Chapter 45: Even if it’s Underground I’ll Still Use It


This time after getting caught up using my newly received wand to change my house’s shape, it didn’t break no matter how much I used it.

This seems like a nice chance, so I’ll see what other shapes I can add to my house’s repertoire.
European castle, Japanese castle, twin towers, etc. I shaped each of them and recorded them. This is of course…as I was lazing around inside.

If it’s like this then I can change my house’s shape without wearing myself out.
It’s as perfect as always as I synch with Sakura using her lap as a pillow.

……uuuummmmm, are there any other shapes I haven’t done…….

As I was pondering, suddenly a thought popped into my head.

「Sakura, Anne and the others were talking about the underground, but I’m wondering if I could make use of it.」
「Umm, do you mean that you want to make a basement? In that case I think it’s possible.」

Oh seriously?
I thought new things were popping up from underground…Is it really alright to build a basement?

「Our roots haven’t penetrated deep into the ground but our foundation is steady, so I think it would be fine to expand.」

Fumu fumu, I see. Then should I try to extend my reach underground?

「Hmm, I wonder how I should set this up? It’s the first time I’ve done something like this so I have no idea.」
「The way to do it…is the same as always. Just think of how you remodel the house. I think that you should be able to move the ground in our territory in blocks just like the house.」

As I was told I imagined the premises in my head.
Then when I tried to move the block units of the house,

「Woah….it really worked.」

The ground had a one block sized hole. This is amazing.

「No no, it was mostly Master’s power you know? I only helped you sense the premises and didn’t use any magic.」
「Is that so?…..but I’m curious as to how my territory is determined.」

Moving it here and there, I can’t be able to do this just anywhere right?

「Indeed. The extent of the territory is how far the power of the magic spot, in other words your power Master, permeates. As of this moment, the range is within a sphere of 20-meters from the part of the woods that you reforested.」
「That’s a pretty wide range. Looks like our property has increased by quite a bit.」

I guess you could say that one part of this forest has become mine completely.
The reason for that is that I restored the part of the forest that Hesty burned to ash.

Honestly though, there’s no one to complain about it. According to Dianeia no one owns this land.
And according to the wolf people,

「This is the place that Our King has reforested! Therefore please use it freely Oh King!」

They begged me to accept, so I didn’t mind it and did so.

「Well for now let’s try a new form with an underground room.」

To test it out, I made a hole one block large in the ground and sunk one of the first floor rooms into it.
I realized that it entered the ground unexpectedly easily.

「Ohh, it’s easy to bury it.」

The building was just lowered by one floor.
This is pretty entertaining.

If I don’t have to worry about the height, my degree of design freedom will increase. Let’s try a bit more.
I deepened the hole one floor further. Then,


I felt a sensation like I’d smacked into something.

「Eh? It feels like I hit something …what’s going on?」
「Ahh, this hardness and wave…..I think this is Ultra-magicstone. It’s a special mineral that sometimes develops on a dragon vein magic spot. It is extremely hard and nearly impossible to break but…..if you wish to remodel this area I believe that you should possess the necessary power to do so.」
「Is it safe to destroy it?」
「Yes. There shouldn’t be any adverse effects. The kind of magic coming from this stone might weaken the monsters around it, but that doesn’t have anything to do with us. In fact if the magic was returned into the earth, the soil would become more fertile.」

I see.
Then it should be fine.

「Alright then. I’ll give it the old college try. Sakura, I’m counting on you.」

And so I continued to dig.
—An hour or so later—

My house had disappeared from the magic forest.
More precisely…it was completely buried.

「… think that the entire building could be buried….」
「It’s gone into the hole beautifully. As I’d expect of my Master’s precise work. If it’s like this then if anyone looks in from the outside they’ll only see an apple orchard and a small cabin.」

Umm, yeah…I guess. It’s nice to get complimented.
Especially since that it did go perfectly into the ground.

「But…didn’t we lose our entrance and exit?」

The doors and windows were blocked with soil.

Because of the magic coating the soil didn’t fill the house, but we lost our way out.
But we’re still able to breathe so I’m wondering where the air is coming from.
If I remodel it I could put the door on the ceiling and we could leave like that…but

「If I put a door on the ceiling, this entire thing would just become a pitfall trap.」
「Mm…if you don’t make a new staircase along with it, it’ll be too dangerous.」

I decided that it would be best not to do any more burying without a proper plan first. I should make a proper structure first.

「…..but I suppose I could put the extra parts of my home underneath the ground. It would help guarantee its stability.」
「Yes, that is an option.」

Fumu fumuy, then that’s that.
I made a new form of my house so let’s call it quits.

「The magic key will be….that should be good. —Shut-in—」

For now, I decided to record the magic key as such.
Well, I don’t think I will have an occasion to use it, but just in case.



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