Chapter 48: The Monster’s Dungeon Master


Each and every one of the Shining Heads intercepted the monsters who came invading.

「*zeee* *zeee*…..Is this….all of them?」
「It’d be….nice if it was.」

Dozens of monsters had been felled by their axes and swords, but their weapons were all in shambles.
Their armor also had holes and wounds here and there.

But, the monsters that popped up from the plains had finally stopped appearing.


This let the skinhead men finally let out a sigh of relief.
At that moment…

「Leader! Behind!」

From the back a Servant Demon had popped out of the forest.
It already had a ball of flame in its hands and threw it.


The fireball was about to hit him directly in the shoulder as he sloppily turned to dodge and slice it.

However, the Servant Demon was already about to throw a second fireball.

He wouldn’t be able to move in time.

「DAMN IT!!!」

He steeled himself to take the full force of the blow, but at that moment,

「Fire Lance!!」

A lance of flames flew towards the demon and skewered it completely.
Though it struggled it could no longer throw its fireball.

「—HYAHHA!— Chance!」

The skinhead man spun to face the demon once more and cut it down.

The demon was split in two and dropped a black jewel.

Seeing that, the skinhead man looked for who had thrown the fire spear.
There he saw a witch with sweat on her forehead wearing a robe and a hat with a wand in her hand.

「…….fuu, I made it.」
「Hyahha, you really saved me there. Ummmm…..aren’t you the princess of the city that gave the request!?」
「I am Dianeia. I give you my thanks.」

Dianeia said while bowing, then proceeded to look around the area.

「It seems like you’ve cleared up the area. I hurried over, but it seems I was late. I’m sorry.」
「Hyahha…this was for a town that took care of us. We just put in the proper effort for all that we’ve received.」
「I see. That puts me at ease.」

The skinhead and Dianeia smiled and shook each other’s hands.

Then at that moment,


One of the adventurers who had been observing the surroundings was sent flying.


The adventurers and Dianeia all jerked their heads to stare at what appeared.


From the forest a Giant Black Demon slowly emerged.

「What……is that….」

It was a huge monster covered in muscles.
It had a goat skull head and animal-like feet, in its hand was a club covered in the blood of the adventurer it had just hit.

What’s more, Servant Demons were bubbling up from its muscular frame and being born.

「Hyahha…..seriously? Why is there a Dungeon Master here!?」
「A Dungeon Master!?」

It’s a dungeon monster that births other monsters.
Therefore, it is called a Dungeon Master.
It is usually something that is the boss on the lower floors of a dungeon.
Dianeia knew that much at least.

But this was her first time seeing one in person.

「Yeah, and if it is creating demons then it should be a Master of one of the lowest floors. This is a really bad situation! All of us are pretty exhausted.」
「Hyahha…it wants to exhaust us using servant demons and then finish us off itself…probably」

From the way the shining head guys were talking, it seemed to be a strong enemy.
The shining head guys were all worn out. It was already their limit to hold back the servant demons bubbling up from its body.
They were in no shape to fight this giant thing.
In that case,

「Then…I will do it.」
「D-don’t joke around Princess! That guy’s bad news! We can’t even beat all those servant demons without proper teamwork!」
「Hyahha…that’s right. Even if you can beat a dragon Princess, that guy’s impossible!」

The adventurers unanimously tried to stop her.
But there was no way she could just run away.

「I can’t back away here. Behind me is my home.」

I cannot let this thing pass.
So, I’ll use my full power from the start.

What I’ll use is that magic that I learned from that person…my new magic.

Remember that feeling when he added to my magic…the attack that can kill a dragon in one shot.

「Take this! —《VOLCANIC LANCE》—!!!」

An enormous beam of pure heat and light exploded from the tip of Dianeia’s wand.

It blasted forward in a straight line…


And exploded onto the Dungeon Master’s body.

It made a buzzing (laser) sound and a sound of burning, then an explosion kicked up a huge cloud of dust which enveloped the field.

「Hya, hyahha! Amazing! With that kind of power…even if it’s a dungeon master…」
It was a blow that even a dragon couldn’t take. It should have definitely killed it.
But as the dust settled,


The Dungeon Master was standing there with a hole burned through its shoulder.

「W-why!? I hit it!」
「Tsk……look Princess! The monsters it created shielded it!」

At the foot of the Dungeon Master, a large number of black gems were rolling around.

….It was blocked!!

「Then… more!」

She was about to try and fire it once more, but

「Princess look out!」

Even faster than that, the Dungeon Master charged over and attacked her face.

She crossed her arms and wand to guard against it, but was sent flying and rolled across the plains.

