Chapter 49: Demon Boss VS. Immovable King


Wearing my wood armor 《Fudou》 I visually confirmed the enemy numbers.

There was one Dungeon Master and about twenty servant demons.

They were already holding fireballs and were ready to throw them.

The enemy has the numerical advantage…but,

「Master! The preparations for 「Roku Hiji」 (TN:Asura mode) have been completed! Please fight as much as you wish!」
「Ok, thanks Sakura.」

I have no intention of losing.

I extended a tree anchor from the back of 《Fudou》 and embedded it into the ground.
Then I aimed the six arms that stretched out from my back at my enemies.

《Fudou》 is one of the armor transformation I made a magic key for.
Its function is very simple.
To have six arms aimed forward….in other words,

「Rapid fire function…!」

I fired my wooden bullets.
They were much bigger than usual, about the size of artillery.


With heavy sounds, the bullets hit the monsters surrounding the Dungeon Master dead-on.

Boom booom, they are crushed one after another.


As soon as they saw what I was doing, the servant demons threw their fireballs.
But…I didn’t dodge them.

「My countermeasures can deal with that level of flame.」

After I received Hesty’s attacks back then, I changed the way I made my wood armor.
I piled thick layers of armor on, one after another, and drastically raised its fire resistance.

After being hit, the only thing I received were some black scorch marks on the surface.
I couldn’t even feel the heat.

Inside of that sea of flame, I continued to aim at my leisure,

「Tree Bullet, Additional Launch」

I shot down one more servant demon as it tried to throw fire at me. Furthermore,

「Don’t think I’m done after one round!!」

Each of my 6 arms fired and reloaded.
I began to rapid-fire and take down servant demons one after the other. Then,

「Guu………..this power……..wh………what is this..!!!?」

The Dungeon Master cried out as it charged.

「Huh? The Dungeon Master can talk?」

But I won’t let it approach.
I fired at him and sent him flying back.

The Dungeon Master was sent rolling across the plains while vomiting blood. It rose slowly while staring at me with hate in its eyes.


It started to roar as it produced servant demons from every part of its body.
There were more of them created faster than before.

In the blink of an eye the number of servant demons had surpassed 100.
It seemed like there were more coming out every second.
I was even cutting them down with my tree bullets…that’s how fast they were increasing.

「I see. So six arms aren’t enough…..」

It seems like the Dungeon Master heard me…it looked pretty smug.
Certainly, this situation is no good.

I’ve been surrounded by 100 servant demons all throwing fire.

It seems like 6 arms won’t be able to handle this.
But I’m not worried.

「That’s pretty good Dungeon Master…but I’ve still got more to go.」

Let’s use that.
I extended the anchor at my back through the ground towards the trees in the forest.

Then the wood armor took in the forest and changed once more.

「Additional Firing Mode —《Fudou-1,000 Hands》—!」

From my back 40 arms exploded forth immediately making me larger.


The Dungeon Master seemed to be taken aback and gasped.
I see…even if you’re a monster you can feel fear.

But it’s already too late.

「Let’s go. 1,000 Hands!」

《Fudou-1,000 Hands》 began to move.
Each and every one of the arms on my back began to rotate and fire bullet after bullet.

It was firing tree bullets just like a gatling gun.

The anchor shook as it held me in place.
Each and every enemy was steadily being annihilated.

This was overwhelming and absolute rapid-fire suppression.
That is,

「Gu….oooo, you……..—-WHAT ARE YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!」

Mustering the last of its strength, the Dungeon Master was forcing its way through the hail of bullets.
He’s got guts…but,

「This is the end! You will break here!」

All 40 of my arms aimed and fired simultaneously.

It hit the madly charging Dungeon Master and utterly crushed him, then he fell to the ground covered in blood.

Shortly afterwards, nothing was left except a giant shimmering black gem.
Dianeia had come to her senses.

Her back rested against a large tree as she watched his fight through barely opened eyes.
She watched this nearer than she ever had…yet she felt further than ever.

She watched the overwhelming power that overcame an overwhelming disadvantage in numbers.

「…..ahh, so far away…….」

She considered herself strong to some extent.
She was able to take care of any stray dragon and had access to powerful magic.

But, she was nowhere close to his level.
Just seeing such power made her shiver.

「I want…to become stronger……」

Her heartfelt desire leaked from her lips as she watched him dispel his wood armor and walk towards her.

「Fuu, as expected of 《1,000 Hands》. It really takes a ton of magic and trees. Though I still can’t do 1,000 hands….so I guess it’s the abridged version…」
「Nono, Master’s magic power hasn’t even decreased by 30% you know?」(TN: or 3% this is a bit vaguely put.)
「Seriously? I’m not really used to using it so I’m tired, but I guess I haven’t used that much……..maybe I should make a habit of using more on a daily basis? Like on fruits and harvesting…」
「Fufu, when you do so, I will help as well.」

He was slowly strolling around and talking with a girl in loosely waving Japanese clothes.

Dianeia looked at this sight with longing.

…..if I was strong like him…then…..

I’d be able to defend my home, she thought.
And even more so…she thought that she’d be able to walk by his side just like that other girl was.



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