Chapter 35: Flood of Customers


After finishing my breakfast, I stood in front of a skinhead guy.
Though he seemed terrified while being encircled by the golems, the moment I exited the house he got down on his hands and knees in the dogeza position and said,

「I…I apologize from the very bottom of my heart…..」

As soon as we met I was given an apology with all his heart and soul.
He was also violently shaking with fear.
Are the golems that terrifying?

Anyways, I need to talk to him regardless. I came closer.

「Hey, I’d like to speak to you for a bit.」

But the moment I tried to look him in the eyes, a waterfall of sweat fell from his face and his eyes rolled up so only the whites of his eyes were visible.

「Oi! Don’t sleep. Do you really not want to talk that much?」
「Ah…Yes! I-I’m sorry!」

I smacked his cheeks a bit and he seems to have woken up.
What? Are you really that tired?

「N-no, it’s because I don’t have a strong enough magic resistance… makes me unable to breathe.」

Is that so? That’s troublesome.
Even though I only wanted to talk.

「U-uummmm…….then who’s the strongest out of everyone here?」
「Hyahha……It’s me.」

I looked and it was the large skinhead man who raised his hand.
I thought he was the one with the sternest face, but he’s the leader huh?

I squatted down in front of the large skinheaded man.
The big guy trembled but he didn’t lose consciousness. Is this the difference in strength?

Well, as long as I can talk to him, it doesn’t make much difference to me.

「Well then, first why don’t you start off by telling me who you are?」

After making such a big fuss early in the morning, these intruders seem to be pretty exhausted.
My Q&A session proceeded unexpectedly easily.

「I see. You guys are a group of adventurers from the fort city. You received a request from the Royal Capital Prussia, and came here on campaign right?」
「Hyahha. Th-that’s correct.」
「Fumu fumu. Well then, why didn’t you just return to the Fort City, why did you guys come out here?」

After he heard that, the big guy struggled for a few seconds before quietly opening his mouth.

「T-there is a certain headquarters that gives out requests to adventurers in the Fort City. We heard from a sexy nee-chan there that there was a treasure here, so go and have a look, or so it was.」

「Huh…..a treasure? Did you find it?」
「N-no. There were some magic stones, we didn’t find any treasure.」

I see. That’s right. Even I walked around this area and I didn’t find any treasure-like things.

「I-I didn’t think that there would be such a strong magic user living on this magic spot……Please forgive us.」

I see. It seems like they had no idea that I was living here.

「Is that really the only reason you came here?」
「Y-yes! That’s all!!」

It seems unlikely for them to have any reason to lie to me.
In other words, they weren’t aiming for me or my home?

I understand that. However,

「I’m really really impressed that you stepped foot in my garden without permission!」
「——-Hya, hyahha——! I-I understand! I have shaved my head in reflection of this!」

No…your head was already shaved.

「I-if that’s not enough then ——Y-you guys too!」
「O-ossu! We’ll shave it!!」

According to the skinhead’s order, the other guys took out knives and swords and started trying to shave their heads.

「Well, shaving yourselves bald doesn’t matter to me…actually don’t do it. Don’t leave garbage in my garden!」

In fact, it’s a bother to me. In fact, if you’re reflecting on your actions to that extent, let’s just let it go.

「There wasn’t any harm done. Just clean up the broken armor and stuff then leave.」
「R-really….? Y-you’re going to let us go? Isn’t it usual to shave people’s heads as an example punishment….?」

What kind of distasteful barbarians do that?
Well if my house was damaged then I’d at least give them a solid punch.

「You won’t be aiming for my house right? Also, as long as you report to your headquarters that there is no treasure here, then you may leave.」
「Hya hyahha!! Th-thank you very much for your benevolence!!」

And so the adventurers cleaned up the trash from my garden and ran away.
Though I heard the story from the adventurers, it brought up some more questions.

「Sexy Nee-chan huh…?」

Since you said Nee-chan then it should be a woman.
However, is there someone sexy among the people I’m acquainted with?

Sakura and Hesty are cute, however they are not really sexy. Dianeia is beautiful, but not especially sexy.

「So a complete stranger said that there was treasure in my house and placed a request? I can’t fathom what their objective is…..」

Hmmm, well it doesn’t really matter right now does it?

There’s a chance that they were given false information and made to dance to someone else’s tune.

From how they talked and acted, they seemed to be a party that moved without much thought. Truthfully, even if I seriously thought about this right now, it wouldn’t really show any results. I didn’t even really know that there was a place called the Fort City.

「Well, I should probably ask Hesty about that.」

With that thought, I headed over to Hesty’s cabin.
I saw that she was already standing outside and staring at the sky.

「Ou, Hesty. I’ve got a little something to ask, are you free?」
「n, it’s fine.」

When I called out to her Hesty nodded deeply.
But after that, she pointed towards the sky.
「But,……before that. We have, a guest, apparently.」

I looked at where Hesty was pointing and I saw a dragon with rainbow scales circling above. Then,

『Our Old Princess, and our King. I would like permission to land. Would that be alright?』

It said in a hoarse voice, before flying towards me.



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