「uuuuu….physical attacks really hurt….」

Dianeia slowly stood as she felt like her face was swelling in pain.

It had this much power even though she guarded with magic.
It was clear there was no way of winning a physical confrontation.

Furthermore, her fire magic wouldn’t be able to connect.
The servant demons had already replenished quite a few of their numbers.


The shining head guys were also being defeated one after the other.

….ahh, this is bad.

This dungeon master seems stronger than a dragon…I can’t defeat him.

……I’m no match.

I understood that just from that exchange.
—but even so,

「You guys, take the wounded and leave. Shining Head.」
「There’s no choice but to do this…..」

Dianeia refused to take her eyes off her enemy even though one of her eyes had blood flowing into it from a cut on her forehead.
She stood before the Dungeon Master to block it.

「Even if I can’t win…I can buy some time…this is what I must do….」

She took her stance as flames danced at the tip of her wand,

「For my home, for my people…I have to fight! —《VOLCANIC LANCE》—!!!」

And fired straight at the Dungeon Master. But,


The Dungeon Master faced the attack head on and swung its club, reflecting it away.

Then, even though the swing’s power had lessened, it hit Dianeia’s body.


The air was crushed from Dianeia’s lungs as she was sent flying through the air like a ragdoll.

She was sent flying towards the forest——-

「Woah woah. Hey, you ok?」
「As soon as I leave the forest someone flies at me covered in blood…what kind of joke is this?」
—But was caught by a wooden giant that emerged from the forest.
「Sakura, did you bring that medicine that Anne gave us?」
「Yes. It’s here.」

I received the medicine inside the wood armor and decided to use it on the bloody Dianeia.
I opened the chest of the wood armor and opened the jar of medicine, which released a flowery scent.

「This is salve, right? Do I just have to rub it on?」
「Yes, most likely.」

I collected some of the liquid in the pot and rubbed it onto Dianeia’s face. Her bleeding stopped immediately.
I heard about how wondrous this dragon king medicine was, so it should at least have this level of effect.

「Don’t push yourself. But still… should I put it? Good job. You worked hard.」

When I said that…Dianeia closed her eyes and lost consciousness.

「Huh? Was I releasing too much magic power?」
「No, it should be that she was relieved.」
「Is that so? Then that’s good.」

She seems like her breathing is steady, so I’ll let her sleep.
Her wounds seem to be healing quickly, so I think she’ll wake up soon enough.
There are other things I need to do.

「Well then…what’s going on? The situation is a bit hard to understand…but that guy seems like the boss…」

I took a look around and saw a black goat head monster.
It looked like he was creating the servant demons too.

Actually, one of them that had just been born came over to attack me.

「You’re in the way.」

I annihilated that servant demon with one tree bullet. But that wasn’t all,

「Actually…all of you are in the way.」

I shot the bullets continuously and wiped out the rest of the demons as well.


When I did that, it looked like the boss guy was surprised too as its head jerked back.
Serves you right.
As I was observing my enemy…

「Y-you’re…..Boss…Daichi….why are…you here?」

The skinhead guys started approaching me.

「Why? Those servant demons are a pain in the a**. So I was getting rid of them…and ended up coming out of the forest….but I see that you guys got rid of quite a few. Thanks.」

I saw that there were at least 3 black gems that I could see lying near them. Having someone else help out with the pest extermination is welcome.

「He took out the servant demons in one hit? We have to kill them using cooperation.」
「Hyahha…..insane….but amazing! You’re incredible!」

For some reason the skinhead guys are looking at me with sparkling eyes. I don’t really understand what’s so amazing…they’re pretty weak. As I was thinking that…

「Leader! The Dungeon Master is acting again!」

Suddenly, one of the adventurers pointed at the boss and shouted.
I looked at the boss….the dungeon master, and he was once again creating demons.

「tte——-it’s no time to be talking. You guys move a bit.」
「Hyahha—! You guys make way! Let’s go protect the Princess!」

The adventurers immediately withdrew.
The only ones left here were me and the Dungeon Master.

「Well then…you really made me put in some time and effort, huh?」
「I don’t really care if you rampage a bit…but this forest is my home ground, my home.」

That’s why you should prepare yourself Dungeon Master.

「If you endanger my home or land I will crush you with my own power!」

I gathered my power and closed the chest of my wood armor.

「Let’s go Sakura.」
「Ok! Anytime you’re ready Master!」
「Wood Armor. —Mode 《Fudo Myouou》—」 (TN: Immovable Wisdom King)

And so——my wooden giant was reborn.



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