Chapter 39: Slightly Big Intruder


Since then my house has grown a little more.

In both height and width, it has slowly grown. It’s at least 30 meters tall.

Well to improve the stability the lower floors were enlarged and it was remodeled to look a little like a castle, I tried various things though.

「Mm, somehow it’s turned out kind of like a castle?」

Presently it looks like a small Japanese style castle.

But it doesn’t have any roof tiles and it doesn’t have a stone wall…so I can’t tell whether it’s cool or not.

「It has become a splendid castle Master!」
「Splendid……yeah…the size is splendid at least.」

The more I make, the more I remodel, the pickier I get! I think…
Well, in the end I still live on the top floor in the 2LDK space, so nothing has really changed.

「Well, anyways I should record this as a Magic key. This will be 《Castle》」

I tied that word to the image in my head and recorded it.
And when I was returning it to the shape of a tower…

「n, the house’s remodeling, seems to be going well. That’s great.」
「Oh, Hesty?….uh what’s up? Why are you wearing such a weird robe?」
「I was thinking, of going to town…..I used up my staff materials.」
「Ahhh…….is it because I broke it too much?」

Actually, as of late I was using the staff when it went *snap snap*.
The other day I was continuously using the magic key, about ten times, and it suddenly snapped.

It only broke a little but it still didn’t work, it didn’t break completely…

「Muuu… tail bones and tail are big so it’s fine. But I’ve run, out of the other materials.」

It felt like she was saying that with her cheeks puffed out with displeasure.
For her workmanship to be so easily broken…it seems like it’s quite mortifying for the craftsman.

「Yeah, sorry.」
「Uh uh. I was, unable to comprehend the performance, properly. Even if it is able to, endure the maximum output…the number of uses was neglected apparently. So, I will strengthen it further. For that purpose, I will go buy materials.」
「I see. I’m thankful but do you have enough money?」

I said and Hesty tapped the inside of her robe.
From inside of it I could hear the sound of metal rustling.

「I’ll use, what I got before. It’ll only take a few minutes, for me to make the trip. Just wait for the wand.」
「Ok, I got it. Well then, I’ll leave it to you.」

She nodded and then toddled away.

「……will it really only take a few minutes at that speed?」
「Hesty-chan may be in human form but she should be able to use at least some of the power of a dragon. She should be able to move very quickly.」

Oh, certainly I do feel like she suddenly started moving at incredible speed. I see. Even in human form that girl is strong.

Because of her appearance and ambience I forgot that she went on a journey around the world by herself.

「Well then I guess there’s no real reason to worry…….ah now that I think of it…I’m hungry.」

I started working in the morning and quite some time has passed.
I practiced my magic so I seem to have worked up an appetite.

「I was thinking that might be the case, so I made a lunchbox.」
「Ohh, you’re a life saver Sakura」
「No no, it’s nothing much.」

Sakura said and pulled a small basket from a bag.
Inside it was rice and a meat and vegetable stir fry.

「Wow, it looks delicious.」
「Thank you. Oh, the onigiri(rice ball) was salted a bit more this time」
「Oh thanks for that too.」

When I’m remodeling the house I get sweaty, so I start to want something salty.

「That’s right, my rice reserves are getting lower aren’t they?」
「That’s right. We have about 2 months’ worth of white rice, and around one month’s worth of brown rice.」

I see, then in the future I’ll have to try my hand at rice farming.
Can I raise it the same as the apple seeds? It might be a nice challenge.

「Well then, I will put on some tea. Master I will be heading back first.」

Sakura said and cheerfully returned to the house. For now, why don’t I eat the lunch in front of me?

「Let’s Ea——–」

As I was grasping the onigiri and about to put it in my mouth…

「UUWWAAAA! D-don’t slow down Anne-dono!!」
「Waa this forest is quite dangerous!」

The witch that I’ve come to know and a woman that I don’t know suddenly jumped out.

Dianeia and the unknown woman were being chased around by a strange black golem.
But still….why did they have to come here to my garden.

I thought as I took a bite of my onigiri.

