Chapter 40: More Meetings, More Problems


After placing some seats in the apple orchard, I listened to what they had to say.

「I see. So, the Fort City and the Capital are in a cooperative relationship and Anne is the representative. I understand that much…but why did the both of you come out to the forest?」

Moreover, you drew monsters here. It was the first time I’ve seen a mud doll like that though. I wonder where the heck it came from…

「Ummm, that’s the first time I’ve seen a doll like that. We were attacked immediately after entering the forest, so I don’t really know where they came from.」

What’s up with that? You’re supposed to know more about this forest than me, and you say this is the first time you’ve seen it?

「Yeah. You’ve never met one before either right Daichi-dono? I mean a black soil doll like that.」
「Not even once. Is it something newly created from the forest?」
「No, this magic forest doesn’t have that kind of black terracotta earth. So I can say that they’re probably not being made naturally…..」

Huh, maybe it’s some kind of mutation?
「Anne do you know anything about this?」
「……no, it’s the first time I’ve been to this forest. I left the guidance for this investigation to Dianeia.」
「Guidance for an investigation? Is that so….」

「Uh yeah….we were talking about counter-measures against dragons, the wolf people’s circumstances, and we were coming to investigate some things. However, I wasn’t planning on coming to bother Daichi-dono.」

Well I guess that’d be the case.
You wouldn’t want to bring a big shot from another town to a guy like me. A guy who lives alone in his house in the middle of a forest.

「Ahh…………..well, I’m happy to recognize you, yep. In fact, I’m grateful that I have the chance to do so.」

What’s up with that weird statement?

「N-no please don’t mind it. Anyways, Anne-dono. With this event, were you able to understand why the number of victims from the wolf people around the capital have decreased?」
「Yes. I was surprised. To think that the wolf people would be guiding people and trading normally… I had heard that the number of casualties had sharply dropped, but I had never dreamed that they would be obediently mixing themselves into human society.」

Ohh, it seems like the wolf people are doing pretty well.
Now that I think of it, they seem to have been more mannerly when I’ve seen them.

I wonder if they’re deepening their relationship with humans? In that case, this isn’t bad at all.

「It’s great that the threats to my city have decreased by one. But I’m curious…what changed their attitudes? When we went to the forest previously they stopped us with all their might.」
「W-well, they must have various circumstances. Yeah, don’t dig more than necessary Anne-dono.」
「I guess you’re right. Setting the reason for it aside, being able to talk to them properly, one way or another, is a good thing. We can somehow speak to the goblins and orcs so it’s alright, but monsters that crawl out of the dungeon can’t be persuaded or conversed with.」

Huh, orcs and goblins can talk?
That’s the first I’ve heard of it. Actually,

「Do monsters spring up from dungeons?」
「Yes. A dungeon creates monsters and also acts like magic bait for monsters that are born outside, so it gathers them and makes it easy for them to breed.」

I see. They do have the tendency to go towards land with magic in it.
I think I understand pretty well, but dungeons seem pretty troublesome.

「—-oh, is it possible that this land around here is a dungeon? Or can it be used as one?」
「No, with such a deep and powerful dragon vein, it would make creating monsters difficult and or dangerous. If the power is too thick it can hurt the monsters you know. A dungeon should have moderate levels of magic density.」

…….what’s up with that?

When I’m being told that where I’m living is harmful to monsters….it feels really weird.
Well, that’s fine anyways. It’ll keep my living space comfortable.

I’m pretty far from town so the surroundings are quite peaceful. I can just use my imagination and my defensive line is usable, and when I want to use magic power economically I can just use my wand.

Yep, I’ve got a good thing going for me, as I thought that…

「Ara, Daichi-sama? Is the thing on your hip a…..wand?」
「n? Oh this? Yes it is.」

Actually, I have to ask if it looks like it could be anything other than a wand.

「No….umm it’s just that it is really thick for a wand and I can feel strange and very strong power from it.」

Anne’s eyes were glued to the wand at my hip.
Is it really that unusual? Actually, even if I say it’s a wand, I’ve never seen another wand that looks like this.

「Would it be okay if I took a look at it? I want to know what it’s made of.」
「Ok, here ya’ go」

Since she wouldn’t stop staring at my waist, I took it off so she could get a proper look at it.
Then some words leaked out of Anne’s mouth as she focused on it with intense concentration.

「This is……made with the bones of a Dragon King huh…it’s been quite a while since I’ve seen a real Dragon King wand.」
「W-what!? It’s a Dragon King Wand!?」
「Don’t shout so suddenly, what’s wrong with you Dianeia?」

That witch princess leapt up with both hands clenched in excitement.

「I-I mean it’s a Dragon King Wand you know!? It’s the greatest class of treasure, it’s something that only the strongest mage in the country could bring out in a national crisis!?」

Is this wand really so incredible?
Even though I didn’t know that…I broke this wand several times, it makes me feel really sorry for the manufacturer.

「When did you take down such prey……..」
「No no, I was given it.」
「Given…..!? —-I see, if it’s you then it’s not really strange if you were given it.」
「? It’s not strange? What do you mean desu?」

Anne’s eyes flashed momentarily.
Hey, why are you being so persistent?


Dianeia hesitated for a few seconds then looked at me pitifully.
What’s up with those eyes that look like they’re asking to be rescued.

「Well, I was wondering if it was alright to talk about the one who’s living here with you…..」
「I don’t mind.」

It’s not like it’s the end of the world.
After I spoke, Dianeia nodded.

「To be honest, the one who Daichi-dono is letting live here, out of the goodness of his heart is——-」

As she started to talk…

—-with that incredible timing…

「I’m home」

Hesty returned.

As she toddled along she had some kind of big bag held in her hand.

「? Guests? Huh, it seems like, there’s a smell I remember…」
「Oh, Hesty. Welcome ba—–」

-ck the moment when I was saying that,

「Oh Elder Sister—-!!!!!」 (TN: Said respectfully Aneue-sama)

With incredible speed Anne turned around and dashed towards Hesty.

「That voice was certainly Elder Sister! I’ve missed you so much I’m so glad to see you!!!」

And just like that she embraced Hesty tightly.
Hesty’s small head was completely enveloped by Anne’s huge breasts.



「Elder Sister—–!!」
「As I thought, it was, that child’s, smell huh?」

Hesty was making an extremely unpleasant face while trapped between Anne’s large breasts.

「Anne, let me go……..」
「Ahhhhh, more, give me more of that cold glare PLEASE—!!」

A loli and big breasts, it was really exciting. But even so…

「Hey, explain what’s going on Dianeia. What did you bring here (*****)」
「W-well, even if you ask me I don’t…….」

I don’t understand exactly what’s going on.
But, it seems like somehow a member of my house has just gotten a new problem.



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