Chapter 5: First Stage, Home Defense (Semi-Automatic)


After practicing magic, I was quite tired.
If I just got hungry then it would be fine, but to get sleepy on top of it was just too much.

So yesterday I fell fast asleep and now it’s noon.

…..Ahhh, indulging in laziness is awesome.

This kind of life can’t even be compared to when I needed to leave my house at 6 A.M. and come back on the last train.
In fact, I had overslept and was filled with energy, so I took a walk through the surroundings of my home.

「But really, there’s nothing but trees and rocks everywhere huh…」

Is it because it because I’m inside a lush forest? There are only strange animals and bugs on the ground. Aside from a dragon crying out above my head there aren’t any other creatures flying that I can see. Moreover,

「Pi, pi gii!!」
When it notices that I’m on the ground, it stops crying out immediately and runs for its life.
I’m being completely avoided. I wonder if my taking down that dragon with a single shout is the cause of this?

I’ve got some meat in storage so I’m not out to hunt right now though…..

It’s good that everything’s peaceful.
I stroll around and it remains fairly peaceful until I return.

「I’m home~」
「Welcome home~」

And when I got back, Sakura had made a warm lunch for me to welcome me back home.

This is happiness.

Living at home in another world is the best!!!! Or so I thought,

「Master, a monster is approaching.」

A problem occurred.
Even though it’s lunch, more annoying people have come to the neighborhood? And when I look out the window,

「Guhahah, for there to be such a magic place out here…..」

Outside the window I saw a number of figures.
They’re muttering and speaking to each other.

「Are those the so called monsters?」
「They are called Demon or Magic Beasts. They are faithful to their instincts but also possess intelligence.」

Would it be alright to say they are wolf people? Could I call them Beast People?
Hairy men with dog ears growing on their heads were approaching.
Furthermore, it wasn’t just from one direction.

「Chief! We are in position!」
「Such tremendous magic….if it’s this place……then it is well suited to our wolf people clan. It’s perfect for our clan who stands at the summit.」

When they hear his voice, they apparently split into several groups.

「Is the Certain Kill formation prepared?」
「It’s completely prepared Chief! What would you like us to do with the thing living inside?!」
「It’s obvious! This is a formation to destroy a town down to the last person, just like that time we will eat them all in one gulp!」

Those guys are really loud, and there are tens of them surrounding the are around my house.
Each of them has a heavy sword and is equipped with a spear.

「……what the hell are those guys even doing?」
「They were drawn here by our magic. Therefore, I believe they are here to invade.」
「Again? Aiming at our magic huh….」

Each and every one of them is the same…

「Shut up! Or so I want to shout…..but after I get worked up I’ll probably lose my appetite.」

Especially when I have such a delicious lunch in front of me. I don’t want to spoil it by getting all worked up and angry.
Furthermore, it’ll take more time to blow them away by shouting since there are so many of them.

「Ah, if that’s the case, then please use me.」
「Use Sakura?」
「Yes, just like before, use me as an intermediary to use magic, if you were to use traps surrounding the house then you would be able to drive them away quite easily.」

Oh, there’s such a convenient function available?

「To be able to drive them away without even leaving the house…that’s fantastic.」
「Yes, if I have Master’s magic then it is completely possible to annihilate them.」

This makes for good hearing.
Let’s go ahead and use it immediately.

「Well then, please use me as you please.」

Sakura comes and sits demurely to my side.
Then when I put my hand on her shoulder,
She trembles slightly, and the next instant,

「—–This is amazing.」

The entire overhead view of my house and its surroundings enters my mind.

「At this moment I have synchronized Master’s senses with my own. And so, choose any place you’d like and insert magic and I will synchronize with you and set a trap.」

As expected of my house spirit.
I am able to intuitively understand my house and its surroundings.

Just like that, I can also recognize the existence of foreign bodies as well.

There are 65 invaders here and I understand that they are trying to enter this territory.
—This is my territory.

「I won’t let you come in as you please.」

I exercised my magic.
The targets were the apple trees around my house.
This time I’m going all out from the start.

「Arise Wood Golem!!」

All the apple trees received my magic and imagination, and stood up just like that.
A soldier to remove the intruders.
The leader of the wolf people was shocked by the sudden change in situation.
After all, the apple trees close by suddenly became huge and started to move.

「Wh-what the hell is that!」
「Ch-chief! The, the unit’s telepathic communication has been cut off!」
「Unit two! Unit two!? —-Damn it, they’ve all been blown away!」

The formation that had always brought certain and quick victory when it was used, had already completely collapsed.

「Wh-what kind of creature is this?」
「N, no Chief! This isn’t a living thing it’s a Golem!」
「Don’t be stupid! You’re trying to tell me that such a stupidly huge Wood Golem exists!? At best they’re larger than a human!」

A Golem is a weapon that is, at most, twice the size of a person.
And yet, the one in front of their eyes was different.

The earth shakes as the wood golem walks.

With each step the roots on its feet absorb nutrients and it continues to grow rapidly.
It gets bigger and bigger, to the extent that you can’t see the head even if you look upwards.

The wolf people couldn’t move.

「What the hell is this Giant!?」

Before their eyes a huge fist approaches.

—-Do it, wood golem.


The wood golem receives my command and moves as ordered. That is,


Without a sound it swings its huge fist.
The pressure hits all the wolf people and every single one of them are sent flying deep into the forest.


And just like that they wouldn’t be coming back.
Now there aren’t any foreign bodies around the house.

「Magnificent Master! The golem moved wonderfully!」
「That might be because I was the one who grew the apple tree. It moved unexpectedly well so I didn’t get the chance to see if I could do it with anything else.」

Due to my practice, they were able to be grown into excellent traps.

「—–Well, that aside, let’s get to lunch!」
「Ok! I’ll bring you lunch」

After that, I peacefully ate my lunch.



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