Chapter 3: Easy Way to Use Magic


I went outside along with Sakura.

The area surrounding the house was in terrible shape due to the fight between the witches and dragon.
All the surrounding trees were either uprooted or burned to a crisp. There are also a lot of holes making it hard to walk.

For the love of god you guys, doing whatever you want all around someone’s house.

「Well then, what kind of magic would you like to do Master?」

Oh yeah.
After I slept again I’m refreshed, finally the wheels in my head have started turning.
Of the necessities inside my house, I have enough clothing, and I’m alright in regards to food for a while but I can’t put it off for too long.

「So then, I’d like it to be something that can make or obtain food」
「As you wish」

Saying that, Sakura took an apple out.

「This is an apple from the fridge, can I please use it?」
「Uhh, I don’t mind」

I bought that a long time ago, I never had any time to eat it so it ended up all shrivelled.

「Well then, we’ll cut this, take out the seeds, and bury them. —-Yes, Master. Later, when this is grown, we can have as many apples as we want!」
「No, even if you say that…I mean…」

Peaches take three years, persimmons take eight years, so won’t apples take even longer?

「It’s alright. It’s using Master’s magic after all. Something like growing trees and plants is easy.」
「Are you sure?」

Up until know all I’ve done is blow away those noisy guys, I really have no idea what else this could be used for.

「That’s so. Well then, since you’re not used to it then use me as an intermediary to make it easier. I am completely in tune with Master’s magic so please use me as you see fit.」
「Use you….?」
「Please touch my body. Then please imagine something」

I did as I was told and placed my hand on Sakura’s head.


You’re looking quite happy, but what am I supposed to do?

「If you’ll just imagine the apple tree growing, then I will regulate it」

I wonder if that’s all there is to it? Well, let’s give it a shot.
To grow a tree…first it has to sprout I think.
I imagined it sprouting. Then,

「Oh! A sprout appeared!」

Right in front of me the dirt was pushed up and a little twig emerged, the apple seedling came out.
Amazing, only a few seconds and it’s like this.

「If it’s like this——then I should be able to rush through more of the steps, I just need to imagine it and it’ll be fine right?」
「Mm……, Yes. Leave it to me.」

I see. Then next I suddenly imagined the apple tree growing. Then,


*Creeeeaaaakk* and a huge apple tree powerfully shot up out of the ground.

「I-it’s finished growing.」

This growth speed is insane. It’s already on another level compared to artificially growing them in greenhouses.
I raised a huge apple tree in a moment.

Though I don’t really understand how it works, it is the truth that there are bright red fruits hanging there.
I took a bite to see and it was fresh, sweet, and delicious.

「I see. This is a way to use magic huh…」
「Haaa…….fuuuuu……yeah, this is the result of Master’s magic!」

Sakura had her chest puffed up in pride and admiration, but her face was flushed and she was breathing heavily.

「Hm? What is it Sakura, are you tired?」
「No, I’m just feeling, excited, that’s all.」

I see. But I don’t understand why she’s excited.
Still, magic power is amazing, it’s an all-purpose power isn’t it?

「This time I’ll try it on my own.」

Thinking that, I grabbed the apple I’d just had and cut it.
Then, dug a suitable hole and buried it,

「Grow up big!!」

I strongly imagined as I called out. Then,

「____ ____」

*Creaaaak* and another huge tree appeared.
In fact, it was an even bigger and lush tree as compared to before.
Moreover, it spread its roots wide and the uneven ground became smoother.

「That’s incredible Master! You got the feeling for it in one try!」

The feeling or whatever, it was just imagining it in my head so it was an easy task.

With only that I grew a tree.

「Using magic is super easy~」

If it’s this easy then I can use this for lots of other things.
I’m going to test lots of things.
It looks like my food problem can be easily solved.



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