Chapter 31: Remodeling is Even Easier


During the next day I continued my house renovations in the middle of the apple orchard.

After all that, the pyramid shape of the house was cancelled and I changed it back to a tower.

There wasn’t any problem with the living space per say, but no matter how you looked at it, it didn’t look that great.

Therefore, I changed it back to a tower, organized it, and straightened it.

It was different from when I first started to renovate, it returned to the shape of a tower almost immediately.

「I had already memorized this shape before, so it only requires you to insert magic and it can be returned to how it was originally.」

Or so she says.

Because Sakura can remember the original shape, I can practice reforming the house as much as I want.

「It’s necessary to get some experience before things go smoothly.」

It’s the same as forming a wood golem. If you’ve never made one then it will be difficult to get the right shape.

「This is all because Master made wood golems every day.」
「Yep, thanks to that my wood golem armor looks pretty cool.」

At the start the golems were completely uncool, but now it’s even possible to carve their faces to resemble the Two Guardian Deva Kings.
The practice golems are spread through the apple orchard, but I think that they give off a pretty good feeling.

「But unlike golems, it takes quite a bit of magic just to turn the house back to normal.」

Although I’m synchronized with Sakura, the magic usage is pretty severe.
It’s because moving the house like blocks definitely needs to utilize my personal power.

That’s nothing to sneeze at.
It’s at the level where I need to take a break after doing it a few times.

「Yes……that’s…I am very sorry. My own power is insufficient.」
「Well, it’s not really anything you need to apologize about.」

This in itself is pretty interesting.
By doing so I can grasp the timing of how long I can rearrange the house before I need a break.

I was thinking as such when,

「……once again, you’re using magic in a weird way.」

Hesty came out of the apple orchard cabin.
She was rubbing her eyes, is she sleep deprived?

「Good morning Hesty.」
「n, morning. Since yesterday, I thought that I felt some weird magic fluctuations……but I never thought, that you’d be using it like this.」

Will she be surprised?
Will she be astonished?

Hesty gazed at my newly assembled house.

「Amazing. But, you’re using magic like water. Even if it’s you, the consumption, must be extreme.」
「Yep, as I thought you could tell.」
「n…..normally, just doing that once, is using enough magic to cause someone to, collapse. ——that’s why, here. Use this, it’ll be easier.」

She said and handed me the white staff/wand.
But this time it was thicker than before, it had a more solid shape.

「Is it possible that you were making this all day yesterday?」
「Yes. It took some time, but it’s much much, more sturdy than, before. And it’s also, harder to break.」
「Oh, thank you Hesty. But can I do this kind of thing using a magic key?」

I wonder, can I use this to change the shape of my house?

「Probably, if you attach a house shape to the magic key, you should be able to change it. So? Can you do it?」

Hesty asked me and Sakura while tilting her head inquisitively.

「I wouldn’t know but, can you do that Sakura?」
「Uuuuuuummmm……yes. You may need to be synchronized with me, but if you have a certain shape set beforehand, then you should be able to rearrange it within moments I think. If I remember the previous shapes then I get the feeling that I can change into them within a short amount of time.」

Ohh, amazing.
Well then, it should be good if we memorize the different shapes right?
Then when we use a keyword we should be able to change the house.

「But well…we don’t really know if that’ll actually work. I suppose we just need to try and see.」

The current shape is 《Normal Tower》 and I memorized the magic key then,

「Sakura, synchronize with me please. I’d like to change the shape a bit.」
「Alright. Please treat me well.」

I grabbed the white staff/wand and touched Sakura.
Then I proceeded to rearrange it into the shape it had this morning.
As I imagined it in my mind, I paired it with language and,

「Mode 《Pyramid》!」

I spoke.
And at that moment my house transformed into a 4 corner pyramid.

「Woah, it really changed in a few moments.」
「Splendid Master!」

If it’s like this then I can remake any shape that I’ve made before.
I no longer need to move each and every block individually, it’s become much easier.

「……n, this time, it didn’t break. The wand was made, perfectly.」

Hesty looked back and forth between my face and the wand.
Certainly, the wand is safe too. This should be considerably useful.

I still need to synchronize with Sakura but the magic consumption is much more economical.

「If it’s like this, then it’s possible that eventually Master will be able to change my shape into a previous one by yourself.」

Oh, well that’s certainly even easier.
When I want to practice I won’t have to go and bother Sakura then.

「Thanks for the wand Hesty. It’s really easy to use.」
「n……I’m happy too. I made it properly. If it breaks again, I’ll fix it, so just tell me.」
「Ok, when the time comes I’ll be asking you once more.」

Like this, my renovations became even more efficient.

I tried out various shapes and recorded them as magic keywords, then changed it back to normal. Though my house started to look like a Transformer.

But well, finally I settled on a shape that was easy to live in, but I’ll try various things from now on.



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