Chapter 43: Several Seconds of Resistance (Attempted)


I had slept until after noon so I was eating a late lunch while lying face down in front of the large window in the living room.

「Ahhh, recently I’ve been moving around quite a bit, so it’s been a while since I’ve gotten the chance to truly laze around like this.」
「Fufu, take all the time you need k’?」

I heard the sound of Sakura pouring tea for me from behind me. This feels so relaxing. It might be because I’m on the top floor and the sun is closer, but the sunlight feels very warm, and that is very pleasant as well.
It’s so pleasant that I feel like I’d fall asleep if I closed my eyes for a moment.

And so while I was dozing off while looking out the window…


I saw a speck moving below me, it was Hesty.
She looked like she was walking towards town.

It seems like she’s going out today as well.

…..well she should be gathering materials for staves and wands.

Actually the other day she had fixed the staff and gave it to me, but it broke again a few hours later.
When that happened, it seemed like she got fired up and excited about gathering even more material.

「I feel kind of guilty about this…」
「But Hesty-chan seems to be enjoying herself you know?」
「Is that so?」
「Yes. She seems to be enjoying herself based on her magical fluctuations. She’s probably enjoying the feeling of her magic and skill being useful.」

Huh, if that’s how it is, then this might be fine.
However, I can’t seem to sense magic power in that manner at all, so I can’t really understand that.

「I guess I really will have to train my perception after all?」
「That may be part of it but, if I had to say the reason…it might be because Master’s magic power is exceedingly large. To sense humans and animals’ aura you need to be extremely careful and pay extreme attention. The reason is that the magic leaking out of them is usually very faint.」

I see. I can use magic but it seems like I’m still inexperienced in some areas.

「But Sakura can do that.」

When I synchronize with Sakura I am able to sense others’ magic power.

「I’m a home after all. I am extremely sensitive to the presence of people. I remember when Anne-san came before, she was also very happy. Hesty-chan is similar right now.」
「…..if you compare them…I’ll feel uneasy.」
「Fufu, because the bigger the magic power the easier it is to sense. There is no doubt that she’s enjoying herself.」

Well anyways, as long as she’s happy it’s all good.
Suddenly, as I watched Hesty disappear into the forest I thought…

「Ahh, now that I think of it Sakura, did you want to go into town?」
「Huh? Not especially. What makes me happiest is watching you, Master.」
「Is that so? But there are times when I go out by myself right? Do you have anything to do when that happens?」

If there was anything that Sakura wanted or needed, then we can go buy it in town.

「I don’t really have anything like that.」
「You aren’t being very greedy huh…」
「I’m a home after all. I resemble my owner. You don’t have much like that either, right Master?」
「No no no…..I have something…like that….I think?」

I’m not confident, but I definitely have desires.
Yep, it’s delicious food….wait, that’s more of an appetite isn’t it?

「Uhh….well. Yeah I probably have some… like wanting safety and stability or something like that…」
「Fufu. I also have a little bit of that desire. But anyways, doesn’t Master want to go into town?」

Hmm…I wonder.
Since Sakura asked me…..for right now I don’t feel any burning need to do so.

「Well, I do think that my home is the best. I prefer lazing around at home instead of going out.」 (TN: Daichi is my spirit animal)

I’m basically an indoor kid…I don’t really have much motivation to go into town.

「n…just hearing Master say such things makes me feel like I’ve died and gone to heaven….」

She said emotionally with tears in her eyes.
That’s basically just being a shut in though?
But as long as she’s happy about it…it’s a good thing?

「Still for me, it is best for me to take care of Master. To cook, do the laundry, draw a bath, and lay out your futon. The time I spend doing so makes me feel blessed.」

When I look back on that statement, it seems like all I need to live comfortably is leave everything to Sakura.
I’m quite grateful.

「But still….I should probably move around a bit I guess.」
「No no, I’d prefer for Master to relax and enjoy himself as much as possible. It would make me happy.」
「Uh…ok —–well then, should I just take the rest of the day off like you said?」 (TN: he really put up a fight here…)
「Yes. Would you please allow me to give you a lap pillow?」
「Yep, please do.」

I said, and Sakura’s flesh was placed directly under my face.

「Ah, did that hurt?」
「No…..but I really wasn’t expecting you to do it while I was lying face down.」

It didn’t hurt, but it would be difficult to sleep, so I turned sideways and lay down.
And so, with Sakura’s body heat and the warm sunlight, I let myself drift off.


As I touched Sakura, I automatically entered into synchronization. I realized that there were several monsters approaching.
There were more than usual but it doesn’t make much of a difference.

I continued basking in the sunlight while directing the golems.

After a few dozen seconds, the monsters had been eliminated from within my range of perception, so there was no need to worry.



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