「I-I’m sorry Daichi-dono. We were attacked by some strange guys.」

I wasn’t too angry when I heard that the first thing out of her mouth was an apology. But,

「Give back my peaceful lunchtime!」

After swallowing the rice I let out a shout. The next moment,


A maelstrom of magic exploded forward as I shouted.
And so the golem and the witch were blown away in one shot.

The golem was shattered into little pieces by the shock, while Dianeia fell on her butt.

……..ahh, somehow I’m getting a sense of déjà vu.
But unlike that time…this time she…
「Kuuu….it’s been a while since I’ve taken one of those…….how strong. I might’ve leaked a little bit………..」

Dianeia stood up.

A big difference from the first time, she seems to have gained some resistance.
But she still committed the same crime both the first time and this time as well.

「Come on. Dragons, mud dolls, and weird things…you keep getting mixed up in weird stuff.」
「I-I’m sorry……it was an unknown monster. We were cornered because we didn’t know how to defeat it.」

Judging by how it looked when I blew it away it looked like it was just a big mud doll.
What are you so scared of?

「….the only one who’d call it a mud doll is you ya know? It was considerably tough.」
「Really. Well, if there were only a few then I could clean them up easily. But when you’re surrounded by ten or more…it’s a little much. We broke through and ended up coming here……」

Why did you have to bring them here?
Just take care of it yourself.

「uuu….I’m sorry…」
「Well, it seems like you’ve cleaned it up so it’s fine.」

Since I used some more magic I got a little hungrier.
For now I’ll eat the rice and take a breather.

And as I was eating, Dianeia looked behind me.

「By the way…Daichi-dono? I have a question…..I feel like your house has changed shape and gotten larger, is it my imagination?」
「It’s not your imagination. Don’t mind it.」
「I-I see」
「Actually, I have a question as well. Who’s that black haired person?」

It’s someone I don’t know. I wonder if she’s Dianeia’s friend?
Before she got hit by my magic maelstrom, but she endured it without being blown away.

「A-oh. This is my guest, Anne-dono. Please introduce yourself.」
「That…….doll was blown away… one hit…..that power is more than I imagined…it feels good….」

The black haired girl’s eyes seemed feverish and delirious.

「Anne-dono? What’s wrong?」
「Eh……ah……..ahhh! I’m sorry. I was overwhelmed and started to space out!」

She had been staring off into space, but she quickly pulled herself together and turned to meet my gaze.
Her face was a little flushed. I wonder if she’s nervous?

「A,ahh, I’ve been rude. I am the Fort City Headquarter’s Deputy Director Anne Taidra.」
「Oh, nice to meet you. A person from the fort city huh?」

It was the town of those skinhead guys. Headquarters means…is she the boss over there or something?

「Well it’s something like that. By the way, is your excellency the Master of this magic filled land?」
「That’s about right. You actually recognize that this land is magical?」
「Indeed, I’ve seen similar terrain in the middle of the city. Though it wasn’t as strong as this place…」

I see. I suppose she would know she understands well.
As I was feeling kind of impressed, Dianeia was looking surprised.

「Huh? What’s wrong Dianeia? You’re making a strange face.」
「No……umm, unexpectedly you’re speaking normally to Anne-dono so I was a little surprised.」

Oh yeah that’s right.
It’s pretty rare that I get to talk to someone who’s not weirdly afraid of me.

Being the top of the Fort City she must be pretty strong.

「Dianeia-sama. I’d like to talk to this person a little more, would that be alright?」
「Uh ummm….I’m fine with it but Daichi-dono is…..」
「I don’t mind.」

I had finished eating.
Since that party from the fort city busted in here it might be a good chance to get additional information.
And above all,

「I’m free right now. Let’s drink some tea and talk slowly.」
「Waa, I’m glad. I would like to talk with you slowly as well.」

And like this a tea party broke out in my garden.



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      • well th princess is in panic but her guest aint tht surprised is she? she seems to be enjoying the chase my guess is that mc will get a 2nd tenant soon a 3rd if the lil princess had her way 🙂

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