Chapter 37: Garden Defense Line, Construction


Right now I am leaning my elbow on the table worrying.

「Master? Is there something wrong?」

While serving me some tea Sakura spoke up.

「Well, I was just thinking if there was a better way to capture intruders or drive them away.」

As I drank my tea I reset my disordered mind.
After that, I begin thinking once more.

Right now, any intruders who enter the garden are intercepted by the golems.
Then, Hesty goes to the location and she deals with it. But…

「I was thinking if there was a more economical way to do this…」

I could use a huge number of wood golems and crush them with numerical superiority but that would use a lot of materials. I was wondering if there would be a better option to deal with large numbers of intruders.
That’s what I’ve been thinking of all this time.

「But the golems move slowly…」
「Compared to when Master uses his wood armor, the wood golems are weaker by quite a few levels. But, even so when Master controlled them directly they were fast enough to capture the Wolf People.」

Sakura is praising me, but the garden is quite large.
This kind of speed is insufficient.

When I have fewer golems it’s not possible to cover the entire area.
Though we have some traps, if they don’t step on them they won’t activate.

「So, if I was able to do something that can bring in a big haul then that would be great.」

As I thought, I lay down on the floor and gazed at the ceiling. And suddenly, something came to mind.

「——-oh yeah. Can I utilize something like anti-aircraft missiles?」
「Yeah, I didn’t think of doing a long range attack from the ground. I think this is a good idea.」

Let’s start out by testing if a wooden bullet can be shot out from the golems.

「I’d like to give this a try, so Sakura let’s synch.」
「Alright, I understand. Is a lap pillow alright?」
「Yep, thanks.」

Sakura placed her lap beneath my head.
It’s soft and feels great.

While I enjoy this sensation I begin to synch with Sakura.

「Umm…..for now the apple trees on the outskirts should do…」

I chose some suitable trees and changed them into golems.

—the wood golem deployment and modelling has become really easy.

Just by sticking to Sakura I can make a golem wherever there is a tree I can even remodel them.

And so I take the firing units for the traps and transplant them onto the wood golem’s arms.
And what it uses is wood shaved into a round bullet shape.

This can be fired out of their palms.
There are only a few bullets in them, but I will try to increase them in the future.

「When I put this equipment in there…it makes them look awkward but…for now let’s just leave it alone….」

For now, let’s do a test firing.

Point it at the ground and fire.

「Tree Bullet……..Fire」

The tree bullet fired by spring action created a deep hole in the ground.

「Oh, it’s got plenty of power.」
「Yes! It has considerable impact! Amazing Master!」

Since I am synchronized with the land as well I can observe exactly how powerful it actually is.
If I guess from the impact, it carries about as much power as the wood golem’s punch.

With even this much power, intruders can be driven away easily.

「——ah, there is a monster approaching from the North.」
「Oh, great timing.」

Even if I am indoors I can find the monster and test it out easily.

It’s fine when I go out and test things myself, but I sincerely think that this lazy mode is better.

「Fumu fumu, the monster is a magic stone golem huh?」

I would have tried it out on a dragon scale and blown it up…but it seems that it is a very hard material. This guy is more suitable for an experiment. Let’s shoot it.

「Ready, Aim—-Fire!」

(One moment)

With a loud sound the tree bullet pierced through the magic stone golem.
That’s not all, it even pierced through the trees behind it.

And the magic stone golem was also blown away by the shock of being pierced.


This was not what I expected…why did this happen?

……..oh, wait…

Compared to the golem’s fist, the area is much smaller so the penetration power increased. Come to think of it, the hardness of the trees in my garden is also unusual.

Well, anyways I now have proof that it is effective so,

「It really was more than powerful enough………」
「That is so…..」

For now let’s not use it against people….it’ll become a grotesque horror scene.
So that I don’t cause a tragedy in my garden, I should probably adjust the power output.

If I improve the bullet, the penetration power should decrease…probably.

「…..Just to make sure, should I go outside and carefully test it myself?」
「Well then, if we’re going out why don’t we bring a lunchbox to eat?」
「That’s good. Then I’ll leave it to you.」

And just like that I went out on a picnic while strengthening the defensive line of my garden.
And so the results of a lot of experiments.

When firing an apple seed, the power is reduced so it is usable on people.

If you fire it and make it bud immediately it becomes like a rope that will capture the other party.
It doesn’t create any trash, so it’s quite economical.

Let’s use this from now on.



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