Chapter 30: Simple Home Remodeling


Since then my house has grown even further, it is now 10 stories tall.

It feels like I’m living in a high-rise large apartment.
I have a pleasant view that looks out over all of the trees in the forest.

On the top floor of my home.
After eating the breakfast that Sakura always made for me, I was laying around digesting my food when,

「Master, I have a little something I’d like to discuss with you……is now a good time?」

Sakura said to me while pouring my after-meal tea.

「Yes. I would like to undergo some remodeling/renovations. ——the other day when Hesty-chan attacked, I began to think that this sort of shape may be unsuitable.」
「Ah……well, that may be true…」

With the magic wall and magically reinforced walls, this multistory home can be defended against the wind.

But since it has been built straight upwards, there is a risk of the lower floors collapsing due to the weight, even though it survived Hesty’s attack.

「Are the lower floors in danger of breaking?」
「Due to the magic wall’s support it won’t collapse soon, but the danger does exist.」

I guess so. The lower floors have already been burnt once, if I just leave it like that it’ll become a problem.

「I think this might be a good chance for remodeling then…」
「Yes, please treat me well.」
「Leave it to me…..but, how should I remodel? Should I just reinforce it using my trees?」
「No, this is due to my ineptitude, so please use the magic in my body to do so.」

I don’t really think it has anything to do with your ineptitude.
This was caused by Hesty breathing fire everywhere.
Furthermore, becoming a tower was just what naturally happened.

「Even so, as Master’s home, keeping you as safe as I can, is my responsibility. Therefore, please synchronize with me and begin the remodeling.」
「Ah…by use you meant synchronize?」
「Yes, while understanding my entire figure, please remodel my shape. I think the best way to do it would be synchronizing to naturally understand my structure.」
「Roger that.」

After drinking my tea, I touched Sakura to begin synchronizing with her, as usual the entirety of my home popped into my head.

「n…….and just like that, please concentrate a bit more on me and the house itself」

I turned my consciousness towards Sakura and my home as I was told, and I clearly saw the different floors.

「n…when you see the structure…..just like when you use magic there’s a little trick, try to use your intuition and will to move things, then remodeling should be possible.」

Sakura was breathing a little roughly and that was a little distracting, but for now I’ll focus on the house.

……the trick I use to practice magic……huh…

To experiment I tried to move the first floor one meter to the side. Then,


*Gogogo* I heard the sound of something moving beneath us.

「That was splendid Master! You’re quick to grasp the right feeling for these things as always!」
「Er, splendid you say? Is this all it takes to move things?」

The structure can move almost immediately?
Should I say it’s as simple as always? Actually I should probably say this way of using magic is as easy as always.

Also, how should I put it….it’s like Jenga, if the lowest floor is off-kilter then won’t it collapse?

「While Master and I are synchronized the magic wall is strongly reinforced so there is no need to worry about it collapsing……but would you like to go outside instead?」
「……well that might be better. It’s the first time so I should do it more carefully, so why don’t we go outside?」

I wanted to see how it looked while it moved, so we decided to go out into the apple orchard.

Once we are far enough into the yard I start my work once more.

I wanted to do it carefully without rushing, I found out that they can be moved like blocks. Also, not only can the position be changed, but the shape as well.
It can be lengthened or widened as long as the basic volume/capacity isn’t changed.

Moreover, the burnt and broken places can be fixed by using the materials from other floors.

……..I get it now. This is really useful and pretty interesting.

It feels like I’m playing with the world’s most extravagant building blocks.

My house is no longer a tower.
The tower shape is weak to attacks from the sides.

So with stability in mind I rearrange my home.

…….well because of my apple orchard I can’t lay everything out horizontally…

Even so, the yard is wide so I can make it wider to some extent.
And so after a few minutes——

「You did it Master!」

My new home was finished. And so,

「I really did it…….a pyramid.」

By focusing on stability I ended up making my house into a square pyramid.
But as always the top floor is my usual 2LDK home.

「ahh……but as I thought…this kind of shape feels unstylish.」

It seems I was lacking in my modeling fashion sense.

「That’s not the case Master. This is truly suitable for the concept of “stability”.」

Sakura said with a serious look.
It is certainly stable though.

「It’s sturdy and has tough defense. It is a good shape! With this much defensive strength, even if Hesty-chan rammed it then it’s possible it wouldn’t even give an inch.」

Is it really that solid?
Then this might be a good defensive form.

「Is that so? I was aiming for a small castle shape, but this might be good too.」

No matter how I made it there won’t be any problems with living space, so it should be fine.
Also, 10 floors wouldn’t have been enough to construct a full castle. This might be the best solution for now. I did want it to look cooler though.

「It’s alright because more additions can be made. Sooner or later you can change it to whatever shape pleases you Master.」

Additions huh?
Certainly, the more I sleep with Sakura the more the house will grow bigger. Though,

「If it keeps growing like it was before, won’t it end up with a really awkward shape?」

If it grows like it has been and there is a single floor underneath the pyramid, won’t it look like a mushroom?

「No, it should be alright. Even though it may be built, the place and shape can be controlled. You can make it separate from the main home or even make a small tower at the top of the pyramid.」
「Ah, if that’s the case then I can be at ease.」
「Yes. Therefore, I think Master should take your time and change the shape however you please.」

Fumu fumu, so there’s no need to be in a rush to do this…
For now, I’ll settle down in the pyramid for today,

「Alright then. I’ll take some time and train my modelling sense, look forward to what I do ok?」

I don’t want Sakura, my home, to have an awkward shape.
While studying a bit, let’s continue to remodel my home.



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