Side Chapter 38.5: People of the Fort City— Honor and Vigilance


Evening. Office of the Royal Capital. There, Dianeia was greeting the delegation from the Fort City.

「Nice to meet you. I am the Deputy Director of the Fort City’s Headquarters, Anne Taidra.」

However, if you were to call it a group…the delegation was only a single young woman.
Moreover, since it was a top-class woman in the city, Dianeia received a further blow.

「Uuuummmm, the delegation….is only you?」
「Yes. It’s much easier this way. Please receive my best regards.」

She stepped forward as her long black hair and large breasts shook, and extended her hand.
「Ah…yeah, I welcome you from the fort city. I am Dianeia Medisun. I am able to represent this city. Please treat me well Anne-dono.」

After shaking Dianeia’s hand, Anne smiled and laughed.

「Fufu, as expected of Dianeia-sama, the great magician and second princess. Your handshake is quite soft.」
「O-oh. Your hands are quite firm. It feels reliable.」
「It’s because I’m from the fort city. My body is my trade capital.」

Anne gave a sexy laugh.

………I didn’t expect the top of the for city to be such a beautiful woman.

The other day when the people from the fort city’s headquarters changed I heard a rumor but, this is beyond my expectations.

However, this caused Dianeia to be even more cautious.
This includes her coming to the capital at this specific timing…

「That’s right, Anne-dono, why did you come to the royal capital?」

When Anne heard the question, it almost seemed like the color of her eyes changed.

「Indeed, I heard that the white dragon was defeated or tamed…that kind of rumor was floating around.」
「Oh, there was such a rumor flitting about.」
「When I heard that, I couldn’t possibly leave it be so I came. I came to confirm whether it was true or not.」

Her expression was completely serious.
I was thinking of answering with my Official Stance but…either way my answer is decided.

「That is truly, a groundless rumor.」
「Is that so….what a shame.」

Anne became visibly dejected.

「A shame? Did you really want to fight the dragon king that much?」

The fort city was exposed to the danger of the dragon king as well.
That’s why I thought that she’d want to hear whether it was repelled or not.

「…….No, I wanted to meet and see the white dragon king.」
「The dragon king? That’s quite an unusual hobby.」
「Fufu, I’m often told that. But, that’s right. There’s really no reason it should be here.」

Her face was both disappointed and relieved at the same time.
I wonder what she was thinking.

「Well anyways…that’s right. The capital has repelled the dragons many times, so we can help you with our knowledge.」
「Hmmm, is that so……….」

The other day they had sent us help, so we must return the favor.

This is proper conduct, Dianeia understood that.

Honestly, it doesn’t hurt us at all if they were given information about fighting the dragons but,

「Dianeia-sama I have heard that the dragon was defeated above the magic forest. I’d like to know the area where it happened. It’d save me a lot of effort.」

……….Ahhh, she’s really asked something troublesome.
It’s quite possible that she has more than one goal.
Have they noticed that magical land, I don’t understand how…but how should I respond?

「Umm, is it possible that I asked for something impossible?」

Anne asked while looking troubled.

「No…that’s not it but, I really can’t recommend this. Are you aware that the forest is extremely dangerous?」
「Indeed. I know of what I should beware of. Even though I look like this I am strong so there is no need to worry. My main occupation is selling items, but I can use the arts of the attack system.」

Anne pulled up her sleeve and flexed her arm.
Certainly, when I shook her hand I could feel her strength, she seems quite capable.

But that’s not what worries me.

……I’m thinking that the problem is mostly Daichi-dono.

No matter what this woman’s aims are, if I were to take her to that place there won’t be any choices.
It’s scary to think that if I take her there and she causes trouble, we could incur his wrath, even more than that I just don’t want to trouble him.

In that case the number of options I have is limited.
If this woman wants to enter the magic forest by herself then…

「Alright, I understand. I will guide you through the forest myself. We can talk about measures against dragons on the way.」
「Really!? Thank you very much!」
「However, it is already quite late today, so I will take you tomorrow morning.」
「Alright, Please treat me well!」

Anne smiled happily. This should be fine.

I’ll show her some harmless and inoffensive location, defeat some harmless and inoffensive monsters and teach her how, and this will be the end of the story.

Thus, Dianeia’s plan was decided.
All that is left is to move, to make sure it goes well.
Night, a corner pub in the capital occupied by the skinhead and his men.

「Hyahha! Cheers!! This isn’t enough for me!」
「I’ve brought more booze!」
「Hyahha! Good job! Ahhh, I feel like I’m being brought back to life……..」

The men were shouting and draining their mugs then filling them again.
The skinhead leader was going at a particularly fast pace.

「You’re finishing your alcohol really fast leader.」
「Yeah, after having the tables turned on us by the master of that land, I’ve been remembering the fear these past few days…so it might be a reaction.」
「Hyahha. It’s not from fear. I’ve been trembling in admiration.」

As his beer bubbled and sloshed the leader said that, the rest of the adventurers said “Yes yes” and turned away with smirks.

「Hyahha…..but still I really think that he’s amazing. We already had our weapons out but he didn’t even give us a chance at victory. We can tentatively be called high class adventurers too. —–even so he let us go you know? He’s gotta be real broad-minded ya know?」
「That’s….yeah… that’s for certain…」

Several of the other adventurers agreed.

「We were hostile but he didn’t take anything from us. Completely different from those rotten Sacred Knights.」
「If I were to say…he’s a strong and good natured guy. He’s the strongest guy I’ve met. One who is so strong that I can’t even think of going against him.」
「Hyahha. That’s even without talking about his true power. In fact, if I was told to act for his sake, I probably would ya know?」

The adventurers relished the feeling of that fight as they drank.
And the topic turned to the cause of that fight.

「But seriously, I wonder who that big breast black haired nee-chan was. For the time being we reported and got the reward though…」

That’s where the money for today’s drinking came from.

「I’ve lived as an adventurer in the fort city for a long time but I’ve never seen such a sexy lady. Even so she became the Deputy Director before I realized it.」
「I saw her around the outskirts of town though you know? She was selling sturdy and strangely shaped armor and suspicious looking items.」
「Huh, so she was scouted from there? She might not actually be from the fort city originally.」

The adventurers were confused, but as soon as they got the next round of booze, the confusion was blown away.

「Hyahha! Forget about this complicated stuff! We’ll be staying in the capital for a while. As long as the money lasts we’ll be sightseeing, eating, and drinking!」
「Yeah!! I’ll follow you leader!!」

And so the night wore on.



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