Chapter 50: Battlefield Cleanup and Reward


After I removed my wood armor, I looked at my surroundings once more.

The magic gems of the servant demons and dungeon master were there.
It seems like all the enemies have been taken care of.

「Alright. With this I can go home in peace.」
「Indeed. But I don’t know how Hesty-chan is doing….」
「Well, we took care of the origin so I think she’ll be alright.」

But in exchange, the surrounding area had been ruined.
The tree artillery was much more powerful than I’d expected, it almost made the ground into one big crater.

「I had to pull out the surrounding trees….should I replant?」

I was thinking that it might cause some troubles for the wolf people or others when,

「I will take it upon myself to fix this area, so please do not worry.」

Dianeia said as she approached unsteadily.

「Should you be up and about already?」
「Yeah, the medicine you gave me before worked better than expected. My wounds have been closed…….but I’ve never seen such an effective recovery potion, was it alright to use it on me?」

Good or bad….it’s fine as long as it healed you. Furthermore,

「It was something I was given anyways. If you want to thank someone, thank Anne.」
「Thank Anne-dono? Is it possible that the potion you gave me was….the potion made from dragon king…?」

Uhhh…I wonder. I guess that Oppai dragon king did say that it was made with blood or something.

「Blood?…..It’s a Dragon King Blood Potion!? You used something like that…..」

Dianeia staggered and fell to her knees.

「Do you have anemia? I wonder if you don’t have enough blood after losing some….」
「N-no that’s not it. Do you even know how valuable that Dragon King Blood Potion is?」
「I-I thought not…….」

She looked heartbroken as she covered her face and curled up.

「What should I do? It’s 100,000,000…..would opening the National Treasury be enough…..?」
「What are you mumbling about Dianeia?」
「…….I was trying to figure out how to pay…」

She looked at me and her face was even paler than when she was injured.
Oh, so that’s what you were worrying about.

「I don’t need to be paid for the medicine.」
「If you had taken it for yourself it would be different, but it’s something I gave you so why would I ask for money?」

Besides, you should be more grateful to Anne than myself.
「B-but still……」
「Ugh, what a pain. Fine, if you fix up this wasteland for me I’ll accept that as payment. It’s settled. No changes will be accepted.」

I scratched the back of my head vigorously as I dealt with Dianeia’s issues…then my stomach growled.

「Ohhh, I’m hungry. That’s right, it’s almost dinnertime.」
「Ah, then shall I return first and prepare dinner?」
「Yeah, please do.」
「Alright, then please pardon me.」

Sakura said and flew away.

It seems like because she is a spirit (a house spirit) she can fly as well.
She’s been hiding such an incredible ability all this time, I was thinking as I watched her fly away.

「Well, I’ll be heading back. See ya’」
「Pl-please wait a moment Daichi-dono!」

As I was about to leave my clothes were grasped.
What is it? Do you have more to say?

「I’ve already decided on my repayment right?」
「N-no…leaving that aside for now….are you going to grab those magic stones?」
「Huh? What would I do if I picked up those black things?」
「Well, you could sell them, or process them…you can do many things you know?」

Oh, is that so?

……but still…
I don’t know what to do to process them, or what to make.
Well, I could probably ask Hesty right?

…but I already have a lot of them from defeating the guys around the house……..

I don’t have any need to gather these ones here.
I should take one at most.

「Well, I think I’ll take this big one to Hesty as a souvenir gift.」

I decided to take the Dungeon Master’s stone back with me.

「I don’t need any of them except for that one, you can clean it up as you see fit Dianeia.」
「You can sell them right? Then I’ll leave it to you.」

That’s part of cleaning up the area…finding things you can sell.

「Well, I can certainly sell them but…..」
「Then it’s fine. Clean it up as you please. I’m going home.」

Our talk is over.
I was starving already so it couldn’t be helped. I decided to go home as soon as possible.
The Shining Head Adventurers were watching Daichi depart and trembling.

「Hyahha….Boss Daichi is a man amongst men……」
「Yeah, if you sold these magic stones then you’d get tens of thousands….he’s so generous…..」

Normally if someone were to be faced with this number of magic stones, they’d be in a frenzy to gather them. But he was not.

「Hyahha….I think that we’re pretty calm and collected as adventurers but we can’t match him.」
「That’s true…..oh Leader…it looks like everyone’s awake ze.」

As they spoke, the rest of the Shining Head members began to stand up.

「Hyahha, looks like everybody’s safe this time.」
「We’re still alive…but injured ya’ know. The quest reward isn’t enough ya’ know. I can’t heal unless I have enough booze ya’ know.」
「….since you can still make jokes, you should be fine.」
「Hyahha, that’s for sure.」

They kept talking and laughing until,

「Wait a moment please Shining Head Leader…」
「Hm? What’s up Princess?」

Dianeia slowly approached them.

「I’m sorry to ask when you’re so tired, but I have a request.」
「Hm? A request?」
「Yes, could you help me gather the magic stones?」
「Well, even if you don’t ask us…couldn’t you just teleport them? ——Couldn’t you do it without borrowing our strength?」

He said. Dianeia hesitated for a few seconds.

「Well….you’d be right. But I’m quite worn out, as you can see. The job payment will be….a drinking party at the castle. What do you think?」

When they heard that, all the members of Shining Head looked at each other and grinned.

「Hyahha! Princess, we accept! Hey you guys let’s give it our best once more! We’ll be getting’ some good drinks and chow!」



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