Chapter 38: Stimulating the Economy from Home


Outside the garden.
As I was adjusting the wood golems, Hesty quietly walked towards me.

「Can we talk, for a moment?」
「What’s up?」
「There’s something I’d, like to talk to you about. About, the fort city. Because they came, the other day.」
「Oh yeah, that was the case wasn’t it?」

The skinhead’s image was so strong that the name of his city had become vague.

「I forgot, to tell you about it. So, I’d like to tell, you now.」
「Oh, thank you Hesty-sensei.」

Honestly, I don’t know anything about that place, so this information will be quite helpful.

「n, it’s fine, in place of my, rent.」

Hesty said and pulled out a big map from her bosom.

「Isn’t that the same one that you gave me before? How many do you have?」
「A lot. When I become, a dragon, they break often, so I have a lot of, reserves.」


As she spoke, Hesty pointed out an area to the south of the dark forest.
What she pointed at was a drawing of many houses surrounded by a round wall.

「This is, the Fort City. It is a, city-state, built on a plain. It is, surrounded by the Black Dragon King’s land, the forest and wolf people, and the ogre, goblin, and orc lands. Also, there are quite a few monsters.」

Oioi, isn’t this a little too much?

「Why would they make a town in such a place?」
「Because, there is a dungeon, that produces magic in the center of it. They equip themselves, and explore it, to make money.」
「Quite a violent industry huh?」
「But, it’s efficient. It doesn’t, lose value. And the other races, know that they can gather magic, there too.」

I get it. In other words, this dungeon is a type of magic spot.

「It isn’t as, deep and strong, as this place though. Nevertheless, it is useful, so they made a town. They are surrounded, by many different races, but they have many people, and weapons. So, it is, a city where rough people, who love physical labor, live.」

Ok, I understand now. I’m not suited(fated) for that city.
It feels like a danger zone. I’m not especially fond of physical work.

「n, but since you have this magic spot, that city, doesn’t really matter to you. But if you went there, I think that, you’d be able to make a lot.」
「Is that so? But even if I had more money than I already do, I don’t know what I’d do with it.」

After all, that witch princess keeps passing me money when we meet.

Even the other day, she brought both gratitude and money. Then when I gave her an apple, it seems like she said she’d bring more again.

Because of this, my house is getting filled up with bags of silver.

「Oh yeah, the second floor is starting to overflow with those bags of silver.」
「Oh, is that so.」

I don’t know where the money gets made, but I do know that it’s bad if too much of the economy is sitting inside of my house.
That’s why I tried to give it to the wolf people to use but,

『A-any more than this would be too much! It is too gracious! We cannot accept!』

They said and refused a large amount of it.
I could have forced them to take all of it, but they looked like they would cry…so I didn’t.

「Since you bring me ingredients and tools, I don’t think that it’s too much though…」

The wolf people are, for better or worse, quite honest and obedient.
Thanks to that, if I give them silver coins they usually end up leaving most of it.

「Normally you’d buy, weapons, armor, magic tools, etc……do you, not use those, types of things?」
「I bought them. I just haven’t had a chance to use them.」

Since I have the wood golems I haven’t had to wield any of the weapons or magic tools.
For armor, I have the Wood Armor so I have no problem with that.

Using magic power is so easy, that it becomes too convenient.

「No, that…isn’t that just you?」
「Well anyways, all I can do with it is collect it and store it. Hesty do you need money?」
「For everyday life, I don’t need any. But, I might need some, to buy, materials for wands and staves.」

Ah, is that so?
Making wands costs money, doesn’t it?

「Then just tell me if you want some. I’ll give it to you.」

I said lightly, and Hesty looked at me in surprise.

「Is that, alright? Wands, using good materials, cost quite a bit. My bones, are good materials, but when combined with other things, is very expensive.」
「I have no use for it so just tell me.」

It’s better for me to give it to someone who will use it.

「Ok. Then, I’ll accept, and go buy the stuff………..thank you.」

Hesty said and scratched at her cheek.

「As thanks, I’ll make you, a great staff.」
「Ok. I’ll leave it to you to make me the best staff.」

And just like that, I found an investment plan for my money.



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