Chapter 36: Dragon Style


The rainbow colored dragon came down from the sky.
However, it wasn’t a nose dive attack. Instead the dragon landed softly in the garden and turned its head towards me.

『I humbly thank you for permitting me to land』
『It’s not that big a deal, but do you need Hesty for something?』
『No…….oh wait, if I were to keep speaking to you in this matter it would be quite rude. I will now change into human form.』

He said, and so the rainbow dragon was covered in smoke. Then, when he reappeared he had become an elderly man wearing a butler outfit. However, his shoulders and back were thick and muscular and he had a face that gave a feeling of fearlessness. He appeared to be an extremely youthful…..elderly person.

「Fuu, alright then, now we can speak the human language. Am I speaking properly?」
「Yep, you’re speaking just fine now.」

When he heard that, the old man gave a sigh of relief.

「Thank goodness. My 《Human Transformation Law》 is quite rusty and I’m not too proficient.」

Human form magic huh? There’s something like that out there?

「…….hey, Hesty. Are all dragons able to turn into human form?」
「After, we live for around, 100 years, those who are smart enough, and train enough to use magic, who can do so. There are also, those who, cannot.」

I see. Well then, it should be fine if I think of it as pretty rare.

「n. after living for too, long, intelligence degenerates. There is, a time, when they revert to becoming, simple animals. So it, is pretty rare.」

Do dragons go senile as well?

「If they are a big danger, to the surroundings, we deal with them. So, there’s no problem.」
「At times, they survive and go into the forest to live isolated. But it’s rare. Because the dragons who have become animalized usually die a dog’s death.」

The elder dragon gave an additional explanation, but honestly…how bloodthirsty is dragon society?
Even so, this is pretty interesting.

「Anyways, what have you come for? Do you have something you need to talk to Hesty about?」
「No, today I was thinking of having a meeting with the new king. Because of my relatively small stature I am here as the representative. My best regards.」

As the elder dragon says that, he bows deeply.

「Oh, well thank you. Thank you for your courtesy.」
「Also, the others are waiting over there.」

He said and pointed towards the sky.
There, across the sky, there were a number of dragons floating across the horizon.

「Woah, that’s a lot!」
「They came to show themselves and see you. If needed I can call them, should I do so?」
「No, that’s fine. That would go over the garden’s space limit.」

There are dozens of them and some of them are really large. They are all making a big ruckus.

『The boss…..even though he’s a human, he was talking our language da-ze!?』
『It takes a tens of years to learn all the words in our language you know?』
『Amazing. He even did that for us. He ain’t half-assed……』

They are all whispering.
Even so, they are really quite annoying….


The elder dragon glared at them once, and they fell silent.

In the first place I didn’t learn this dragon language for them.
I just learned it by chance.
But, there’s really no reason to correct this, so I might as well leave it be.

At any rate, there is definitely not enough space for them to land.

「I understand. Well then we will stop at this greeting. —We the Flying Dragons put ourselves under your command.—」

He said and once again bowed deeply.
The dragons in the sky all bowed their heads as well.
It’s all well and good that they’re greeting me but,

「I got it. For now, don’t go near the town so much ok? You’ll give them a surprise again.」
「By your will.」

The elder dragon raised his head and waved his hand towards the dragons in the sky.
With just that, the dragons all started to return to the valley.

「I humbly thank you for acknowledging us, Our New King. If any appear who would harm you or have harmed you, by all means you must call upon us dragons. —We would like to be useful to you and eliminate any who would harm you.—」

The elder dragon calmly said this. With sharp eyes that did not match his elderly appearance, he said this. It made him seem quite serious.

「Ok……if there comes such a time?」

Including this kind of good will, I will accept what I am given.
Although I don’t think there will be an opportunity to use them.

「Alright………. I am glad that you are such a strong and kind man.」
「Huh? Kind?」
「……….you did not kill our Queen, Hesty-sama. Even if it is only for that, we respect it, and it is a reason for us to swear our allegiance to you.」

Somehow it seems like Hesty is quite adored by the dragons.
Even though she herself said that she was unnecessary, she seems to be trusted.

And so the elder dragon looked at Hesty.

「You, no longer need to call me, -sama.」
「No, it has not changed the fact that you were our Queen who protected us.」

Hesty scratched at her cheek when she heard what the elder dragon said.
Could she possibly be embarrassed?
It seems like there are some good guys among these dragons.



「Well, I’m glad that, this all worked out. So, genryuu, is that all?」
「Ah, no. One last thing. There is one more thing that I must report to you.」
「n? What?」
「It seems like, the Black Dragon King is beginning to move in this vicinity. I have felt the Dragon King’s unique magic a bit.」

After hearing about the Black Dragon King, Hesty twitched in reaction.

「That girl is? Moving? I see……….」
「Is it an acquaintance?」
「Un. A little. It’s the one, I know best among the other, dragon kings.」

Oh yeah, she did mention there were like six of them around didn’t she?

「Is it someone dangerous?」
「Basically, harmless.」
「I see. Then whatever…」

Even Hesty didn’t attack me without a reason.
If there’s nothing wrong, then it doesn’t really matter even if the dragon king is nearby.

「And so, when you meet with her, please give my best regards.」
「n…..I understand.」
「Well then, that is all!」

The elder dragon said and left.

After the meeting with the dragons, Hesty and I took a break in a sunny patch in the garden.

「……somehow, it seems like we’ve had a lot of guests today, we talked a lot…I’m tired.」
「un, I am a little, tired as well.」

「*yawn*……..should I take a little nap?」
「n, I will, as well.」

And so we both slept until Sakura called us for dinner.



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