Chapter 33: Super-Class and Mythical-Class


Hesty slowly responded to Dianeia’s voice.

「n…..? What a nostalgic name, for you, to know. Who, are you?」
「A-as I thought, though the hair and clothing are the wrong color, is this really happening!? I-it can’t be that you are living together with Daichi-dono…….!!」

Somehow, it seems like Dianeia knows Hesty.


On the other hand it seems like Hesty has no idea who Dianeia is. She tilts her head curiously to one side with a blank expression. I wonder what’s going on.

「How should I put this…..calm yourself Dianeia. If you talk so loudly we can’t follow what you’re trying to say.」
「Ah…oh alright. I apologize. I became overexcited when meeting a legendary mage. It seems that I have spoken rudely without introducing myself.」

Dianeia took a deep breath and calmed herself.

「Anyways, what do you mean by Hesty being legendary?」
「Well, a few decades ago, a black clothed mage wandered into the Prussian Magic Guild. Just like that, only a few days later she became a Super Ranked magician, and then once again wandered away and disappeared. That’s the legend.」

「and that’s Hesty?」
「Ah, she was introduced as Hesteey Radona.」

Huh? This name is weirdly different though….

「Hesty is this true?」
「Hesty your name is Hesty Raydona right?」
「n, the one I used before was a false name to disguise myself.」
「……..I can’t really say it’s much of a false name….all you did was change the long ‘A’ sound to a long ‘E’ sound」

Actually, I’ve been thinking this for a while….but isn’t her method of disguise way too sloppy? All she did was change her white clothing and hair, black.

「n, well, it didn’t really, matter even if, I was found out. I, had several of the other guys, dyed without being registered, and I sent them out.」
「Oh is that so? You had some companions?」

There are plenty of dragons in the valley, so there should be enough that would help out the Dragon King.

「But still, you really went travelling for a few decades with that appearance Hesty?」
「n……I’m, quite a bit, older.」

It was strange to hear a young looking girl say something like that.

「She’s really an amazing person. I’ve read several documents and talked to people, and though there are some records left of her appearance and magic, I wouldn’t believe that her appearance would still be the same…」
「If it’s over a few decades, a dragon will not, change appearance…….but, I’m just small beans. This guy, over here is the amazing one.」

Hesty said as she brought the focus back onto me.

「Ah…..yeah…….that’s certainly so.」

Dianeia agreed with a serious expression.

「I’m glad, that we can agree, on at least one point.」

Looking over Hesty nods.

Oioi, the two of them seem to be hitting it off.
Somehow I get the feeling that I’m being alienated…



「You know, I, am Super Class. But if you went, to the Magic Guild, they wouldn’t be able, to give you a rank.」
「Eh? Really?」

When Dianeia heard that, she silently nodded.

「Daichi-dono is so far above the norm, that you reach and maybe even surpass the Mythological Rank easily. That said, there is no rank beyond that. That’s why you would be unable to get a rank.」
「…….n, if it’s you, then within a few days, you would already achieve, Myth Rank.」

Is being that easy really ok, Magic Association!?

「Well, normally it wouldn’t be that easy…….but Daichi-dono is an abnormality. Surpassing Radona-dono is not something normally achievable.」
「n, because I am, the best at magic, among the Dragon Kings. But you, surpass even me.」

The two of them nod once again.
Why are these girls bonding using me as the material?

Dianeia was even scared of Hesty until just a little while ago, and now there’s not a sign of that fear anywhere.

「Well, after talking several times to such an incredibly strong man like Daichi-dono, I’ve started to become accustomed to fear rather quickly.」

Just speaking to me makes her afraid?
Be that as it may, it somehow seems quite impolite.

As I was thinking so, Dianeia slowly got up from the ground.

「Fuu……this was time well spent. However, though I am reluctant to part, I think that I should return for today.」
「Oh, is that so?」
「…..but once again, allow me to thank you, Daichi-dono. I’m glad that I met both you and Radona-dono. It allowed me to feel like I can work harder to become as strong like you two are. That’s why….please let me come visit again.」

With that refreshing goodbye, Dianeia left.
「Feels like, she just got excited all by, herself and left…」
「I think it’s better than her returning while still depressed.」
「But, on the ground, there is still, a strange, stain.」
「……..for now, let’s have the golem take the soil that has been ‘marked’ and bring it outside the garden.」

While we’re at it, we might as well change some of the soil in the garden.
Hesty and I decided to bring in some soil from outside of the garden.

「Oh yeah, Hesty. You seem pretty famous.」

To think that this little lady was a legendary mage, that was the biggest surprise of the day.

「n. But, my fame, and such, are really inconsequential. Most likely, right now, you are much, more famous than me.」
「At the very least, you are a hot topic, among dragons.」

Should I be pleased about this? I don’t really know.

「It’s nothing, bad. The dragons in that valley, are almost the same, as being your subordinates. It’s not bad to, be popular.」
「I don’t remember making them my subordinates though…」

Well, the dragons have stopped attacking, so I can consider this as being alright.

As I was lost in thought, Hesty rolled up the paper and handed it to me.

「I, have finished reading this. You, have been given, land in the First district, in Prussia. It’s pretty large.」
「The First District? I don’t really know where the district is or what it looks like though…」
「When I, went to the town before, the First District, should be the one closest to the Castle.」

Fumu fumu. If it is that close to the Castle, then it shouldn’t be a bad piece of land. It should be a first class plot of land.

Anyways, until I decide what to use it for, I’ll leave it as is.

「Alright then, I’m finished putting soil in the garden, so I might as well practice my golem sculpting till dinner.」
「ah, I, want to watch, you make the golems.」
「Ohh, if I’ve got spectators, then I should put some effort in.」

And so, Hesty watched as I did my best making golems until dinner.



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