also, I’d like a space for a workshop to make staves and wands, I’d be thankful if you’d provide one. Is that alright, too?」
「I see. In that case it’s ok.」

There is one thing I was anxious about,

「Monsters come around here, is that alright?」

This place is a distance from the main house. This is the place where monsters come around the most.

「I, won’t lose against, the monsters around here.」
「I’m not worried about that.」

Hesty is stronger than she looks, she can definitely beat any monster that the golems can blow away.

「But won’t you become a dragon?」

Even if she becomes a dragon the only thing that will be broken is the cabin.
I’m not too worried about my house breaking, but it’d be troublesome if this was destroyed often.

「…….for the time being, because of my heavy magic pressure, I think they will avoid me. There is, a dragon king, technique, for that.」
「Huh, that’s amazing.」
「Un. If they still come, then I’ll deal with them using magic. I’ll try, as much as possible, to not turn into a dragon, indoors.」

I see, you put that much though into this huh?
In that case everything should be fine.
If this prudent girl become the gatekeeper for my house, then it’ll help me out as well.

「N. well then……I’m, going to sleep. Good night.」

Hesty said, and entered the cabin.

Yep, nothing had changed from last time, all it had was a wood floor, shelf, and light.
Inside of the cabin, Hesty had curled up into a ball and was lying on the floor.


And she soon started to sleep.
She looked like a little puppy while she was sleeping, it was adorable…though she is a dragon.

But I’d feel bad if I left her like that, so I took off my jacket and covered her in it.
Then, it seems like I was right about it being chilly,


As she slept she wrapped herself in my jacket.
What skillful sleeping. I’ll bring her a blanket later.

「……well then, should I go inside as well?」

After closing the door to Hesty’s cabin, I entered my house.
I took the first floor golems out of storage, got on the magic elevator. The door opened on the top floor and,

「Welcome home, Master」


Sakura greeted me with a smile.

「I’m home Sakura.」
「Dinner is ready, but would you like a bath? Or would you like……t-to recover magic with me?」

Sakura blushed as she spoke in a slightly joking manner.
If it was only a joke, then she wouldn’t seem so bashful though.
At any rate, for now, I’m starving.

「Un. I’ll eat first, then relax in the bath.」
「Wa-yes. I will prepare it.」

Sakura heard my response and returned to the kitchen with a *pitter patter*

When I looked at her retreating figure, I truly thought…
「My home is the best」



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