Chapter 4: Dragon Hunting


*Guurrr* my belly growls.

「I’m hungry…….」

When you use magic, it seems like you get hungry faster.
It was probably caused by me getting caught up in the moment, and cultivating those apple trees rapidly.

「But, this way the scenery is much nicer」

In front of my house there is a field of apple trees. The scenery is beautiful.
But in exchange I got hungry because of it.

「Shall I make a snack Master?」

Sakura said that but, in this condition, a snack isn’t going to cut it.

「I wanna eat some meat.」

If possible, I’d like to have fresh meat and not the canned stuff—


When I looked at the sky, I remembered some meat that I had seen before.

「Is a dragon edible?」
「Yes, according to what I’ve heard from the trees and nature around us, it is a delicious and high-class food.」

Oh yeah the witch princess did say something like that, that it is high priced and high quality.
Then a dragon should be fine….yep let’s eat a dragon.

I was a little regretful that I’d given it to the witches, well it’ll be fine I just need to get another.
In the first place, that thing was way too big.

「This time, I’d like to find a reasonably sized dragon…..」

I stare at the sky and search.
It seems like the magic power had benefited my body greatly and increased my eyesight.
Therefore, I can compare the sizes of the dragons overhead.

That’s big, that’s medium, that’s super big, as they swarmed in the sky.

「Oh there’s a good catch!」

Among them there was a small one.
It may be small comparatively, but it seems considerably faster than the others, but size-wise it is just right.

「__ __」

For some reason they’re flying pretty low near my house and it’s really annoying so this is perfect. It’s rainbow-colored but it surely won’t be poisonous.

「Ah, I forgot to ask but, Sakura, can you handle dragon meat?」
「Yes, leave it to me Master. While I was gathering information I studied the basics. And with magic, I can do practically anything.」

My home is so reliable. Well then, let’s hurry up and get some prey.

「I want to eat meat!!」

I yell at the sky with great spirit.
Then my voice’s shockwave flies forward and hits.

「– –!?」

The petite dragon suddenly twisted and moved.
It dodged huh.
Well, it was grazed but it still doesn’t fall.

「Fumu, the range of my voice is pretty short. Did the power weaken? It dodged.」

My shout’s range is, according to my experience, most likely around a few dozen meters.
But, the dragon is at least 100 meters from the ground, the power most likely fell as it traveled.

「Then I just need to make it so that it can’t dodge.」

I use magic power and two of the apple trees.

「Pierce the heavens!」

The apple trees that I ordered, grew tall into the heavens, just as I imagined!
And then I made them block the dragon.


Both the way forward and the way back were blocked, and the dragon was confused. It stopped for an instant.
That’s my chance.
This time I took in a deep breath, focused on my purpose, and shouted.


A much faster shockwave shot out towards the dragon and slammed into it.
The rainbow colored dragon fell and landed with a *boom*

「Alright, Hunting complete!」

It’s not moving. It’s seems to be dead.

It seems like if you clearly focus on a purpose the power of your magic will increase.
This hunt was a good harvest in both food and information.

「Yes yes, Meat meat!」

Small though it may be, a dragon is a dragon.
It is around a meter long and it looks like enough to eat.

「This is good prey Master」
「Yep, prepare it well. I’m hungry!」

And just like that I had some dragon steak.
It was delicious.
The blood and remains were buried out in the apple orchard, and the remaining meat was frozen with magic and stored.
Living self-sufficiently isn’t too bad.



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