Chapter 34: The incident before a trivial matter


Early morning at the haunted forest.

Under the cover of the rising sun, there were several figures advancing into the forest. All of them had well-built bodies and there was approximately 10 adventurers of this calibre.

「Hyahahah…….!! As expected, going on an adventure to foreign territory is best done in the early mornings……!!」

A man with a shaved head was carrying a large sword on his shoulders and he was leading the vanguard as the rest of them quickly followed.

「Oh yeah…….. Leader! if it’s during this time of the day, the forest would not have any werewolves or combat rabbits roaming the area!」

「Ahh, because I obtained the information from an adventure guild, I also know about that. If I am not mistaken, it should be around here……There is it!」

And it was at this moment that they arrived at a huge tower-shaped building.

「Hyahaha. Is this the place that we were supposed to go to?」

「That’s right. These are the correct coordinates without a doubt」

While holding the map in his hand, one of the adventurers approached the tower. At this moment.


He held his throat and fell into the ground. It was like he was unable to breathe suddenly.

「Leader, what’s happening!?」

「Hyahah. ………A-are you telling me this is magical intoxication!? I’ve never heard that this was a dangerous place!」

The bald headed man, shouldered the unconscious adventurer as he looked about his surroundings.

And he spotted a small hut.

「Are we going to hide in there, leader?」

「That’s what I want to do but, look. Someone is coming out……..!」

The door to the hut opened and the person who came out was….

「You guys, who are you?」

Was a little girl with white hair. Her appearance was like any common little girl, however…

「W-what’s with the magical power that is on her body?!」

The experienced adventurer was able to sense something amiss from the abnormality of magical power that was surging from the little girl.

「The fact that you guys have weapons, does this mean you are intruders? …..In that case, should I act like a gate keeper? Will that be good, I wonder?」

And then, the little girl, pointed her index finger towards them.



「For the time being, here is a warning」

「W-what did you say?」

「This is private property. Coming in here with a weapon like that, is not allowed. ――Be blown away!」


In the instant that the little girl pointed her finger, the adventurer was literally blown off.

「Hya, Hyaha……..This girl, is she using a magic key? She’s a high level wizard! Boys! stay on guard!」

「Roger that!」

After seeing one of them being defeated right in front of them, these bald headed people wielded their swords and took up arms.

「Nn, you guys are adventurers that can make me become cautious. Although I won’t be defeated, this kind of fight, I’m still not used to it. ……Is it better if I burn them?」

After tilting her head, the little girl begins to ponder. However, she doesn’t relax her guard towards the adventurers. Paying attention to their every move, she focuses her gaze on them. However, there was a sudden unexpected movement.


「……….What, is that?」

The apple tree next to the little girl suddenly transformed into a muscular golem.

「Ah, you are an independent type golem aren’t you? Then I will leave it to you」

And then the golem lumbered and parted from the little girl’s side. It silently approached the group of adventurers.

「Wh-what the, what is this tough looking golem……..?!」

「Hyaha, Don’t worry! Although it might be a golem, it’s only made of wood. Knock it down!」

The bald headed man holds his large sword in the air and slashes the golem. It was a full swing that utilized the full weight of the sword. However,  Gin! the blade was repelled by the tree.

「M-my blade won’t cut through it?!」

And just like that, the big arm of the golem swung at the man and sent him flying off his feet. Such a one sided display of the bald headed man being trashed caused the other adventurers to shrink away as they lost their cool.

「Hi, Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!」

「H-Help me, Save meeeeeeeeeeeee!!」

Though they wanted to run away, it was too late.

The golem raises it’s arm one after another and strikes the remaining adventurers.


「……Nn, well, it should be fine as long as they aren’t dead, right?」

Hesty was calmly observing the situation that occurred.

Late morning. When I got up, for some reason the garden was really noisy.

「Master, good morning!」


For the time being, I was going to splash my absentminded head with water to clear my mind.

「Here you go Master. Towel」

「Ou, Thank-you, Sakura. ………Although, did something happen?」

It seemed like something rough was happening in my garden.

「Yes. There were some intruders that arrived. ――All of them have been neutralized, but what shall we do with them?」

「Ahh, the automatic defense system took care of it? That’s good」

However, it seems that they were aiming for the magical power again?

「They seemed to be well equipped, they were a rowdy bunch but I don’t know what their aim was. There was quite a large amount of them. Ah, I was just about to warm up the rice, so please wait a little longer」

Ohh, I am thankful.

She’s totally prepared as per usual.

「Oh yeah, it seems like breakfast is always ready the moment I wake up, do you make it at midnight or something?」

「Yes well… Because it isn’t possible for me to sleep, I always have so much fun making breakfast for Master while imagining him eating my meals」

「I can always work the cooking stove, so even if you don’t go to that extent, it’s alright you know?」

Because of the amount of magical power Sakura has, it is now possible to use a high-powered electrical equipment, like a rice cooker. Therefore, it is even possible to warm up a cold meal using the cooking stove.

「No no, this is one of my guilty pleasures」

「Is that so? If that’s really how you feel, then it’s fine I guess」

After wiping my wet face with the towel, I felt refreshed.

In this clear state, I payed more attention to the outside.

「――Uuu, Uwaaaahhh!! Wh-what the heck is this forest? I can’t get away from it………!?」

I heard a new voice shouting in the distance.

「Ohh, was there some left over intruders lying around?」

「Is it a one of the rear guard? Or is it one of the people who ran away in order to transfer information?」

「I see. Shall we go after him, and make him tell us?」


I synchronize with Sakura and create a new golem.

「Wood Golem x 20!」

In an instant, around 20 bodies were created. Rising up from the ground and surrounding the adventurer entirely cutting off his path. When this occurred…


「Ah, I think he just fainted」

Seeing such a terrifying scene it seemed that he just swooned on the spot. If I used a trap, the force would be too deadly so I thought I’d use my wood golems to knock him out and capture him…  But it turns out the result is the same.

「Well, it turned out quite well I suppose. I think that he should wake up while I eat my breakfast, right?」

「Yes. Then I will prepare the breakfast now. I’ve already cooked the rice」

「Ou, now then, I guess it’s time to eat」

Feeling pretty good, my drowsiness was completely gone. After eating my fill and hearing what the adventurer has to say, I think I will go for a nice walk. While thinking of such things, I stuff my face with the burning hot rice. Yeah, after finishing up your chores, eating breakfast becomes even more delicious!



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