Chapter 51: My House Gets Stronger Too


When I returned to my garden, I saw Hesty hitting the pile of magic stones I’d gotten.

「n, Diachi. Welcome back.」
「Oh, I’m home. But…what are you doing?」
「Magic stone, purification. If I don’t, they’re hard to use. But if I process them, you can use them for, anything from, wands and staves, to medicine.」

It just looks like she’s hitting them…it looks cute, but can you purify them by doing that?

「It’s my, intuition, of many years.」

She said while giving me a big thumbs up.
Well, it’s fine as long as I can use them.

「Oh yeah. I’ll give this to you.」

It was the perfect time to show Hesty the huge magic gemstone that I’d brought back.
If I have something this big then there’s sure to be some use for it…or so I thought but,

「……..what’s this, I’ve never seen, something like this, before.」

Hesty looked at it in amazement.

「Don’t you know about Dungeon Masters Hesty? This is a magic stone from one of those.」
「…..I know, about dungeon masters. But you wouldn’t, usually get, this large of a stone.」
「Ehhh, but this is what came out when I defeated it.」
「This size is, abnormal. Impossible. It might be, something like a, mutation.」

Seriously? So this is something that even Hesty hasn’t seen before?

「Do you think you can use it?」
「N~….I don’t know what would happen, if I tried to refine, and purify this.」

Is this stone really that dangerous?
I ended up bringing it home, but I wonder if I should find somewhere to dump it…

「….if you just, bury it somewhere, it might become strong enough, to create another dungeon.」
「Eh? Really?……then how do I get rid of it?」

If tossing it creates a dungeon, then that’s a huge pain.
But as I was worrying, Hesty shook her head.

「n, it’s okay. If you left it, then it would cause, a monster outbreak. I don’t think that, anyone besides you, could handle this, so taking it was, the right decision.」
「Well even if you tell me it was the right decision I can’t use it. So I’d just throw it away right?」
「N~n, it’s fine. This house’s magic, is strong. If you put it in the ground here, the magic will circulate, and put it under your, control.」
「Is that how it is?」

I don’t particularly understand…but if I put it in the ground it should stabilize and be safer?

「That’s, my recommendation. And, if you break some off, and give it to me, I’ll study it. If I can use it, I’ll remodel your tools.」
「Then I’ll leave that to you.」

I lightly hit the stone.
A piece of it broke off easily and I handed that to Hesty.

「… broke, easily huh?」
「Was that bad?」
「Normally, it’s harder the more magic, inside of it. So normally, it can’t be broken, with bare hands.」
「Well, I was just imitating what Hesty was doing before…」
「…….so you overtook, my long years of intuition, in a few moments….」

Hesty started to get depressed, but for now I’ll just give her the stone, then…

「Ahh, you’re here! Daichi-sama! Aneue-sama!」

Anne was staggering towards us.
Her clothes were dirty and torn here and there.

「What’s up Anne? You look exhausted.」
「I used a bit too much power defending the town. Now I’m in this state……」
「Huh, seems like you did quite a lot…but what’d you come here for?」
「I was thinking to replenish my magic here.」

Replenish…refuel huh? Is there any reason you need to do that here?

「There is~. Because my recovery gets better with…..*panting*….*panting*….being attacked…so…」

Anne’s eyes looked dangerous.
While panting she looked at Hesty.

「Umm…..just once…..please lend me….*pant*…Aneue-sama.」
「So she says…what do you think Hesty?」
「U-um…I-I’ll, have to, refuse.」

Hesty said quietly with a pale face.

「Ahh, it’s neglect play right Aneue-sama!? That’s good too~!!」

Ahh, so it wasn’t really necessary to get attacked…
For now, we can just leave her and she’ll recover.
So, let’s just leave her alone.

「Haa…..haa….thank you very much Aneue-sama. I’ve recovered a bit.」
「You’ve got good gas mileage don’t you?」
「Nono, not as amazing as all that….but Daichi-sama, is that a monster’s magic stone?」

The recovering Anne pointed at the big magic stone next to me.

「Yep. It seems like the magic in it is a bit too strong so I was going to bury it here.」
「Is that so?… that case I can be at ease. For a magic stone I feel like it has too much magic. But it should be insignificant before you and this magic spot, Daichi-sama.」
「n, I agree.」

This decision received the seal of approval from two Dragon Kings.

「I see, then I guess I really will bury it.」

And so the Dungeon Master’s magic stone (except for one part of it that was given to Hesty) was buried.
It seems like my house’s magic was slightly strengthened as well.

However, it was pretty insignificant as they said…



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