Chapter 46: Peace of Mind is Important


To the west of the Royal Capital Prussia.
Dianeia was hunting monsters on the border of the magic forest.

「Fuu, why don’t I finish off today’s hunting here?」
「Good job Dianeia-sama.」

The knight captain was the vanguard and Dianeia was the rearguard that burned them with fire.
Using this strategy they completed the subjugation of the monsters that appeared between the forest and the capital.

This was simply part of their usual maintenance of public order and security.

「Knight Captain. It’s helpful that you came with me, but is it really alright for you to leave the knight order without any instructions?」
「I’ve already told them so it’s fine. Moreover, I think that it’s more dangerous to leave you, the princess, out alone.」
「Hmm, I guess that’s right. Monster hunting is something that’s meant to be done in a group. If you’re alone then it may be hard to deal with any unforeseen danger that comes up….or so they say.」

It had been a long time since the knight captain had instructed her as such…it was one of the basics of battle.

「Especially since now a dungeon is active now. It would be best to be cautious.」
「That’s true. But for now it seems like a lot of monsters haven’t appeared…..」

It was a little confusing, because the number of monsters that had appeared seemed no different from normal.

According to what Anne said, it should only take about 2~3 days before there was an overflow of monsters…but 3 days had already passed.
It was unexpectedly late. For Dianeia this was something to be thankful for.

「Thanks to that we have time to deploy more defensive personnel.」
「….it was pretty lucky that we had such an able group hanging around the capital.」

It was a top group from the Fort City that boasted a 90% request completion rate 『Shining Head』. (TN: I’m literally crying over this name.)
They had been drinking inside of a bar.

It was really a welcome surprise that they were around when the capital needed help guarding the most.

「The monsters around here are quite strong. If they were normal adventurers it’d be difficult to fight the monsters even if they were fighting it 2-to-1.」
「Yeah, the Fabunir has sharp fangs that can stab a person to death and the Big Slime can engulf a person the moment they let their guard down. They all come out of this forest.」

There were many monsters in this forest that were difficult to defeat unless the adventurers formed groups.

「What’s more if you add the dungeon monsters to the equation…it’s really no joke. And that’s only on the premise that they arrive in time to defend against them.」
「We’ve got a mountain of problems. I invited other adventurers, but the more there are, the more equipment and food we need. If we need to activate the barrier we won’t be able to leave, and at that point we won’t be able to replenish our food stores.」
「It looks like we won’t be able to solve these problems anytime soon huh…?」

There really was a mountain of problems.
But no matter how they worried over it, there wasn’t a clear cut solution.

「For now let’s do this…I’ll go check on the situation with the wolf people within the forest. Knight Captain you should go check on the defenses of the capital and towns.」

「……really, I’m sorry about this. Originally this job should’ve fallen to a messenger not to you, Princess…..」
「Don’t worry about it. Other than me there aren’t any people who can teleport.」

In regards to moving quickly it was easier for her to do it herself.

「Though it’d be another story if the guys who shut themselves up in the Research City came out, but for now it can’t be helped……I’m off.」
「Yes, take care!」
The meeting with the wolf people ended after a few minutes.

The monsters that entered their land seemed to have been hunted down but,

「The number of monsters that have come out of the forest haven’t changed?」

They neither increased, nor decreased.
The only thing that changed was that they were a little more vicious.

It was a strange phenomenon that seemed to have to do with the connection to the dungeon.

「At any rate, the next place should be that person’s…」

Dianeia headed off towards Daichi’s place.
She teleported to a nearby location and then headed in on foot.

Though it was difficult to teleport to a location with such a powerful magic spot, it was still possible. But she didn’t want to teleport in, surprise them, and end up being attacked.

That’s why she decided to walk but,

「Somehow…it’s kind of noisy……?」

She could hear a strange noise.
*Dododo* it sounded like a lot of things running.

……….It couldn’t be.

Dianeia began subconsciously going faster.
It shouldn’t be possible but for that man….

「Did the monsters generate here……!?」

Dianeia had a bad feeling about this and started to run.

And when she reached Daichi’s house she saw…


She saw a group of golems beating tens of Fabunirs into the air and shooting them with wood bullets.


A huge wild boar roared and charged at a huge golem and was bounced back and onto the ground like it was nothing.
Then a wooden bullet was fired out of the golem’s arm as the finishing blow…and it stopped moving.

And just like that, the monsters were taken care of in short order.

「——-yep…I knew it…」
「Yo, what’d you come for today?」

After I cleaned up the group of monsters while taking my nap, I realized that Dianeia was there.
I was drowsy after clearing them away but I roused myself to greet her. But,

「Uhh, yeah. How should I put this? I came here for some peace of mind.」

For some reason Dianeia was looking at me and seemed extremely relieved.

「Of course…now that I see this I feel like there was no meaning in getting worried. No, I feel like it was weird that I even worried.」

What kind of nonsense is the Witch Princess talking about?

「No, nevermind. It’s just me talking to myself. Please don’t mind it. But still…what are you going to do with all these Fabunir?」
「Hmmm? Even if you ask me that…I guess we’ll eat them, give some to the wolf people, or let them go…」

These boars’ meat had good texture and was pretty delicious. If you made it into sukiyaki it would be juicy and tasty.
So, I was thinking of taking one or two to process and store in the refrigerator and freezer.
Any more than that and I won’t have enough room.

So I decided to give some to the wolf people too.

I captured most of them alive, so if I can’t do anything with them I’d just let them go. When I said that,

「I-I see. If you’re alright with it, why don’t you sell it to my city, wholesale? We have many people and we need food. Of course we’d pay.」

For some reason Dianeia seemed pretty desperate when she asked me that.

「Huh? I don’t really mind I guess…..」

With this many I couldn’t really deal with them so I was a bit troubled.
If they were willing to take care of them, then I wouldn’t really mind.

「Th-thank you! That’s one problem solved…….you’re the savior of our city!」

She seems deeply moved…how strange.
I don’t really understand, but if she’s happy then it’s fine.

And so, Dianeia took about an hour to teleport the Fabunirs away.



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