Chapter 33.5: —Side Dianeia— The People Who Begin to Move, and The Place That Doesn’t Move


Evening. Dianeia is once again sitting at her official duty desk.

The aftermath of the Dragons’ invasion and the panic it caused.
Explaining things to the citizens.
The arrangement of information and rumors garnered from the party the other day.
The trade records for the Wolf People.

There’s a pile of things to do.
But, even so, it’s better than before when she had to pull all-nighters before.

It might be because he is there.


He is the person that she can face as just a witch, distant from all this work.
As she thinks of when she can go meet him again, Dianeia cleans up the top of her desk. Then *knock*knock* there was a knock at the door.

「Princess. I’m here for the evening report.」
「Oh, is it (Okuto) Oct? Come in.」
「Please excuse me.」

And just like usual, the Knight Captain Oct gave his regular report.

The town’s condition, the movements around the town from the scout troop, and various pieces of information.

「Fumu fumu, the town seems to have calmed down somehow.」
「Yeah, it’s thanks to Daichi-sama. But still, is it alright? To give that land to Daichi?」
「Hm? Do you think that was a mistake in judgement?」
「No. I was not saying as such.」

“It’s just” , the Knight Captain flipped through the nearby paperwork.

「That is the Royal Family’s private land, and various business will want to buy it frantically. Additionally special magic stone dwells beneath the soil over there, I was wondering if there were any other use for it….」

Certainly the land he was given was the best land near the Castle.
There is a large amount of foot traffic through it and if you opened a store there, you would have no end to the customers. Furthermore, underneath the ground there is a special magical stone sleeping. Therefore—-there may be other uses for it…but

「It’s fine. Only a land with that much power is fitting for him. Even if we were to put something else there we wouldn’t be able to control it and it’d only be a reckless decision. For him the power sleeping there is simply unnecessary. It won’t influence him in the slightest.」
「Well….I suppose you’re right. If it’s Daichi-sama, then even if he uses that land there should be no cause for alarm.」

Although a place with power sleeping within it sounds tempting, in actuality, the ones who could master such places were few and far between.

For that reason, it is only possible to pass that land to a suitably strong person.

「However, how will you deal with the dissatisfaction of those rough companies from the Fort City?」
「I’ll accept all of their dissatisfaction. That place is under my purview. They have no right to interfere.」

It’s possible that no one will actually take action. Even if they do, I’ll take care of it here. I can’t allow him to get caught up in something troublesome.

「—–in the first place they have their own problems. They might not even have the opportunity to complain.」
「Yeah, that city is the one that gets attacked the most….」

The Royal Capital Prussia has problems with dragons, Wolf People, and Battle Rabbits, but they are much better off than the Fort City.

The Fort City has comparatively high fighting potential, but they also have many assailants in comparison.

「Well, recently a capable man seems to have taken command and set things straight….oh yeah, what happened to the help we requested from the Fort City? Did we return them properly?」

For the Dragon King’s attack, a 100 man unit had been summoned to the capital.

「It was during an emergency, but I heard that there were adventurers mixed in with the regular soldiers…」
「Yes. Therefore…..there were some who insisted on going out treasure hunting and left. Other than that, the rest of them were properly returned to the Fort City.」

In that city there are quite a large number of ruffians.
It was expected to some degree, but it really did turn out like this didn’t it?

「By the way, did you remember to give the strict order ‘Do not enter the forest’?」
「Of course! However, there were some who will insist that they take responsibility for their own lives and go anyways.」

Aahh, that wasn’t unexpected either. That’s why I didn’t want to call people from that city. Since we already called them, we’ll allow it this time.

「It’s not good. Well, Daichi-dono seems to be the type who uses his own discretion.」
「Yes, even when we shook hands I felt that sensation. He seemed to be careful so as to not break anything.」
「Yeah, that’s why I don’t think he’ll kill them on sight……but, if they cause trouble for him…it might be a different story.」

I don’t know what will happen, but there’s a good chance that he’ll be troubled.
Later, I should prepare some things as an apology.

…..yep. Once again, it’s great that I’ve come up with an excuse to go over there……

「…..and one more thing I need to report. It seems that a delegation is coming from the Fort City.」
「What? What delegation?」

「It seems that they wish to hear of how the Dragon King that was attacking Prussia was repelled…..I do not know their true intentions. They may have perceived the large magical wave from that time.」
「They seem like they’re coming to aim for Daichi-dono. For that Earth-Vein.」
「That is definitely a possibility.」

「If that’s the case…….then I’ll stop them even if I must do so by force.」

In addition to the ruffians from the Fort City, we also have an unknown emissary huh? Problems keep coming one after another. They’ve begun moving.

「We also have to put in some more effort. From now on I’ll be asking you to lend me your strength Oct.」



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