Chapter 32: Man Who Uses Magic Power, Witch Princess, and Dragon


After the first stage of my home remodeling was completed I began practicing my wood golem making.

「For the time being……Wood Golem x20」

To begin with I started by changing 20 of the trees into golems.
However, they weren’t the featureless and plain puppets like before, they were golems with a more particular shape.

Compared to before they were much closer to being human shaped, they had faces but,

「Yep, as I thought I still have some ways to go. Molding faces really is difficult.」

Instead of being completely smooth they had the general shape of faces traced on them, so in comparison you could say that I’ve improved.

However, there is still room for improvement. That’s why I’ll start to practice.

「Imagine imagine….」

Inside my memory a grim visage and tough body pop into my head as I adjust.

Like working clay, I slowly imagine it and the golem’s face changes bit by bit. I continue to mold it little by little.

……at first it took a really long time, but once I got used to it there wasn’t a problem.

If I have free time, then I can do stuff like this and get better and faster at it. It really is best if I get accustomed to this type of work….as I was thinking the 20 golems were molded into tough and vigorous looking shapes then,

「Hi-Higyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! What’s up with these manly-men golems!?」

It looks like I have some visitors.

「An annoyance who starts making a ruckus while people are trying to quietly concentrate has come…」

That Magic (witch) Princess is still as noisy as always.
As I thought that I headed in the direction of that voice.
At the edge of the apple orchard.
The witch princess was sitting on the ground near Hesty’s cabin.

When she looked in my direction she tried to force her wobbling legs to stand and come greet me.

「H-hey Daichi-dono. It’s been a while so I came to see you.」
「Ok, that’s fine but……it’s really has been a while since you did…」

There’s clearly a wet spot on the ground.

「I-I’m sorry. When I saw that group of terrifying golems I got really surprised(scared).」
「Are they really that scary?」

Certainly, I did make the golems muscular looking with grim faces.

「How should I put it? With this many angry faces lined up it gives off a really intimidating aura….」

Oh I see. With 20 of them standing there, they’re certainly kind of scary.
But did this really happen just because of them…

「It can’t be helped. Wood Golems. —Return—」

I can’t handle anymore leaks so I used my magic key.

With a single word I can turn them back into apple trees. It makes things easy to clean up and I can reuse materials. Therefore, I find it extremely convenient.

「There, it shouldn’t be scary anymore.」

Therefore, please hurry up and stand so you can tell me what business you have. I was about to say but…

「——th-that’s the magic key technique!?」

Dianeia was acting surprised for some reason. Actually,

「You know this too Dianeia? The magic key?」

It’s seems like this is an unexpectedly standard technique.

「Th-Of Course! It’s a really High Level Magic Technique you know!?」

I was wrong.
Dianeia excitedly explained to me.

「N-normally a mage will chant at least a line or even a passage. If not, then their magic won’t activate. Even for a great mage such as myself, it’s already great if we can use 1 or 2 magic keywords…….!!」

Was it really such an advanced skill?
On the other hand, I think that Hesty uses it pretty regularly too…
That young lady dragon might just be an amazing mage…

「B-before I realized it I was overtaken in magic skills……I’ve only been able to make one so far……I guess I’m still too unskilled……」

And after explaining, Dianeia went and got depressed on her own accord.
She came here on her own accord, leaked on her own accord, got excited on her own accord, then got depressed on her own accord…what a hectic princess.

「Sorry to interrupt you while you’re being depressed, but could you tell my why you came over now?」
「A-yeah…..this is the Land Deed. I came to deliver it. I wasn’t able to give it to you before.」

Dianeia rose unsteadily and took out a roll of paper from the bag at her hips.

「This is the Land Deed for some land in town. You may use it as you wish.」

When I opened the paper that I was handed there were some character written on it.
But, since I can’t read the language yet, I’ll ask Hesty to read it to me later.

…..well I can’t really think of anything I’d use that land for.

There shouldn’t be any problems with accepting it though. I haven’t heard any talk of taxes.

「By the way….getting back to what we were talking about Daichi-dono. How did you learn to use the magic key….? Did you develop it yourself?」
「Nope, I was taught by a young lady who passed by.」

When I said that, Dianeia gazed at me in shock.

「I-If there was such a young lady around I’d really have liked to meet her. There’s no one in the capital that can train me….」

What is this witch princess talking about?

「You’ve already met her Dianeia. The one who came with me the other day.」
「Came with you….wait, you mean the Dragon King that’s living with you?!」

Dianeia raised her voice in shock. Because of how loud it was,

「n……is someone, here?」

Hesty came out of her cabin.
It seems like she was taking a nap since she’s rubbing her eyes, but this is good.
I wanted to check this certificate.

「Come here for a moment.」
「n…..what’s going on?」

Hesty toddled on over. She’s really adorable but,


Dianeia backed off with incredible speed. Are you really that scared?
She’s just a young lady right now.

「Well whatever. Hesty, could you read a little something for me?」
「Read what?」

After I gave her the paper she sat down next to me and began to read.
I was about to ask her what was written on that paper but,

「Eh, it was….Hesty…right?」

Dianeia was back from running away.
Then she started to peek at Hesty’s face.

She was still terrified a little while ago, I wonder what caused this turn of events.
I was thinking when,

「You can’t be……The Black Clothed Super Class Mage Hesty Radona right?」

Dianeia asked in a shaking voice.





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