Chapter 44: Dragon King Medicine


Daytime. Hesty called out to me when I went into the garden and handed me a staff/wand.
It was conspicuously pure white, even more so than all the others I’d been given.

「This, probably won’t, break! Use it!」
「U-uh ok, thanks.」

She was full of fighting spirit even while presenting it…this might be her masterpiece.

For now I’ll use it lightly.

「Ummmm, Golem x100」

The trees in the garden turned into golems and stood up.
This was what broke the last wand that I used but,


Even after creating 100 golems at once, the staff didn’t have a single crack.

「Amazing. It’s not even phased by this.」
「n…..I worked, day and night, to make this……I’m hungry.」
「It’s fine even if you don’t push yourself.」

I gave an apple to Hesty, because she looked dizzy from hunger, and she began munching on it.
After eating one, her stomach seemed to have settled down, so she sat quietly on a stump.

「Well, the amount of magic, you use daily, with the magic key has increased, so if I don’t put all my effort in, I won’t be able to match it……recently the golems, have become more detailed.」
「If they become too muscular or it becomes too much for you…just tell me.」

I’ve been fussing over the bodies’ details more and more.
However, since I’ve been so fussy about the details, my magic consumption has largely increased.

「Be that as it may, thank you. Sorry for making you do everything from finding the materials, designing it, and even making the final product.」
「n, it’s fine. It’s my hobby. Besides, the cost is paid for, from your pocket.」
「But…the material for this staff is from your bones right?」

You can’t buy that right? Isn’t it something important to you?

「n~, my tailbones are quite precious, but they’re more like, claws and scales? Something close, to that. They can grow, regrow, and change over time, so there’s no problem.」
「Ah, is that so?」

Then I won’t hesitate too much, and accept.

「Besides, if we run out, we have another place we, can replenish from.」
「n, there are other, Dragon Kings.」

I see. As long as it’s a Dragon King it doesn’t matter who we take the material from right?

「There are differences, between hardness and, amount of magic. The base is the same though. So, you can substitute them. For instance, Anne could…..」

And so, the moment she said that…


Anne appeared with incredible speed and crushed Hesty with a hug.
「Good morning. I have arrived as per our talks the other day, Daichi-sama」
「Yeah, come on in.」

Anne greeted me courteously while still hugging Hesty.
Because she bowed, Hesty was crushed even further between her breasts.

「ugh, I didn’t even, call you…..!!」

And for the second time, Hesty immediately tried to separate herself.
Due to her powerful rejection, she escaped from Anne.

「Haaa…….haa, I am happy for your exquisite use of force Aneue-sama…..」

Anne was blushing after receiving her desired rejection.
I really feel like she’s hopeless, this ‘Dragon King’.

「What did you actually come for Anne?」
「wa……..that’s right. I was thinking of apologizing for the trouble I caused you the other day.」
「Oh? The trouble you say?」

What might she be talking about?
Is she talking about intruding into my garden with that mud doll?
It was a bit difficult to clean up…does it take effort to make one?

「U-ummm….you did hear that I made that doll right?」
「Yeah, Hesty told me.」

It’s fine if she wanted to try and put on a charade…but dirtying my garden and interrupting my peaceful lunch is not acceptable. I feel like I’m about to get a little angry.

「uu……..I’m sorry.」

Oh. Well, she apologized before I had the chance to get angry. I think I’ll let her go this time.

「But, just an apology alone won’t do, will it? Ahh, that cold glare…….it’s giving me the shivers. Haa……haaa……I wonder what kind of punishment you’ll give me. Will you beat my butt with your magic maelstrom? If that’s so then I…..I’ll…..I’ll…!!!!!」

Truly a hopeless and useless person. If I were to look angrily at her it’d only have the opposite effect.
I should moderately turn her away to get rid of this troublesome disposition.

I’m feeling quite a bit of respect for Hesty. She can deal with having such a person as her junior/sister.

「OK! Anyways…..what kind of apology have you prepared?」
「Ah…right. I brought my cherished magic item!」
「Magic Item?」

As I was wondering what that was, Hesty explained to me,

「They are objects, with magic power in them, that produce various effects. There are many uses, from daily life, to combat.」

As expected from the knowledgeable Hesty-sensei.
She gave me a concise explanation.

「Because I am the Earth Dragon King. From land to dungeons underground I am especially good at making items with magic in them……though I only got into this by imitating Aneue-sama.」
「I’m only, good at staves and wands. But, Anne is certainly, good at medicine and tools, she is able to make, a large variety.」

「No no, in return I am unable to make wands and staves. Aneue-sama is abnormal because she can make wands and other weapons that require delicacy.」

I see. The things they can make are different huh?
As I thought these things, Hesty stared at my face.

「n. But…the most abnormal one, is the one here who made, all these detailed golems.」
「Eh!? All of these are golems!?」

Anne jumped when she looked again and saw all the muscular golems surrounding us.

「There’s incredible amounts of magic within them but….」
「un, he made them. What’s more, he made them with, a magic key.」
「Woah, this is the first person I’ve met who’s more precise than Aneue-sama. You even put much more magic into them than I could, and what’s more with a magic key…….」

I wonder.
She might just be looking at me in surprise…but it feels like she’s looking at a strange and rare beast.
I’m not some kind of sideshow you know?

「I-I’m really sorry Daichi-sama. I make golems myself so I was really surprised by this sight.」
「Well, it’s fine I guess….」
「Th-that’s right. If you are making wood golems and working outside then this might just be perfect!」

Anne said and pulled out a bottle from between her breasts.
Inside of it was a small crystal-like thing.

「Please use this if you’d like.」
「What is this?」
「It is a recovery potion extracted from the blood of a dragon king. It is quite valuable if you sell it and is useful on anything from cracked wood, a scratched finger, broken roots, or limbs being mostly cut off. If you apply it on the area you will quickly see the effects.」
「Huh, it’s an all-purpose medicine?」

I can leave the care of the trees to the golems, but there may be use for it.

If I were to talk to Sakura I could get healed by magic, and if not then I have a first aid kit in the house with bandages.
But it’s useful for injuries that can’t be healed with just bandages.
I think I should just accept this.

「Thank you Anne.」
「No no, it’s my thanks towards you. Ah, there’s one more thing I need to report.」
「Hm? Report?」
「Yes, from now on the monsters in the forest may be agitated and increase.」

I wonder…is something happening within the forest?

「Inside the forest, I mean under the forest there’s a bit of a problem. Oh, but the increased activity should be temporary, so I don’t think you need to worry very much.」
「I see. Roger that. Then I’ll be a bit more careful.」
「Yes, then that’s it for today. If you run out of recovery potion, then just tell me and I’ll replenish it. I’m looking forward to working with you from now on, Daichi-sama, Aneue-sama.」

Anne said, and after hugging Hesty once more she went back into the forest.

「…..I’m, tired.」
「Yeah, good job.」

Somehow that turned out especially noisy, it was like a salesperson came to sell us medicinal goods.
But still, I got some good medicine so I’m feeling alright.



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